Hello, my dear friends! 

My name is Raaj Kumar, owner of Bloggerwala.com. I am a part-time blogger and SEO expert with a passion for doing something different. I am from India.

I am self-employed and always eager to learn something new, which helps me to gain knowledge about many new things.


About Me – My Story

I am very much addicted to the Internet and spend much time searching for new things on the Internet to learn something new. Once I was watching videos of how to earn online on YouTube, then I came to know that money can also be earned from blogging. So after some time, I decided to start a blog and my blogging journey started then.

Before starting a blog, First I learned something about a blog and blogging?

Then I started a free blog on Blogspot in mid-2016. I spent about 6 months on it, then I bought a custom domain and connected it to Blogger and ran it for about 8 to 7 months and learned a lot. I put my full effort on that blog and wrote around 50 articles, promoted it, and monetized it with Google AdSense. But you can call it my misfortune or lack of knowledge, It did not benefit me.

So, I contacted many people who were proficient in blogging but they also did not do any help. Because I was new and I had nothing to give them instead of getting blogging knowledge and tips from them. Because in today’s world no one does anything for you without profit. However, they do talk about helping you for free.

When I saw that no one was helping me and ignoring me, my confidence level increased more and I thought if they can, why can’t I? I realized that now I have to do whatever I want to do. That’s when I came to know about WordPress and I moved my blog to WordPress. Subsequently, I did not look back and learn a lot from myself with the help of online videos and popular blogger blogs and set up my blog well.

 Story of Behind Bloggerwala

I decided in my mind that what happened to me should not happen to anyone else. So I made a Bloggerwala Blog . On this blog, you will get all the information related to Blogging, Affilaite Marketing, WordPress, Hosting, Make Money Online and SEO in a simple and understandable language. So that you can easily start a better and profitable blog as well as you will be able to achieve success in the first attempt.