FunnelArk : Is it Worth Digital Marketing Program For Newbie?

FunnelArk  Review:-  Best Digital Marketing Certificate Online Program In India

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, and help grow your business or career.

Stay ahead of the curve and get the skills you’ll need for the jobs of the future. Come out of this crisis with higher-paying, in-demand tech skills and new career options .

Introduction about FunnelArk –


Funnel Ark – is one of the best Digital Marketing Agency at Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. It has own two Subsidies. Funnel Ark and Funnel Ark Pro , Funnel Ark focuses on Service to Businesses. Funnel Ark Pro focuses on ” Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Training”.   

Let get in details about Funnelark Pro Digital Marketing Training:

FunnelArk offers complete digital marketing certificate online program for who are really interested to learn digital marketing skills and want to make career in this field. This course can be preferred by anyone. Whether you are in the beginner, intermediate, or expert-level you can go for this course immediately and initiate your journey.

What will you get in this course?

  1. Market Research:  First of all, you will be starting this course from market research. In this topic, you will learn about branding, Keyword research, Competitor Research, Domain and Hosting consideration, and much more!
  2. WordPress Website Development: In this digital world it is difficult to survive without the website. In this course one section is all about the wordpress website development. You will learn WordPress website development. This will be a complete tutorial for all the levels. Here you will learn
  1. How to create a blogging website,
  2. How to create an e-commerce website,
  3. How to create an online course platform,
  4. How to create a service website,
  5. How to create a business website, and major technical things.

This will help you to start your own online website development business since every niche is focused and thought to you in the live practical section.

  1. SEO: Next, you will be learning SEO , Here you will learn OnPage SEO and have hands-on experience by implementing 200 factors of SEO. Here will do a live demonstration on ranking a website on Google for the chosen keywords.

Then you will be learning Off-page SEO. Here you will learn link building, link juice, and link submission. This will help your website to rank highly competitive keywords.

  1. Technical SEO: It is something which shows the technical aspects of the SEO. All the aspects of SEO are important to rank on search engines and don’t you think it’s good that you are getting everything just one course.
  2. Lead generation: It is one of the important step for increasing the sales of any product sold by keeping this in mind they have created a social media lead generation program that you will get to know about tactics for attracting your leads, generating quality leads and also increasing the sales of any product.
  3. Live Campaigns: It is something which helps you in making people aware about your products and services but doing live campaigns is not enough. You should have knowledge about the strategies to make your live campaign successful.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: It is the most trending topic in the world of digital marketing. One can easily make money using affiliate marketing but for making money you should have knowledge all about the backend and frontend strategies. In this course you will get all the insight of important Strategies for affiliate marketing.

” FunnelArk offer an option for you to earn money from this platform. You can join as an affiliate and start earning  70% on each sale. on Daily Basis”


Why this platform is different from others?

  1. You are getting weekly special session with the experts. Don’t you think that’s a great opportunity to learn from those great influencers ?
  2. You are getting an opportunity to earn while learning from the course once you buy this course you are eligible to earn money by referring to others.
  3. You are getting step by step demonstration of the whole digital marketing process.
  4. You can become a highly paid affiliate by enrolling this course because you can make 70% per sale.
  5. Get 100% support from Funnelark team when you become affiliate and also you are getting 16 official certificates by enrolling in this program.
  6. You will also be a part of High ticket affiliate programs.

Some Bonus item you will get for free when you join this Funnelark course:

  1. 10 WordPress Paid Themes.
  2. 5 trending books to build your brand.
  3. Fundamentals of AdWords.
  4. Copywriting.
  5. Digital marketing terminology.
  6. High ticket affiliate programs training.
  7. 5 Live Sessions.

Pros & Cons of FunnelArk


  1. Not only will learn, but you will also Earn.
  2. 30 Days Money Back
  3. You Will Get 15+ Certificates of the Course.
  4. You Will get FREE Bonuses with Course .
  5. Low Price & High Value
  6. 100% practical Training on Digital Marketing, and Website development
  7. 24/7 Doubt Clearing
  8. 100% extended Support for all students.


  1. Funnel Ark course is not available in Hindi  as such cons which needs to be highlighted as this course have all the positive traits which one needs for becoming a great influence and in the field of digital marketing.

30 Days Money Back Guaranteed 

You can ask for the money in case if you didn’t like funnel ark digital marketing course 30 days from the time of enrollment.

The money will be detected as per your course consumption. For example, let’s say if you have enrolled and watched 30% of our courses then 30% + 18% tax will be deducted and the remaining money will be given back to you without any questions.

Here are some testimonials provided by the people who have enrolled in this course. You can go through it and then purchase the FunnelArk course.

funnelark testomonial

funnelark testomonial

funnelark review

My Personal Experience with Funnel Ark Course: 

Hi, I am Raaj Kumar , Owner of this blog, I love Digital Marketing. It has been my lifetime passion. I have joined  FunnelArk Pro course and I was very impressed.  Awesome digital marketing course . Great Content and Easy to understand. Loved this Course and Also great SEO Strategies. Each section works along with everything being well explained and the curriculum being very easy to digest – step by step. My experience is good while taking this course, as I am in need of enhancing my skills in Digital Marketing to look forward to my career.


Who Can Join FunnelArk ?

This course is for everyone who is willing to learn complete  digital marketing skills and want to earn through affiliate marketing. You should enroll this course because you are getting 30 days money back guarantee and also if you are not satisfied you can Unenroll it and get your money back within 30 days.


This Course is available in English & Tamil 

Total Enrollment :

5047+ Students 

FunnelArk Training Fees:


Final Words:

If you are really serious about learning Digital Marketing , SMM and SEO from absolute scratch then this course is probably for you, learn SEO, SMM and Digital Marketing Techniques used on Global level today. Also if you want to create strong skills in branding, business growth and online reputation management then FunnelArk Pro course is definitely for you. 

What are you waiting for go and get this course and earn high commission for referring this
course. Invest one time and get profit everyday isn’t this amazing!


Some FAQ’s:

Can we get money back after subscription?

Yes, you can get money back after enrolling it but you need to claim it within 90 days.

Can I build a successful website after enrolling in this course?

Yes, we have a certificate course in which you can learn about wordpress development.

Can I become a professional high rated digital marketer?

Yes, of course by enrolling in this course you can get an A 2 Z knowledge of digital marketing
and you will become a professional high rated digital marketer.

Can I start affiliate marketing?

Yes , by enrolling in this course you will get an opportunity to earn also. Just purchased the
scores once and by referring this course you can earn money lifetime.

How much one can earn from this affiliate marketing program?

You will get 70% on each sale.

Will I get some practical insight of digital marketing?

Yes, you will be get assignments for each of the courses and 5 Live session by experts.

Funnel Ark


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