10 Best Benefits Of Hyperbolic Stretching For Women !

 Hyperbolic Stretching For Women !

Reduce Stiffness & Tension

If your back, hips or spine are giving you hard time, my stretching program can help. For all three body parts above, I recommend following my lower body routines. Why? Because your hamstrings, adductors and hip flexors support your entire body and are often the most direct solution to tightness. Once you start building your flexibility from the ground up, results can come pretty quickly.

Correct Your Posture

Pelvic tilt, hunched back and forward head posture mostly come from incorrect way of walking, standing or sitting. Majority of people gain these because of their sedentary lifestyles. These issues can cause loss of mobility and muscle tightness in almost any body part. Good news is, once you improve your flexibility and strength this can be avoided.

Improve Your Circulation

Many people think stretching is not an intense form of exercise and has no impact on condition. But they they’re far from the truth. Specifically this flexibility program includes dynamic and isometric strength exercises that can have beneficial impact on your circulation.

Speed-Up Your Yoga Progress

Although this program does not contain any advanced yoga poses, it will make major lower and upper body muscles flexible which will in turn speed up your progress. You may be able to do advanced asanas sooner than you think.

Reduce Post-Workout Soreness

If you’re into weightlifting or CrossFit, proper stretching can deepen your squat, ease-up your shoulders and exercise in full range of motion. Stretching can also help you avoid injuries, reduce post workout soreness and speed-up recovery so you can hit the gym with more energy.

Improve Your Sleep

If you can’t sleep because of your back cramps or because you just have too much on the plate in your life right now, stretching before bed (which is actually the best time to stretch) can make sure you’ll fall asleep before you know it and wake up without any disruptions.

Enhance Your Love Life

I leave this topic with you and you alone, because I’m not allowed to talk about it here. I’m sure you can figure it out all on your own.

Improve Your Dancing Skills

Let’s face it, without good amount of static and dynamic flexibility there’s no way you can learn the advanced dancing techniques and you won’t be able to move with easy from one technique to the next. This stretching system has been designed deepen your flexibility and to speed up your warm-up so you can quickly start the main part of your training routine.

Refine Your Running, Cycling & Golf

If you need more acceleration speed and stamina, here is how this program can help. Become more relaxed and you’ll be able to run longer distances by conserving your energy while running. Plus, the program will help your motor skills fully relax your quads and hams right after your foot leaves the ground. Increase length of your stride when sprinting, so you you’ll cover more distance. 

Kick Higher Without Warm Up

There is no doubt the flexibility and range of motion are the key elements for higher kicking. This stretching system has been designed to give you static and dynamic flexibility for all types of high kicks in any kind of martial arts. 

What’s Causing Muscle Stiffness?

Full splits, forward bends, back bends, full squats and the ability to interlace your fingers behind your back are displays of natural range of motion we all once had as children, but lost it for various reasons over time.

There are many causes of muscle stiffness ranging from lack of physical activity, genetical predispositions, hard physical labor and heavy strenuous exercise that can create micro tears and scar tissue in your muscles.

As we get older, our muscles get more stiff due to decreasing level of collagen. This can result in development of different types of mobility problems. And while most of these conditions can be managed and even completely removed, it’s wiser to start stretching and improve your flexibility well ahead.

One of the main benefits of this stretching program is that it doesn’t require more than 8 minutes per day and it doesn’t only develop your flexibility but muscular strength as well.

You’ll save a lot of time because there’s no need for you to pack your stuff and travel to gyms or dojos. You can follow the routines while watching TV or listen to your favorite music.

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