Email marketing automation tools Try Now

Email marketing automation tools worth trying

Are you looking for the right email marketing automation tool? Because choosing the right software is so important, here are some of the most effective options available: 

How to create email marketing campaigns 

Email marketing is one of the most valuable ways to grow your business. But, the landscape is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with the best practices. 

Here’s how to ensure your campaigns achieve the desired results: 

  • Collect relevant customer data and use personalization in your campaigns. 
  • Always include a company logo, which you can create using a tool like LogoCreator
  • Ditch over-the-top promotions and focus on building rapport with your customers. 
  • Always include a compelling subject line. 
  • Segment your audience to achieve better results. 
  • Use A/B testing to make sure you’re using the best campaigns. 
  • Integrate your email marketing messages into different channels.
  • Use automation tools to improve efficiency and scale more easily. 
  • Add a professional email signature which you can create with the help of Newoldstamp or MySignature email signature generators.

Tools for email marketing automation 

If you want to grow your business, automation tools are a must. The right software should be affordable and easy-to-use, and it should turn as many leads into customers as possible. 

But, with hundreds to choose from, it can be challenging. So, here are some of the best email marketing tools available: 

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email automation tools, with over 130,000 users. It has a positive reputation, particularly with small business owners. It’s also affordable, so it’s great if you’re on a tight budget. 

Because the tool is designed for smaller companies and has a visual automation builder, it’s easy to use, even if you have little or no experience. 

Plus, it includes lots of useful features, such as predictive content and predictive sending, SMS and website message triggers, and A/B testing for automation sequences for optimization. 

2. HubSpot Email Marketing 

Although HubSpot is best known for its marketing automation platform, it also has an email marketing tool that is incredibly helpful for small businesses. And, Hubspot offers a free version of this tool, which makes it a top choice for many entrepreneurs. 

The tool has a drag-and-drop style layout, which comes with ready-made templates. This is one of the easiest tools to use for creating email sequences. It can also be integrated with other HubSpot tools, if you use them, which means all your information is centralized. 

3. SendInBlue 

Another brilliant tool for automating your email marketing is SendInBlue. It provides all the email and SMS software small businesses need to send engaging and attractive email campaigns. 

This is a fast-growing tool that has a drag-and-drop editor, making it another good choice for beginners with no previous experience in email marketing. 

Among its features includes tools to create workflows and automatic follow-up messages, user segmentation, and analytics to determine the best times to send emails. 

4. Drip 

Drip is designed for e-commerce businesses, but it can also be used by other small businesses, bloggers, and digital marketers. This tool is a very powerful email marketing platform and provides an array of tools for marketing automation, sales funnels, and personalization. 

Drip can be integrated with the majority of website and online store builders. Some of its features include adding pop-ups or sign-up forms to capture more leads, email segmenting, split testing features, and visual email sequence builder. 

5. AWeber  

The last automation tool on our list is AWeber. This is one of the oldest tools available and has established a strong reputation for being trustworthy and effective. 

AWeber provides a variety of tools for small businesses, including ready-to-use HTML templates, auto-responses, A/B testing, and email tracking and insights. It can also be integrated seamlessly with most website builders, including WordPress. 

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