6 Ways to Track the Keywords Used for Your Company’s SEO

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Although time consuming and a bit of tedious work, keyword tracking in SEO is something that makes the majority of the SEO professionals yawn out loud due to boredom. However, experts suggest that if you take the initiatives of tracking your keywords day in and day out, you are guaranteed to see the kind of results that will plaster a huge grin on your face. To sum it up in one sentence, careful SEO keyword tracking is your sure shot ticket to achieving higher rankings on the most popular search engines. And the best way to achieve desired rankings is to invest in a leading SEO services.

  1. Being with your website’s keyword ranking data

Let us put it as bluntly as possible: to drive the maximum amount of traffic on your website, you have to rank at the top of Google in terms of your target keywords. The one proven way of doing so is by implementing useful SEO techniques on your website. Now, to check whether the kind of SEO plan that you have employed is working or not, you should regularly track your keyword rankings in your concerned search engine. And while monitoring your keywords, don’t forget to include competitor’s keyword ranking, overall ranking statistics, and keyword rank history.

  1. Keeping up with your keyword’s overall ranking statistics

Goes without saying, SEO strategies never cease to evolve, and this has a lot to do with keyword tracking. If you think about it, the main reason behind tracking keywords is to check whether your chosen SEO strategies are reaping the desired benefits or not. Keyword tracking, when done correctly, will show you the following details:

  1.     The performance of your current SEO strategies
  2.     The negative SEO attacks on your website
  3.     The impact of new strategies on your SEO rankings

With the help of these pointers, you will know what steps to take next.


  1. Understanding your keyword’s average ranking history

If you think of it, understanding your average keyword ranking may not seem like such a crucial task. However, it is imperative. If you want to improve your SEO campaigns, you must keep track of the average performance of your keywords over a specified period. For example, a consistent decline in your average keyword ranking will require you to tweak your current strategy or revamp it altogether. Little to no changes could mean you should continue with your current plans (given you are not running into a loss). By getting familiarized with this, you will have a fair idea of how your keyword groups have performed in that given time frame.  

  1. Learning about your competition

One of the central pillars of success is being more popular among your audience than your competitors. One of the best ways to outdo your competitors is by outranking them in search engines by consistently monitoring where they stand. There are several online tools that you can employ to attain this information. However, if you want precise results, then it is best to hire excellent SEO services present in the market. The professionals working here are not only well versed about SEO but are also aware of the latest trends and evolutions in the field of SEO marketing.  

  1. Tracking the behavior flow

Behavior flow is a method provided by Google Analytics, which allows you to check the path used by visitors to travel from one page to another. This report will enable you to discover what type of content users find engaging. So, the tool comes in very handy when you want to know how your users are responding to your website’s content. Moreover, it also gives you a visual representation of the problematic areas on your site that require your attention. The two most important things that you need to keep an eye out while using the behavior flow include the content funnel and the number of drop offs.

  1. Finally, tracking conversions

Your conversion rate is what monitors the actual success of your SEO strategy. No wonder, it is great to have users reading the contents of your website, but if they haven’t really interacted much, needless to say, you haven’t captured them as a user. Acting as the cheese for a mouse, a ‘call to action’ button indeed is great for creating conversions, but what’s as important is tracking these conversions. Again, Google provides a handy tool called Google Analytics to track conversions. Setting this up isn’t as simple as it sounds, so if you need, you can hire the services of a SEO company to help you with this task.

So at last

Make a habit of not ignoring your stats, and start using these simple ways to track how your SEO strategy is benefitting the organization. Follows these simple steps, and you will undoubtedly have brownie points that will lead you further than your competitors. You can start by tracking the SEO progress for only a couple months and spot how the tables start turning for all the better reasons.


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