EEHHAAA : Earn Upto €1000 For Watching Ads

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Welcome to Bloggerwala, Today in this article I am going to reveal an honest review about EEHHAAA . If you have questions like:- What is EEHHAAA? How do make money from EEhhaaa ? How does work ? and Is it REAL or Fake?   In this article you are going to read all answers about EEHHAAA.

Let’s begin,

What is EEHHAAA?


EEHHAAA Ltd is an Advertising Company located in Dublin, Capital City Republic of Ireland.  EEhhaaa is the Advertising Partner of JAALIFESTYLE company provides you an opportunity to earn money by viewing advertisement on EEHHAAA platform.

How it works

EEHHAAA is advertising for anyone, anywhere. They match advertisers with willing and interested audiences so marketing budgets are not wasted, while their rewards program allows viewers to be paid for watching ads.

The advertiser’s message is only displayed to people who are truly interested in what they have to offer.


You can reach a global audience with EEHHAAA advertising platform. Your ad will be displayed to viewers who are interested in your product. Select your audience using a number of predefined criteria.

Advantages for the Advertisers:

1. Guaranteed viewing audience.

eehhaaa garuanteed
The advertisers can show their advertisements to people who are interested in seeing advertisements.

2. Target Advertiser’s audience.

eehhaaa target
Advertisers can choose to display their advertisements within a range of categories and countries.

3. Analyze the data

EEHHAAA analyse
The advertiser’s can see the results of their campaign at the fingertips.
That is, how many viewers see the advertisements and to be paid.

Click Here to Register your account as Advertiser & Promote Your Product or Services on EEHHAAA


Get paid to watch ads! You can choose from a number of categories that interest you, and you will be shown up to 60 ads per day. You can earn for every ad you watch.

How to Make Money on EEHHAA?

There are two ways to make money on EEHHAAA.

  1. Watch Ads:  View 60 Ads per day
  2. Refer & Earn: – Share the platform with your friends for additional rewards.


EARN EXTRA INCOME by introducing advertisers to EEHHAAA

As a member you now have an OPPORTUNITY to earn extra income by introducing advertisers from your own, or other, countries! You will be able to earn 10% COMMISSION on the amount paid to EEHHAAA by the advertiser you introduced.


Is it FREE to Join EEhhAAA ?

Yes! It’s completely FREE for everyone who is ready to make money online.

If you join FREE and Watch 60 Ads daily then you are eligible to earn up to €350 a year as adverting bonus. If you choose to do your personal verification ( PV ) then you are eligible to earn up €1000 per year as adverting bonus.

Click here to Join EEhhaaa As Viewer

Pros of EEHHAAA:


  • It’s FREE for Everyone.
  • Financial Freedom.
  • Work from Anywhere.
  • 30 to 60 Minutes Working Time.
  • Passive Income
  • Best Support System



Cons of EEHHAAA:


  • No details about owner.


How to Join EEHHAAA ?

If you are interested to join EEhhaaa and make money you can join eehhaaa as viewer, Follow the below steps:

First go to this Special Link and Register your account

Fill the personal details Like NAME , Email, Phone NoPaaword and Click on Next button.

Fill the Age ,Gender City and Country. Click on Register Button.

eehhaaa package

Now , you can choose your package, if you want to join FREE then Choose EEHHAAA Skip Verification and click on Continue Button.

eehhaaa category

Now , Select 25 or more topics that  interests you. After you will able to View Ads on Dashboard of EEHHAAA platform.

Is EEHHAAA Launched Officially ?

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EEHHAAA is very excited to announce the launch date of EEHHAAA on ?0 ???? ????! 

Regarding Ads :

One important thing about the whole business idea of EEHHAAA is targeting ads. Ads that are direct to the person’s interest, location, country age, gender etc

To have 60 ads for all people all over the world at one time so quickly well that just a very big task. EEHHAAA has, as well as we at JAALifestyle people registered from all over the world and the Advertisers choose themselves where their Ads shall be shown.

For example:- an Indian company may want their ads to be shown in south east India, and a Malaysian in Kuala Lumpur region and an Australian company maybe in south east Australia for the most benefit for their company and their Ads campaign. We have all selected our interests and that is the whole point of targeting ads that they reach people that are actually interested and that is also why EEHHAAA has been so well received by companies wanting to place their Ads by them.

The number of advertisers is expected to increase rapidly as EEHHAAA have a dynamic and sizeable sales team. And will steadily come more and more and more. And you will see more and more aid ads for your city, age group, gender. Your choice of interest etc,

Regarding Bonuses :

The potential Income for Personal Verification (PV) members and members registering for FREE:

Remember! If you pay €10 to complete your PV, you will be eligible to earn up to €1 000! If you complete your PV for free, you are eligible to earn up to €350 as an advertising benefit! So all unverified members will make up to €350 per year on viewing ads personally, and up to €250 per year for all personal referrals.


Affiliate Disclosure :- 

” We only recommend those products or services that we are using or have used . This page contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, we will earn a small commissions at no extra cost to you.. Thanks for supporting us.”

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