25 Best Prospecting & Sales Tips To Close Every Deal

Prospecting & Sales Tips To Close Every Deal

In this post , you are going to read the top prospecting and sales tips to close your every deal. if you follow these tips you can sell anything. 

  1. Never sell anything that you will not buy yourself. You should really believe your product.
  2. Before promoting any product, you must know the product in and out clearly.
  3. When talking to a prospect, limit your words to something wonderful, brilliant, amazing and fantastic. Overly enthusiastic acting does not work.
  4. Always call your prospects or clients by their name because they love to hear their name.
  5. When you start a conversation, always listen first. Ask questions to know more about your prospect’s problems.
  6. You should not try to sell people. Try to help them. Give them a solution and your sales will increase.
  7. Never lie to your prospect. Truth is the greatest asset. Truth builds trust.
  8. Never over promise. It may help you get the sale. But will you unhappy customers.
  9. Avoid using words like, No way, not at all and not possible. You cannot build rapport like this.
  10. Always call your prospects or clients by their name because they love to hear their name.
  11. People don’t buy the product. They buy the outcome or results. So don’t talk too much about the product. You have make your prospect visualize the desired outcome.
  12. It’s not about the price, It’s about the value. You have to show, how your product is helping and solving the problem.
  13. When selling in DM, do not present your offer immediately. Start a conversation and have a real conversation with them and build a connection.
  14. Never argue with the prospects even if you’re right. Instead, agree with them and then state your point. You can never win an argument.
  15. Always show social proofs (reviews, payment proofs, success stories) after presenting your offer.
  16. Don’t convince the prospect. Just ask the right questions and lead the prospects to convince themselves.
  17. Prove that your product is better than your competitor’s without badmouthing their product.
  18. Don’t fear from objections. A prospect will say ‘No’ 4-5 times before saying Yes.
  19. Answer the ‘why?’:
  • Why should I stop what I am doing to listen to you?
  • Why is your product or service better than the competition?
  • Why does it cost more?
  • Why do I need your product or service?
  • Why should I believe you?
  1. Understand your buyers: It’s essential to understand what’s important to each individual buyer and their decision-making process. When you know this you can more easily match your selling process to the buying process and ultimately win more deals.
  2. Many Times a deal is closed after following up 4-5 times but sometimes a ‘NO’ means NO. So try to invest your time in more interested prospects.
  1. You should not try to sell. Try to help them. Give them a solution and your sales will increase.
  2. To Sell Emotions, you have to find pain point of the prospect. The one emotional reason which is motivating the prospect to buy.
  3. People buy what they see other poeple buying. That’s why always show social proofs (testimonials) to your prospects, after presenting your offer.
  4. Present your offer after asking 2-3 Questions to your prospect for which he/she would say ‘Yes’. This trick actually works.

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