What is Immunotherapy – Liver Cancer Treatment

What is Immunotherapy

Liver cancer is a serious liver disease and it involves a number of treatment options. One common treatment option of liver cancer which is becoming popular these days is Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy involves the use of various medicines which help the immune system of an individual to find and destroy all the cells which are causing cancer in the body. This treatment is used to treat individuals who are suffering from liver cancer. A cancer specialist suggests immunotherapy as an effective treatment of liver cancer.

These days a number of patients are constantly visiting the cancer hospitals as well as specialists to seek information about immunotherapy. These patients are discussing various advantages and disadvantages of immunotherapy with their doctors and are looking forward to getting the same treatment done for their recovery. A number of people who are suffering from liver cancer undergo immunotherapy. This treatment helps strengthen as well as restore the ability of the immune system using which it can fight cancer. Immunotherapy is sometimes known as biological therapy as well. Immunotherapy is taken into use with advanced or metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma. At the same time, cancer patients are given this treatment option to:

  • To shrink any advanced or metastatic liver cancer tumours.
  • To control all the symptoms that are causing liver cancer.

A cancer specialist states that immunotherapy drug which is used for the treatment of liver cancer is nivolumab (Opdivo). This drug is offered to all the patients who are suffering from advanced or metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma or the people who have already had the treatment using sorafenib (Nexavar). This kind of treatment is also offered to all the patients who are not able to taken sorafenib because of one reason or the other.

According to a cancer specialist , immunotherapy compared to various other treatments for liver cancer, including, for instance, Nexavar, can literally make all the cancer tumour shrink, thereby making them small in size. It is also important to know that the tumour in the patient might get smaller because of the treatment effect of immunotherapy. Thus, overall immunotherapy is considered to be a good treatment option for liver cancer.

Side effects involved in the treatment of immunotherapy:

Just like various other treatments of cancer, the treatment of immunotherapy, too, causes a number of side-effects in the body and overall health of a person. However, the response and experience of immunotherapy faced by each person are different, depending upon the endurance level of a person’s body. Some people suffer from a number of side-effects while the others don’t suffer from any kind of side effects at all.

All the side effects of immunotherapy depend mainly upon the kind of the drug or drug combination, the dose and how it is administered along with the overall health of a person. The administration of nivolumab can cause various side effects in the body which include loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, skin problems including rash and itching, diarrhoea and many others. Cancer specialists consider immunotherapy as a good treatment option for  liver cancer  patients.

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