8+ Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO & PPC [FREE & Paid]

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The Keyword is your audience, so if you want to grow audience you must do keyword research. In this post I will discuss about some best keyword research tools 2020, you can choose the best one for you.

What Are Keyword Research Tools?  

Keyword research tools are an important part of SEO, Keyword Research Tool can save your time and energy to find keywords data related your business.  It helps to grow your business fast at over all India and the world.  

Here are some best Keyword Research Tools for SEO & PPC.

1.) SEMrush – 

semrush logo

SEMrush is one of the most popular tool for keyword search. It is a software, that companies use to run its digital marketing processes. It is a digital marketing program which helps you to run SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content marketing etc.

How it helps –

SEMrush is very useful for finding the new valuable keywords for the user.  It optimizes your page and helps you to compete in the market.


Features of SEMrush Tool-

*Keep Track of Your Performance –

  • It provides you the data of your performance.
  • It also provides you the details of the traffic (Whether it is increasing or decreasing).
  • It also provides you the count of your traffic (count of paid and non- paid traffic). 
  • It provides you the rankings for keywords and provides you the details of ‘How you are performing’ (Whether better or worse). This allows you to optimize the rank of your keywords and perform better.

* Find Valuable Keywords –

  • Semrush provides valuable keywords for your campaign. 
  • You will do the keyword research to find the right keyword for your campaign. By doing this, you will get a list of the valuable keywords that you can use for your business. 
  • Focus on Long-tail keywords because these are good for your SEO campaign and drive in more traffic to your site.
  • Semrush also provides you the feature to keep track of the keywords which your competitors are using.

* Earn Valuable Backlinks –

  • Backlinks are the indication of your online presence.
  • These are links that authority sites provide you. They help in improving the trust for your site and provide the authentication to your site.
  • While earning backlinks, take care of earning it from authenticities sites.
  • Google trusts your site when it has earned backlinks from the sites that are trusted by the audience. 
  • Semrush provides you a tool to find a way to earn valuable backlinks if you are not earning it from any site. 
  • It also provides you a way to see what backlinks are earned by your competitors. You will also able to know how many valuable  backlinks they have and then you can build a strategy to compete in a better way.

 My Favorite Feature:- 

Keyword Magic Tool - SEMrush

Keyword Magic Tool is my favorite feature in this Tool. I use most of the time this tool to find new and valuable keywords for my blog.  

Plans –

There are 4 different plans offered by SEMrush.  Further, the plans have 2 categories – Monthly and Annually.

SEMrush provides you 14 days FREE Trial and then you can purchase the paid plan.

The Monthly plan starts from $ 99 and the annual plan starts from $ 999.


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2.) Getkeywords

Getkeywords Logo

GetKeywords is one of the Best NEW Keyword Research Tool which is launched in 2020 by BlogBing Company. This tool will show you data from Google Adwords, Google Suggests, YouTube, Amazon Suggests and Etc..

Here are some reasons why I consider GetKeywords great tool:

All the tools have location based keyword research, but if you are looking for advanced keyword research with local SEO, there are only a few tools that have city based research and one of them is GetKeywords.

This tool lets you search by 100K+ locations to target city level also with their own language because this tool has 45+ language also to search some advance keyword with own language.

If you are looking for blog posts and looking for a topic to write, this tool gives you top questions also which have searched the most on the internet. So you’ll get all the necessary information to write blog and enjoy more traffic to your blog post.

It is also important to make your website device friendly, so that users don’t wait to load whole site. This tool gives you top devices also to focus on and make your site accordingly, for which users love to open your site in their device.

Most businesses have one goal that is to cover maximum market, and reach a maximum audience. GetKeywords lets you know top locations also in which your targeted keyword searches the most. If you are looking for local SEO and want top cities, this tool gives you top cities also to focus on local SEO.

If you are looking keyword for PPC, and want to know who others are doing ad for your targeted keyword, you get top advertisers, who are also doing their ads for your targeted keyword.

One of the best feature of GetKeywords is you get realtime data with market analysis. Very few tools give you realtime data and GetKeywords is one of them. If you get 2 or 3 months old data it is not worth, because the market is changing day by day, so realtime data are very helpful compared to 2 or 3 months old data. And you get with this tool.

This is how GetKeywords dashboard looks like…

Getkeyword Dasboard


My Favorite Feature:- 

Top Questions

You can get Top Questions for your blog posts, content marketing. I am using this tool to get the best question keywords for my blog post.



This tool provides 7 Days FREE Trial & After The Monthly plan starts from $ 29 and the annual plan starts from $ 228.


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3.) Ahrefs –


Ahrefs is a keyword research tool and it gives you the more number suggestions as compared to other keyword research tools.

This site updates its database with new keywords on a monthly basis. 


Features –

ahrefs keywords explorer


1.) Keyword Difficulty –

This calculation of keyword difficulty  is only  based on the backlinks of the top 10 SERP.


2.) SERP Analysis –

This tool provides you a detailed SERP analysis. This tool shows you an appropriate number of backlinks when you search it. It is the only tool which provides you the accurate number of traffic, which top ranking pages are getting (based on all the keywords searches, not only for your targeted keyword).


3.) Search Volume trend –

It provides you the search volume trend in keyword finder style with all the data you need.


Ahrefs gives you 4 plans to choose – Lite, Standard, Advanced, Agency.


1.) Lite – $ 99.The trial starts for $ 7. This plan gives you access to all the features for 7 days. There is 1 user seat and $ 30 for additional user seat, there are 5 projects and $ 10 for additional  per project.


2.) Standard – $ 179.This provides all the features provided in Lite plan. It has only one difference as compared to Lite plan i.e. It proved 10 projects.


3.) Advanced – $ 399. This plan gives you all the features as given in the above mentioned two features. It has something extra too. It gives you 3 user seats and $30 per extra user seat, provides 25 projects  with an additional $10 per project.


4.) Agency – $ 999. This provides all the features of the above mentioned plans with 5 users seat, $ 30 per additional user seat, 100 projects with $ 10 for additional project.



4.) LongTail Pro:-

longtail pro

This tool is mainly designed for Long Tail Keywords to find the right audiences from Google.  You can find long search keywords for your business website.

Long Tail Pro has been rated one of the best keyword research tools. Why?

The KC (keyword competitiveness) scores that Long Tail Pro provides is one of the best in the industry. It lets you know which keywords you should target first.

Ideally, we’d all like to have a score that perfectly predicts Google’s behavior and will tell you whether any given keyword is easy or difficult to rank for. Unfortunately, we all know Google doesn’t work like that.

But being able to ‘predict’ how Google decides to rank things is still useful- if you know how Google is going to rank things, you can predict which keywords might be easier or more difficult to target.



  • The Number of keyword Suggestions- It provides only a limited number of keyword suggestions because there is a maximum limit for the number of keyword suggestions. 
  • Data filtering –It gives only a few numbers of filtering opportunities. 
  • Search volume trend – It does not provide this feature. 
  • Keyword difficulty  – This tool calculates by the page title, Citation Flow, links, and various  other factors of the top 10 results on Google. This feature of Long Tail Pro is in the second rank after Ahrefs. 
  • SERP analysis – It provides you a Plenty of good data.

Plans –

It has plans on annual and monthly basis. Annual plans start from Annual Starter which is of $ 25 per month ,then, Annual Pro which costs $45 per month and then Annual Agency worth $98 per month. The monthly plans are as follows – Monthly starter of $ 37 per month, then, Monthly Pro of $ 67 per month and then, Monthly agency   of $ 147 per month.


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5.) Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an online keyword searching tool that will reduce your keyword research efforts.  It takes search data from the three main  search engines — Bing, Google and yahoo.


 Features :

The main purpose of jaaxy is to suggest you the unique keywords in order to increase traffic to your website.

jaaxy keyword tool

1.) Quoted Search Results –

This will provide you the details of the companies who are competing with your company using the same keyword.


2.) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) –

It determines the quality of your keyword i.e. It tells you whether the keyword which you are using is worthy enough or not. It has a scale of ‘Great, Normal and Poor’ for this.


3.) SEO

It is an  indicator based on competition and traffic. The higher the SEO, the more likely  to rank for a specific keyword. Its range is from 1 to 100 and the increasing number shows the increasing probability to rank.


Price –

It has basically 3 versions with 1 being a trial and 2nd  and 3rd being Pro and Enterprise with $ 49 and $ 99 respectively per month. You can check the tool with the free 30 searches available.


6.) Google Keyword Planner-

It is a free tool for keyword search. It generates hundreds of relevant results for any topic by using Google Auto complete. One thing remember this tool is designed for PPC. 

Google Auto complete is a feature of Google search . Its work is to speed up the searches done on Google by the users.  You must have a Google Adword account in order to use this tool.

google keyword planner

Features –

1.) Discover New Keywords –

This tool helps in finding the new keywords. You have to be very clear about what you want to find because this tool works on the basis of the information you enter here.

2.) Language and Location –

It means the language in which you want to see the information and location is the country in which you are marketing.

3.) Broaden your Search –

This feature gives you a list of keywords which are closely related to your keyword.

4.) Trends Based On Season –

There is a feature of Date Range in this tool. This feature will give you all the keywords that have been popular in that date range.

Pay Per Click Expert that can help you to find best keywords for your website.

7.) Ubersuggest –

It is a free SEO tool and it is useful for generating new keywords. It is acquired by Neil Patel.

ubersuggest free keyword tool

Features –

1.) It gives you a highly targeted list of keywords specific to your niche.

2.) It also gives you the number of SEO clicks on your search term on Google.

3.) It also gives you the data of the age groups that had searched for your term.

4.) It provides you the actual data of the number of times your keyword has been searched on Google in the past 12 months.


Price –

This is a free tool. It is not that the good features of this tool are behind the pay wall. But you have an access to all of its features for free.



8.)Keywords Everywhere  –


It shows you the keywords their relative words, useful google keyword search volume and the cost per click data on multiple websites.


Some important points – 

keyword everywhere tool

1.)Monthly Search Volume – 

This is an average over the number of searches for a particular keyword per month over the past 12 months. 


2.) Cost Per Click – 

The cost per click (CPC) is the amount of money  that the advertisers are paying for a single click for a particular  keyword in Google Adwords.


3.) Adwords Competition-

The competition is among the advertisers that are advertising for the same keyword on google ads.


Price –

 The tool maker has kept the prices too low- $2 per month.


9.) KW Finder

It is also the best keyword search tool. Its free version creates long tail keywords for all the terms you enter. You can use this tool for free


1.) Keywords Ranking –

You just need to enter the domain and KW Finder will show you the best ranking set of keywords.


2.) SERP analysis and Local Keyword Research –

You can find long – tail keywords with special reference to location. You will also get the precise local keywords search results for more than 50k locations.

My Favorite Features –  

Keyword Difficulty

This tool will show accurate Keyword SEO Difficulty Metrics , you can easily understand which keywords are the best for rank on Google. 

Plans – It has plans on annual and monthly basis –


Annual plans-


1.) Plan 1.)-  Mangools basic – $29.90 per month.

2.) Plan 2.)-  Mangools Premium – $ 39.90 per month.

3.) Plan 3.)- Mangools Agency – $ 79.90 per month.


Monthly plans –


1.) Mangools basic – $49 per month.

2.) Mangools premium – $69 per month

3.) Mangools Agency – $179 per month.

KWFinder also Offer 10 Days FREE Trial 

Last words–

So these are the best keyword research tools of 2020 and you can choose any according to your need. Every tool has its own specialties, so choose wisely.


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