10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs That Make You Rich In Just One Year

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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs 

Lot of marketer are searching for the highest paid affiliate programs. So we are making that simple here. We have a list of highest paying affiliate programs that every affiliate marketer should know. do bookmark this list for future reference and share this list to every affiliate marketer you know in your circle.  I have already joined all these programs and earning a lot of money. so I am going to share my favorite highest affiliate programs that can make you rich in a year. Before you join any Affiliate program , you should know about How to Choose A best Affiliate Products ? Its a good idea to pick a product who pays more , even if you give 1-2 sales it would be better than giving 100 sales . Here is simple math-

$1 * 100= $100 earned as commission

$100 * 5 = $500 earned as commission

Now think which is easier to sale a product to 5 people or a product to 100 people.

Now let’s have a look on a list:

  1. Leadsark
  2. Bluehost
  3. Flyout
  4. Fiverr
  5. Getresponse
  6. Leadpages
  7. Socialpilot
  8. Webinarninja
  9. Thrive themes
  10. Hostgoi

Let’s begin with Leadsark the Highest Paying Affiliate Program:

1. LeadsArk: ( E- Learning Affiliate Program ) 

Leadsark is the most advanced e- learning platform to learn How to Generate Organic Leads Using Social Media Without spending money on any paid ads. But now it’s not only about learning. Here you can establish your online business and earn passive income.

It provides you the highest paying affiliate program on selling their training course and one more amazing thing you don’t have to struggle for selling it because each and every person having online business wants to
generate leads and this course will help them in generating  leads very easily. So you can make money very easily.

Commission You Can Earn From LeadsArk Affiliate Program :

LeadsArk highest paying affiliate programs
LeadsArk Highest Paying Affiliate Program

Personal Sales Commission:  when you are selling a product you will get 70%  direct referral income.

Passive Income: When you complete Tier 2 selling, you will receive 10% passive income.

One thing i tell you that Why I  highly Recommended LeadsArk because it provide you complete affiliate training support and guide for FREE to grow your business. 

after reading all these things don’t you feel it’s amazing and you should join it now . Hurry up go and sign it and start your affiliate marketing journey with LeadsArk.. 

Click Here to Join LeadsArk Affiliate Program

2. Bluehost: ( Web Hosting Affiliate Program )

It is free to join.  Anybody can join it just by signing up in their affiliate program. You will get an affiliate link and you just need to promote bluehost by hiding their links and custom banners on your website. For every click through the given linked and fine UPS you will earn $65.

Here and bluehost affiliate program they have another program named constant contact affiliate program. This helps your audience in growing their email list by partnering with Bluehost’s sister company and it is very easy to use in mail marketing service. They provide Commission $10 per
sale and $5 per lead.

Join Bluehost program and enjoy your passive income.

3) Flyout.io ( Guest Posting Affiliate Program)

Flyout is a free platform which helps you earn money by placing their content on your blog. In this program you need to do one thing is that you have to invite high-quality blogs on your website.

One more thing before getting signing into the affiliate program you need to see whether you are able to complete the credentials required. Your blog or website needs to have 10k visitors on a monthly basis.

For single sign up you will earn $15 per blog. Before joining the Flyout affiliate program it is important to read the terms and conditions in detail.

Click Here to Join Flyout Affiliate Program

4) Fiverr: ( Freelance Affiliate Program )

Fiverr is the place where one can market and self as a freelancer it is a platform where anyone can register themselves as a freelancer and provide services to the Client or customer. Promote Fiverr, drive traffic to Fiverr and start earning commission.

Sign into Fiverr affiliate platform, Promote Fiverr by adding affiliate links on your web site and social media platform and start earning.

Here, They have 4 programs and all have different commission plans.

A. Fiverr:
It is the great place for finding freelancers and freelancing services. You will get each and every solution for marketing to design purposes. Here you can earn $15 to 50 CPA.

B. Fiverr pro: add gives businesses access, provide you the VIP experience and gives you dedicated
customer support. You can earn $150 CPA.

C. Learn from Fiverr:
It gives you an education platform where freelance sources gain practical skills and learn a lot from top Industrialists. Earn 30% on every course order.
D. And Co from Fiverr:
It is a reading app which helps freelancers to run their business. On 50% on every and Co Pro plan.

Click Here to Join Fiverr Affiliate Program 

5) Getresponse:

As you know that getresponse is appropriate for email marketing, Webinar Services, sales funnel templates and many more. So, From this you can understand how helpful this platform is and you can refer it to others and
earn income from it just by referring it to the people and adding links on your website. The Blogger, Review sites, Content creators can take advantage of this affiliate program.

They have two great affiliate program programs:

Affiliate Bounty program:  Get $100 for every sale.

Affiliate recurring program: 33% for every sale.

If you are an affiliate marketer, or having a review site then you can try it.

6) Leadpages:

Leadpages is a great choice for a small business. Here you can build a website, high leads converting landing pages which helps you in generating highly by using this you can sell your services online.

You can collect online payments or schedule consultations. The tools help you in growing your business and the best thing is you can do it yourself without hiring anyone. you can even conduct an A/B test and find whether the following thing is working for you or not.


You will earn upto 50% Commission as long as referral stays with Leadpages.

7) Socialpilot:

Socialpilot is the marketing tool which helps you in managing your social media posts, and helps you in scheduling media posts.
it also guides you with the analytics. Provides you content solutions so that you will never get blank, you can even design white label PDF reports to share. When you sign up for an affiliate program that provides you a large number of banners and links which you can use on your web sites and social media.

Joining the affiliate program is free; you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. Earn 30% Commission for every new paid subscription and you will also get Commission for every renewal.

8) WebinarNinja:

Webinar Ninja is the platform that allows you to host, share and attend webinars. By using its tools you can create the first webinar within 10 seconds. You will earn 30% Commission every month for everyone you refer.

Refer them once and get paid as long as this state as a member of WebinarNinja. Sign up to their affiliate program and think whether you want to use that link in a blog post or in videos. Once you start promoting and sharing it you will earn a lot.

9) Thrive Themes:

Thrive themes and plugins will help you in converting your website into a money machine . Your visitors will get converted into subscribers, clients and customers.

Now let’s understand their affiliate plan:
Earn 35% Commission for purchase + 25% recurring Commission.
Do join them and start earning your passive income.

10) Hostgoi:

It is a web hosting provider company which has an amazing range of plans.
Hostgoi affiliate program:

Sign up for their program, and publish an affiliate link on your website and social media platforms, start making money.

Their Commission rates are as follows:
Shared hosting: $50 per sale
Reseller hosting: $50 per sale
VPS hosting: $75 per sale
Dedicated server: $100 per sale


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Now as we have provided the list of highest paying affiliate programs. Join all these best affiliate program and start earning your passive income. I want to give you advice which will help you on a lot of money and keep your landing page attractive so that you can generate leads easily and convert them into your customers. 

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