Learn Google Ads by Sam Rathi

Learn the Art and Science of Google Ads, Youtube Ads & Shopping Ads in just 7 days & get 6yrs of experienceHigh-quality information, all in one place. No more trawling the internet for reliable information. No Hidden Upsells- All in One Training.


Why should you chose this course

  • To kickstart your career in online world  
  • Beginner to advance level training 
  • Get a Job by learning this skill
  • Get more sales for your business
  • Personal support – get your questions answered by me
  • Get more leads & sales for your business. 
  • Reduces your Effort, no time wastage.
  • Start your own agency and be your own boss

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 You will be learning from a Practitioner who is running his own Digital Media Agency successfully for the last 5 years. Your Instructor had advised BJP politicians & Bollywood Celebrities  on managing their Ads, He also had the privilege over the years to work with hundreds of small-to-medium size businesses from different niches, like F&B, Fitness & Wellness, NGO’s, SaaS products & Politicians

Sam Rathi

Why You Should learn Google Ads 

  • There are 5.6 billion searches per day on Google.
  • Become a Google Ads Consultant.
    As companies across the world use Google Ads for sales, you can choose from a wide array of choices. 
  • Paid Media Manager is the most trending Job online. 
  • 73% of companies believe Google Ads has been
    very effective for their business.
  • India is the fastest-growing Internet Advertising market in the world at a CAGR of 18.8% during 2020-2025.
  • Outrank your competitors & steal their customers.


Google Ads  ACCELERATOR is the only step-by-step online  Google Ads framework that tells you exactly what to do from setup to ad optimization,  that transforms you from beginner to a Google Ads Expert and helps you build your own consulting business

Let’s Dig Deep and Check what you are going to learn with this

Phase 1

Introduction to Google  Ads

 Module 1-  Introduction To The Course
Module 2–  What is Google Ads?
Module 3–  Ad Account Setup
Module 4–  Understanding Google Ad Account
Module 5–  Using Website Structure to Strategize Ads

Phase 2 

 Search & Display

  Module 6–  Campaign types Network Settings
Module 7–  Location ( Reports + targeting + advance options )
Module 8-  Understanding Daily Budget allocation & how it works
Module 9-  Advance bidding strategies
Module 10– Intro to Dynamic Search Ads
Module 11– Understanding Extensions
Module 12– Ad Rotation Strategy
Module 13– Ad Scheduling
Module 14– Device Targeting
Module 15– Structure your ad group like a pro
Module 16– How to write killer Ads in google ads (Advance level )
Module 17- Keywords in Depth (the lifeline of your campaign )
Module 18- Mastering Adwords Auction for win
Module 19– Optimising and scaling
Module 20- Your best friend – negative keywords
Module 21– Making your ads unstoppable ( extensions)
Module 22– Secret weapon to converting like a boss ( remarking )
Module 23– Conversion tracking
Module 24– Profitable bidding strategies
Module 25- Intro to Adword Scripts
Module 26- Done for you scripts

  Phase 3

Youtube Ads

 Module 27– Intro to Youtube Ads
Module 28– Linking youtube and ad account
Module 29– Main targeting options on YT
Module 30– Video Ad Scriptwriting
Module 31– Campaign Setup
Module 32– YT Campaign Optimisation
Module 33– Advance Ad Sequence Strategy
Module 34- Biggest youtube ad mistakes

Phase 4

Smart shopping Ads for E-com

 Module 35– Intro to shopping ads
Module 36– Difference between standard shopping ads and smart shopping
Module 37– Concern with data loss in smart shopping ads
Module 38– Setting up and managing Merchant center
Module 39– How to build smart shopping ads that convert?
Module 40– How to structure shopping ads
Module 41– Product feed optimization
Module 42– Troubleshooting common problems in smart shopping ads

Phase 5

 Going Next level

 Module 43– Hacks & Strategies For Pros
Module 44- Selling it as a service and getting your first client

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In this course, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I show you EXACTLY how I set up and run profitable Google ads.

Instead of just giving you the theory and then leaving it up to you to figure it all out, you can also watch over my shoulder and see how to implement everything I’m teaching.

Making the course and everything you learn super actionable for those who wish to execute it all

This stuff is SUPER powerful.

Literally everything you need to be able to create and implement a successful Google Ads campaign.

As the digital world continues to grow, there are TONS of opportunities to get work as a Google Ads Consultant today.

Within a matter of weeks, you could be working for a client online by managing an Ads Campaign for small businesses – and I want to show you how.

By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to get started and grow FAST.

I’ll guide you through every step towards uncapped digital opportunities as a freelancer and business owner.

How incredible would your life be if you could earn your desired income, working from anywhere with an internet connection?

This is your chance to learn the exact steps from a proven entrepreneur.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Will this work for me?

This will work for anyone who is willing to put in hard work. If you will follow this course step by step I am 100% sure that not only this will help but will be of high value to you.

Does this course help me in getting clients?

Of course, it does, In this course, you will learn the exact methods & strategies I have used to get high paying clients. Your First client is already waiting for you, it’s just that you can’t see. With the help of this course, I will show you your first client.

Can I pay using e-wallets like PAYTM?

Yes, you can, if you find any difficulty in making payments you can always contact us through support and we will be more than happy to help you. 

How will I Access the Course?
 On Signup, you would be given unique credentials to a Members Area, where you can access all the Content of Agency Accelerator for a lifetime. 

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