Achieve a Wider Reach with Digital Outdoor Advertising

Printed outdoor advertising (OOH) is being replaced by digital outdoor advertising (DOOH). It is primarily due to constant changes in customer behavior and preferences. Basically, it is displaying ads on LED screens. Business will face a lot of difficulties if it does not adapt to these things in such an environment.  

You may be interested in learning more about digital outdoor advertising after hearing this. The following guide will provide a complete overview of outdoor and digital outdoor advertising, so you can choose the most appropriate form of advertising for your business.

Is OOH the same as DOOH?

The first thing to talk about is OOH (out-of-home advertising). In the beginning, there were simple billboards on a high-traffic street. Prior to the arrival of DOOH, it was considered the most convenient and cost-effective way to advertise. Billboards, bus stops, and posters are the most common forms of outdoor advertising, but now this is changing to DOOH.

Surely you are wondering, what is DOOH?

In the form of advertisements, DOOH helps deliver your message to people. By doing so, your brand can reach a wider audience and capture their attention more effectively.

Every company has changed how it sells its products and services due to changing technology. In today’s tough competition, it can prove to be an excellent solution for anyone, since it is cost-effective and offers scalable solutions. In addition to this, it’s a fast service that can offer you great results within a short period of time.

What are ATL and BTL?

ATL: This type of marketing is extremely broad and has no target audience. It is only concerned with reaching as many people as possible. The media includes print, television, radio, and many other forms of communication. Outdoor advertising is included in this category.

BTL: This type of marketing targets a specific demographic and focuses on them completely. There are numerous ways to advertise outside (such as billboards, flyers, banners, etc.), as well as direct marketing (SMS, emails, etc.), in-store promotions, and more. This is where DOOH comes in.

Do Digital Outdoor Ads work?

Yes, digital outdoor advertising is very effective in our digital age, because:

  • Through impressive and appealing LED display advertising, DOOH marketing becomes more impressive and appealing. This video or image engages your audience with an interesting and eye-catching message.
  • Outhum displays your ad at a busy location, which increases foot traffic and your sales.
  • As it does not require manpower, it is more cost-effective than outdoor advertising.
  • You can display ads on LED screens anywhere in the mall as per your requirements to reach your target audience.

Outdoor Advertising vs Digital Outdoor Advertising:

  • The cost of OOH is higher than DOOH due to the fact that OOH requires more manpower than DOOH. The cost of OOH advertising is 1 lakh per month, whereas DOOH can be started for only Rs. 1.
  • The one thing that differentiates DOOH from OOH when it comes to effectiveness is that it is more eye-catching and engaging than OOH.
  • DOOH is a long-lasting advertising process because it cannot be replaced with other means. On the other hand, OOH advertisements can be changed for another one by simply placing them under a new one.

Why choose Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Every time we decide to buy anything, we want to know the reason and benefits of doing so. Hence, it is obvious that even before using DOOH, you would want to know why you are purchasing it.

Because people are no longer satisfied with one-dimensional retail shopping, digital content has become one of the primary trusted sources of attracting consumers. In order to make a purchase, they check reviews and information about the company first. Therefore, we can say that our world has become a digital world somewhere.  

If you want to make your brand trustworthy and give it an identity in the market, you should integrate your in-store and digital advertising. 

The brain identifies an image in a few seconds as opposed to written content, according to a study. Ads on the streets increase sales, bring in customers, and give your company a digital presence among as many people as possible. Despite all of this, its biggest quality is its ability to leave a powerful and positive impression on its audience.   

Your business will grow and the market will be revolutionized as a result of this trend.  

It’s not easy to grab the audience’s attention, but if your digital ad has an eye-catching display and interesting dynamic elements, it’s not impossible either.  

According to the statistics, appealing and eye-catching digital ads have the potential to attract 80% of customers.  

After knowing all that, let’s investigate digital outdoor advertising and its advantages in retail stores: 

Attract customers to your store: It’s not easy to get customers to come into your store from the street, but if you have the right strategy, it’s not that hard either. Use of digital outdoor media is the smartest and best way to do so. In order to give your digital advertisement an impressive look and attract maximum audiences, you need to include engaging content, use a proper color combination, and focus on its lighting.

This, in our opinion, is a great chance to drive traffic to your retail store. In addition to this, you can also create a playlist of your best content or make a video of your products and share it on social media if you want to reach the maximum number of people.

Your customers will learn more about you through digital advertising, enhancing their chances of converting into leads.

Target potential customers: Online marketing allows you to reach people in a specific area. Outhum Media connects you with people who need what you have to offer. LED screens in malls display your ads because people of all ages visit the malls, and in such a situation, the chances of reaching maximum people increase.

Motivates the customer to make a purchasing decision by providing context: Digital advertising is advantageous in the retail space, as it brings your traffic not only to the door but inside as well. Further, you can reach more people by displaying your ads simultaneously in multiple locations, especially when the customer is more receptive.

Suppose your advertisement attracted viewers, but they went ahead without buying. Then what would be the point? This is where digital advertising comes into play. 

Using video and images, it highlights your product’s unique features, angles, and design. This will help you grab the attention of your customers and activate their thinking. The use of eye-pleasing visuals can help you establish yourself as a visual leader. Digital ads add valuable data to your ad and make it more entertaining so that your visitors find it both informative and entertaining.

Reuse social media content while enhancing your digital presence: To enhance your retail presence you will need to maintain omnichannel consistency, particularly for shoppers who spend a lot of time online. In order to accomplish this, you must integrate all your marketing channels so that your visitors get the same experience on your website and in your retail store.

But how would you go about it? You can do this by repurposing social media content for your retail store. Advertising online is a smart way to attract customers without putting in too much effort. Engaging social media content can be used in retail stores as well if it is user-generated and engaging. Providing positive vibes to your customers will give them a compelling reason to buy your service and products.

Digital outdoor advertising allows you to promote your brand without creating any new content. Since you are only repurposing your old content, digital ads do not require hard work, time, or effort. For any brand, these ads can be beneficial and time-consuming.

Boost your sales: Digital ads can increase your sales. Digital advertising provides more context to your products and services, increasing your sales by leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors. Marketing your products and services digitally is a great way to reach the targeted audience. Apart from this, personalized content can also increase traffic to your website.

Aside from this, you can boost your sales by mentioning some fantastic and time-sensitive offers on your digital ads. This will give your customers a sense of urgency and encourage them to buy your products right away.

Improve your company’s customer service and internal communications: Digital advertising provides customers with information about products, departments, customer service, and daily promotions. More likely they are to make sales if customers find what they searched for with ease.

In the past, pasted posters would get dirty within a few days or another poster would be pasted over them. Digital advertising allows you to display your messages in the same place, and their impact doesn’t fade over time.

Outhum, one of the best digital outdoor advertising company in India allows you to instantly share updates or new content across all the devices and many retail locations. With digital advertising, you don’t need to tear any posters or paste your ad over another poster. This technology allows you to directly spread your message. Use this valuable time to do something else important rather than spend it on digital advertising.

Save your money with digital advertising: Using digital advertising is easy since it has a simple setup. Pick any digital ad from an outdoor advertising agency, add the features you want, set the scale that meets your business model, and then relax.

You can also save printing and distribution costs by not printing new content and pasting posters every time. You can also save on related expenses, such as paper and ink. 

Aside from being cost-effective, it is also eco-friendly because it does not require paper and ink. By doing so, you can save money and the environment at the same time.

Store owners will benefit from this facility since they will be able to turn over the responsibility of brand promotion to the digital advertising company rather than to their employees. Creating new content or reusing existing content from any social media post is all you need to do. It’s that simple. Your sales will increase without you doing a thing.

Help in building and recalling the brand: Digital advertising helps you build and recall your brand. As they walk on the streets, they will see these ads and not skip them like online ads. Many customers take the same route every day and see the same advertisement. This habit makes that advertisement familiar to them. And if they find that advertisement useful and informative, maybe they’ll be impressed by them, resulting in more sales. 

Keeping this in mind, Outhum Media helps you design impressive ads and place them at the locations where they are most likely to be seen by customers.

Leaves an immediate impact: If you show your brand or service in an advertisement and people are impressed and find it interesting and valuable, they will contact you or visit your store. In such cases, you need to make sure that your ad appears at the right place and that your contact information appears as well.

It encourages impulse buying: The primary objective of digital advertising is to inform people about your brand and what it can offer them. Advertisements are displayed based on the sentiments and current physical conditions of the people. You can use advertising to persuade your customers that you can meet their needs.

State of The Art: Digital marketing has the ability to create incredibly engaging advertisements. LED screens are interactive, attracting more and more customers. Additionally, new state-of-the-art computer ink-jet printers have greatly reduced the time spent creating and printing advertisements.

A number of aspects of digital advertising make it better and more acceptable than other forms of marketing. Digital advertising, one of the most important aspects of advertising, is very economical. It is very affordable. It is possible to display digital ads repeatedly in the same place so that people become familiar with them. In a very short period of time, you can reach an even wider audience with this technique.

With Digital Advertising, you can drive maximum sales.


A digital advertising campaign allows your brands and companies to reach a broader audience, which will be beneficial to your business. In order to do this, you must create eye-catching and memorable campaigns. There are many sophisticated solutions available to you from Outhum Media’s experts. In order to receive the above benefits, you should also make contact with us right now so that we can help you grow your brand.

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