Frameless Glass Fencing Supplies

Frameless glass fence supplies are the number one choice for your garden when you want a completely unobstructed view. Not only that, the frameless glass fence is modern and stylish, giving your garden an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. The technology associated with frameless GF supplies has gone a long way since the idea was first conceived, and now there are various options for mounting frameless fences for all kinds of applications.

There are generally three ways to secure frameless glass fence supplies, each with different prices and different advantages and disadvantages. Read on to determine what’s best for your garden!

The first method is the spigot fixation method. This is also the most popular method. When mounting glass in this way, use only the highest quality spigots made of high quality stainless steel. You can choose from a variety of finishes and styles. Examples of these styles of fencing equipment are round “bullet” clamps, or mirror-finished stainless steel. The standard glass used in this type of frameless fence is 12mm thick and is arguably especially reinforced to withstand all lasting wear. All edges are finely polished while the glass itself complies with the strictest frameless glass fencing equipment standards.

The second most popular style of frameless glass fence supplies is the button-fixed or pin-fixed mounting method. This style is widely used in handrail applications where optimization of available space is always a priority, as well as for aesthetic and architectural reasons. Frameless glass Fence supply Brisbane installed in this way provides a very high quality and sturdy frameless GF. The glass is stretched to a depth of 5-10 inches from the basement before being fixed in place using stainless steel pins with a diameter of 50 mm. It is bolted to a pre-made hole in the frameless glass panel. One of the best qualities of these pins is that they can be fixed in place with so many different types of materials and are offered in a mirror or satin finish. The glass of these fencing supplies is always 12mm reinforced and the edges are polished.

Finally, slot or channel frameless glass fence supplies are gaining in popularity each year. This style is very pleasing to the eye and looks as if the glass came out directly from the ground, as if it were growing naturally there. If frameless glass fence supplies are adjacent to pools or driveways, slots must be left in the concrete formwork before laying concrete and should be prepared during construction. Another option is to lock a strong channel for frameless glass fencing supplies in place so that the glass can be grouted in place. Again, the glass used in these frameless glass fencing supplies is 12mm, transparent and durable, with all edges polished.

Each of our standard frameless equipment fixing methods allows the fence gate to be installed in place to comply with local laws and pool fencing safety standards. We offer a variety of gates and fittings, from magnetic latches and glass hinges to brand new Magna hinges.

Changes in Australian law on fencing equipment standards have slightly changed the use of fencing for handrails. The law now requires the installation of connecting rails on glass for safety. As a result, we are now able to offer a variety of handrails that enhance the aesthetic appeal of frameless glass fences and provide a safe environment.

If you want to make your garden stand out and be the envy of all your friends and neighbors, call us and see what our supplies can do for you.

Why should you choose a fence?

If you own a house with a backyard, you may be required to install a fence. You can also consider the type of fence to install based on where you live.

Fences in Portland, Oregon are specially designed for the area to prevent thieves from invading your home through your backyard. At the same time, these fences enhance the look and feel of the backyard.

The use of Electric fences

Electric fences in Portland Oregon are extremely rare. Electric fences are more common with people who own acres of land. Electric fences can be placed into three categories. They are mentioned below –

1)Moderate – These type of electric fences are usually used by farmers to protect their cattle from straying outside the grazing area and to keep the predators out.

2)Painful – Electric fences belonging to this category is usually found installed in company backyards to prevent potential thieves from breaking in and causing losses for the industry.

3)Lethal – Commonly found in militarized areas and high security prisons, these fences have the potential to electrocute a human to death.

Moderate fences are the types that are usually supplied by the companies in Portland Oregon. It is always advisable for the homeowner to have fences installed in their backyard.

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