Top 10 Ways How Communication Evolved Over the Years

Communication is the act of transferring and sharing information from one person to another. It is a very important aspect of our lives because where there is communication, there is understanding.

Over time, communication has been evolving endlessly. There is now advancement in technology and other methods of communication are now evolving.

But how exactly did communication over the years? Read to find out more.


The Oldest Form Of Communication, Cave Paintings

Cave Painting is the oldest form of communication ever discovered. These were done by the early people during the Upper Paleolithic Age.

Cave paintings are found on the ceilings and walls of a cave. They contain historic and major events. These paintings also serve as the marking of territories by different groups of people at that time.

Cave paintings date way back to 30,000 B.C.


The Use Of Symbols For Communication

Tens of thousands of years later, cave paintings are now overridden with the use of different symbols and signs.

Signs and Symbols were utilized to relay and receive information or messages. Petroglyphs, also known as Rock Carvings or Art, were practiced when conveying information.

Petroglyphs were used way back in 10,000 B.C. After some time, the use of alphabets was discovered and invented. Alphabets are very important in today’s communication.

The Smoke Signals

Smoke signals were used a lot frequently, especially when there were wars. This is a form of long-distance communication and people used this to communicate during wars.

China used smoke signals the most. Smoke signals were also used to represent alphabets. This was done by a Greek historian named Polybius.

Before Electronic Mails, There Were Carrier Pigeons

During this time, people have now learned to write letters and mails. Their only concern is the method of transportation for their communication. Luckily, pigeons existed.

Pigeons are, for a fact, good with directions. People used pigeons to carry on their short letters to deliver them anywhere, be it short or long distances. The letters were usually tied to their necks or their legs. This is why they were called carrier pigeons.


The Invention Of Postal Systems

As time went by, carrier pigeons were no longer used. This was because people have invented and started to utilize postal systems. Postal systems included courier services. Communication flourished even more during the invention of this system because letters could fly anywhere.

There were mailboxes and deliverymen to carry the letters to the designated location and receiver. Postal systems were started by De Valyer, a  Frenchman in 1653.



Newspapers are a very important form of communication. Even now, newspapers are still being used to relay news and information to the public.

These can be either national or international. Because newspapers existed, information traveled faster and communication flourished even more. Newspapers were first introduced in the year 1440 by a German named Johannes Gutenberg.


After some time the newspapers and print media were utilized, radios were discovered. With the use of radios, people had the option to listen instead of reading newspapers. Radios involved relaying news and information while delivering forms of entertainment.

Even today, radios are still very efficient and useful.

First E-Communication System, Telegraphs

With the invention of telegraphs, letters were sent through electronic means. This method of communication is a lot faster than manually writing letters. Telegraphs were also able to deliver messages across the world.



People started to have actual long-distance conversations when telephones were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876.

Telephones were used everywhere. The transmitted audio is being converted to signals that travel through wires to reach the other end of the communication.

There are no time limits on the use of telephones. In the year 1973, mobile phones were invented. This was the point where technology started to grow and influence communication.


Communication With Visuals, Televisions

Televisions are a wider medium for indirect communication. It can target larger amounts of audiences and it shows various things such as news and entertainment.

Televisions were invented after World War II. It was able to display only black and white colors. Televisions are still used a lot today. A wholesale ptz camera enables recreating high definition and resolution in screen displays.

The World-Changing Invention, The Internet

Ever since the internet was introduced to the world, people can maximize the use of communication. We are now able to communicate with anyone and anywhere. The World Wide Web was designed and programmed by Tim Berners-Lee back in the year 1990.

The internet can function because of the invention of satellites. Because of this discovery, people can do almost anything that can be found on the web.

As years followed, social media, emails, etc. were also included on the web which enabled people to communicate more effectively.



Communication has evolved significantly over the years. Because of the significant evolutions, everything around us flourished and developed. Communication is very important to us and the world, in general.

Everything is evolving around us. Not only communication-related developments, but also others such as micro injection molding, and even can packing machines. The future that is yet to come holds a lot and new potential developments that will change the world.

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