Is It Possible To Buy Perfumes Without Smelling?

Online perfume stores are quite lucrative. They are filled with an exciting fragrance range. And all these amazing perfumes are always available at discount. Festival sales, end-of-season sales, and flash sales, there are so many opportunities to save bucks. Who can resist getting their favorite perfume at a discounted price? But is it possible to buy perfume without smelling it?

Of course, you can. No matter what is available online, you buy them without trying them. Outfits, footwear, and accessories, you buy everything just by reading the description. So why not get the perfumes by reading the description. If you are still not convinced, these questions will answer all your queries.

What Should I Look For While Buying Perfumes Online?

While purchasing fragrances from online perfume store in India, there are a few things that can help. First thing first, read more about the scents before buying them. This is very crucial if you are buying a new perfume or trying a new brand. Look for the notes, understand them and focus on the base layer. Notes mentioned in the base layer are the actual perfume aroma. The top notes last for 10-30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes to 1 hour of heart or middle notes. It is the base notes or dry-down notes that stay the longest.

Focus on the name and colour of the perfume. Brands use this trick to reflect the fragrance’s aroma. Blue, green, and white colours are used for fresh perfumes. Red and pink are for floral scents. And darker colours are used for strong perfumes. Similarly, Nuit, Night, Dark, and Noir are some terms used to reflect the strong intense aroma of perfume. Knowing these will help you to pick a perfume accordingly.

Along with these two important features, focus on the type of perfume. Whether a fragrance is EDP, EDT, or any other type, it is important to know. Some perfume stores also have mini perfumes of all their variants. You can also get these to try the fragrances at home. This is quite like try and buy feature many online stores offer. Once you have tried them, pick the one you like the best. It is as easy as that.

How Do You Know If A Perfume Is Legit?

Pay attention to the detailing of perfume bottles and packaging. A brand never makes mistakes in these. If there is a misplaced embossing, discoloured inner box, or clumsy packaging, it can be a fake. The best way to know whether a perfume is legit or not is to buy from a brand-authorized store. Brand websites and authorised stores can ensure you get 100% original fragrances.

EDP or EDT – Which one is better?

While buying perfume online we are often confused among the types. EDT, EDP, EDF, EDC, and Parfum, there are so many types of perfumes. All of them smell nice too, but which is worth buying. Often people complain about buying perfume online which does not last long. It can be because you purchased the wrong one.

Always buy perfumes after doing a little research. Some luxury brands provide various types of perfume in the same variant. This is done to offer the same aroma to users at different price points. However, when you are not aware of it, your aromatic experience can be hampered. What you want is a nice aroma which can last for a long time and for that you need a good type.

Each type of perfume has a different essence concentration. This decides how long the perfume will last and how far its aroma can travel. Parfum is the one with the highest concentration. With more than 20%, the aroma can last for more than 24 hours and sillage is unbeatable. After that comes the EDP which is again one of the highest concentrations. It has 15% and more concentration that helps the perfume to last for more than 12 hours.

The rest of the fragrances that come after this have less than 10% essence and not so great sillage. If you are looking for a perfume that is vivid and long-lasting, go for EDP. Indian brands like Perfumer’s Club excel in creating one of the finest ranges of EDP perfumes. All their perfumes have 18% essence so you can buy them without worrying.

Most the perfume brands mention the type of the scent in the description. Especially while purchasing perfume online, you can look for it in the title or description.

Buying perfumes online is much easier than one may think. A little research, choosing the right store, and understanding how testers work helps. You can start by reading more about the fragrance notes and type. Most of the fragrance stores mention all the details like when and how should you wear the scent. Utilize all these details to pick the right scent. With these tips, you can buy any perfume without smelling it.

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