Best 5 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Are you one who keep updates on the recent changes in technology? Then you must definitely know about artificial intelligence. Yes, there are other technologies which have made quite an impact in many industries, their name, being machine learning, cloud computing etc. But by the looks of recent changes in many industries, it seems that artificial intelligence applications are on the rise. So, what are the benefits of artificial intelligence in recent times? Let us discuss them in this article.

Investment in AI applications

It is true, that many companies, regardless of industries are spending billions to include AI applications in their services or manufacturing applications. As per the report by industry experts, the technology is picking up the pace and likely to replace all manual tasks by the year 2030.

Here are five advantages of artificial intelligence

1. Efficiency

Just imagine a situation. There are industries and some jobs which pose dangers to humans. For example, the steel manufacturing industry. In such conditions, the AI applied machines can replace humans. And there is no chance of error in AI software. The concept of new technology replacing dangerous tasks for humans is another benefit of Artificial intelligence in many industry sectors.

2. Manual Tasks

There are some businesses where humans have to do the same task again and again. For example, the front level executive in resorts. He has to punch the cards and give to customers. The same job. Now if the AI gets implemented, then the robot can replace the human. The executive can concentrate on other jobs which can be done by a human. This is another benefit of artificial intelligence.

Yes, there is the rumor that AI robots will replace humans and jobs will be lost. And movies like Terminator and Irobot have only fuelled the rumors. The two movies have AI as the main villains. But, hold on! The reality is different. The robots with AI and humans can work together for the benefit of society.

3. Lifestyle

The same concept applies even to home manual jobs. So, you need to switch on the light before entering the room after dusk. If only you have a system where the room light switches on when you enter the room. Is it possible? Yes and do not be surprised. We are talking about a smart home. If you have seniors in the family and have mobility problems, they do not have to go to the electrical outlet to switch on/off the lights. They can give the command and make the smart appliance do the job.

Now, with the Internet of Things, and smart home appliances, the concept of AI works and the seniors can just control home appliances with their mobile or a virtual assistant. So, they can get alerts to the mobile if the activity in the washing machine is completed, or through a smart lock, give permission to the delivery guy to enter the living room. So, one of the best benefits of artificial intelligence is making life easy for senior persons at home.

4. Medicine

This is another place where the advantages of artificial intelligence are felt to the core. Imagine a patient having to undergo a major operation in an emergency situation. Now, he has to undergo various tests, and the reports have to come. Now, based on the reports, the doctors have to do the operation. Do you think a human can go through all the reports at the same time and then conduct the operation?

Now, replace the human with AI. The AI algorithm can scan hundreds of pages, analyze, and then give the perfect report.

5. Customer Care

Let us imagine, you are in Mumbai. Being an urbanite, the entire family members stay out of the home in the day. You go to work, so does your spouse. The children go to school. So, the house cleaning takes a backseat. All the family members are too tired to do the cleaning chores on the weekends.

What is the next option? Take services from the best house cleaning companies in Mumbai. How? By downloading the app of home care companies which provide doorstep services. When you try to book the service, you get an instant response. But hold on! The response is given by an AI chatbot and not a human. So, the AI has changed the very concept of customer care in companies.

As for the house cleaning service, you need, you place a booking and ask for the concerned house cleaning professionals to come to the house at a specific time on the weekends. You solve the challenge by this method.


In this article, we have touched only five advantages of artificial intelligence in various segments of society. Do you want to stay tuned to the recent developments in the tech field? Then do not forget to be a regular visitor to our blog.

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