How to Make a Simple and Accessible Logo for Your Business?

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How to make a logo? This is a question that indeed surrounds the heads of many entrepreneurs. But take it easy. Even without having a high amount of resource, you can make a brilliant logo possible.


Using logo designing programs to make your company logo is a cost-effective and effective alternative. Proposing the creative project can be crucial in positioning your brand and consequently winning new customers.


The content we prepare is designed to make your project easier on how to create a logo for your business and prove that you don’t necessarily have to invest heavily.


All of these tools will assist you in the process of making a logo that will deliver good results for your business.


Here are some points we will talk about:

Understand the importance of a logo

The best 5 logo making services

  • DesignEvo
  • Logo Maker
  • Logaster
  • Logojoy
  • Design Mantic


Why a good logo is such important to your business

Let’s focus on the purpose of this content: learn how to make logo affordable and straightforward.


At the first place, it is crucial to keep in mind that a logo is the visual representation of your business and is primarily responsible for identifying a brand.


A good logo should communicate to the public, by font, color, icons, etc., that the main factors worked on in the logo. Besides, it needs to be easy to remember so that potential customers will relate the logo with their brand.


When making a logo that resembles your business, it should be shown in all of your business promotion material, such as employee emails, business cards, advertisements.

Now let’s go to the apps to make your business logo. Get to know the 5 best in the list:

The best 5 logo making services


The tools available to use in browsers, Android, iOS, Mac point you the right way for you to understand how to make perfect logo.


This tool is very user-friendly came with an intuitive interface and useful editors.


DesignEvo has a large collection of shapes and icons that help create your visual identity. The tool offers 10,000+ sample logos to stimulate creation.


If you want convenience and need some templates to get inspired, this app is ideal for learning how to develop a logo.


This logo making App is designed to provide a good user experience for non-designers but is also interesting for professionals.


The tools offered by this app make it look professional, although it is a good fit for users with and without design experience.


This app offers almost 2,000 logo templates to make the process easier and make you discover how to make the logo even faster.


Logo Maker has an apparent goal: to be a logo-making application within minutes, without taking too much time from the user who wants to finish the task as soon as possible.


After finishing the process with this logo creator, when downloading the image, you will have to pay a small fee.


This logo making app offers many options to users for both design professionals and beginners.


Logaster is an online logo creator, but it also helps you create and edit graphic materials and composition items for your brand.


To claim: not everything offered by the app is paid!


The free plan is available in the app. With this plan, you can get free low-resolution logos.


Now, if you’re willing to invest a small amount and learn how to make a higher quality logo, Logaster also gives you more fantastic features. 


Within minutes it offers several editable variations to suit your needs. Also, it lets you save all options for use when needed.


With some similarities to Logo Maker, Looka is a completely online option for you to understand how to make a logo in minutes.


This application makes it possible to make changes to the font color, icons and even the logo format.


Although it offers these alternatives that are not available to others, there is a negative point. It only allows downloading after payment.


It is a tool that studies the choices of all users and, from these results, comes to suggest the most common options among them.


Design Mantic

You who have just entered the digital market, Design Mantic is the application that may be most useful to your business.


Besides helping you to create a perfect logo, Design Mantic offers tools for generating a website design also.


Making the design process even easier, It does not require any installation and download. The procedure can be done directly from the application’s website.

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