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Masters in Digital Marketing is a flagship training program designed by Kallada Academy to help you transition from a novice to Digital Marketing Pro in just 3 months.

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Course Features

Guaranteed Certifications

You will receive 9 guaranteed certifications from Google, Microsoft, HubSpot, Kallada Academy, and more after successful completion of the course.

Practical-Oriented Classes

No more boring lectures. Learn relevant practical skills and hacks that will come in handy for implementing digital marketing campaigns.

Work on Live Projects

You will get the hands-on experience of ideating, developing, and executing real-life digital marketing campaigns for different types of businesses.

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

On the off chance that you’re not satisfied with the course, we offer a No Questions Asked 15-day Money-back Guarantee.

Get FREE Access Marketing Tools [ Worth Rs 10000+ ]

You will get access to numerous digital marketing tools, including tools for SEO, content creation, blogging, PPC marketing, and more.

16 Course Modules :

Become a skilled and certified digital marketing expert in just 3 months’ time.

Introduction To Digital Marketing

Learn the basics of digital marketing and get an introduction to the different digital marketing channels.

Graphic Design For Digital Marketers

Learn preliminary graphic design principles to design banners, posters, and other creatives using Canva.

Website Planning and Creation

This module delves into the intricacies of developing, designing, and optimizing a website using WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

Develop a firm understanding of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, as well as search engine algorithms and SEO best practices.


Learn to set up a blog, outline a content strategy, and use various content research and proofreading tools.


Learn practical tips and hacks to build, manage, and promote your own online store using WordPress and WooCommerce.

Google Ads

Get the hands-on experience of building and implementing different types of Google Ads campaigns from scratch.

Google Analytics and Search Console

Learn to configure and utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to improve your website.

Facebook Marketing

Develop a solid grasp on the fundamentals of Facebook marketing and learn to execute various Facebook ads.

Instagram Marketing

Learn practical strategies to promote your business, build your audience, and boost engagement on Instagram.

Email Marketing

Learn basic and advanced concepts related to email marketing, including segmentation, personalization, A/B split testing, and more.

Content Marketing

Learn to create and implement a conversion-focused content marketing strategy, as well as to measure its ROI.

Course Contents:

Module 1: Introduction To Digital Marketing

1: What Is Digital Marketing?
2: Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising
3:Various Digital Marketing Channels

Module 2: Website Planning and Creation

1- Choosing a niche for your Website
2- Choosing a domain name for your business
3- Hosting Setup
4- WordPress Installation
5- Creating Posts and Pages
6- SEO Plugins Installation
7- Website Speed Optimization

Module 3: Graphic Designing For Business

1- Graphic Design Principles
2- Designing Banners and Posters with Canva
3- Finding Free Stock Photos For Usage In Your Website

Module 4: Search Engine Optimization

1 How Search Engines Works
2 Basics of SEO
3 On-Page SEO
4 Keyword Research
5 Meta tags creation
6 Content Optimization
7 Header Tags
8 Image Optimization
9 Url Optimization
10 Robots.txt
11 Sitemap.html
12 Sitemap.xml
13 Off-Page SEO
14 Link Building Strategies
15 WhiteHat SEO
16 Black Hat SEO
17 Google Latest Updates
17 Google Business Listing

Module 5: Blogging

1 Blog Setup
2 Blog Design
3 Blog Marketing
4 Blogging Article Methods
5 Tools To Create Unique Articles
6 Copyscape and Grammarly
7 Automatic Backlink Setup To Blogs Using IFTTT
8 Making Money From Blogging

Module 6: Google Analytics

1 Setup Analytics
2 Understanding Diff types of Traffic
3 Real Time Reports
4 Preparing Different Reports
5 Setup Goals
6 Filters
7 Dashboards
8 User Management
9 Admin Section
10 Tracking Ecommerce Reports

Module 7: Google Webmaster Tools

1 Adding Site & Verification Process
2 Crawl Errors & Stats
3 Google Fetch
4 Search Queries
5 Structured Data
6 RichSnippets
7 Data Highlights
8 Robots.txt testing
9 Sitemap.xml
10 Links to Site
11 Internal links
12 Google Messages

Module 8: Google Adwords

1 Introduction of Adwords
2 Google Adwords Account Setup
3 How ppc works
4 PPC campaign design
5 Keyword research tool
6 Keyword match types
7 Adgroup setup
8 Search Advertising
9 Dynamic Search Ads
10 Display Advertising
11 Remarketing
12 Gmail Ads
13 Shopping Ads
14 Video Advertising
15 Universal App Campaign
16 Conversion Tracking Code
17 Optimizing  keywords, cpc, Ad Performance
18 Budget, Billing, Reporting Techniques

Module 9: Social Media Marketing

Why do We need Social Media Marketing
SMO with Search Engine Optimization
Fanpage Creation
Design Fanpage
Optimizing FanPage and Good Practices on Engagement
FB Insights
Fb Groups creation & Marketing
Fb Events Creation & Marketing
FB Paid Marketing Campaign
Instagram Marketing
Profile Creation & optimization
Post Photos & Videos
Hash Tags
Paid Advertising
Twitter Marketing
Linkedin Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Google+ Marketing
Social Media Tools

Module 10: Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing
Getting Email ID of Any Person
Good practices while doing Email Marketing
Improving Inbox rates in Email Marketing
Tools For Sending Bulk Emails

Module 11: Content Marketing

Developing ROI based Content Strategy
Audience Discovery, Personas, & Brand Content Style Guidelines
Building An Online Reputation
Guide To Topic Discovery and Practical Content Creation
Content Promotion

Module 12: Mobile Marketing

Responsive Website Creation
AMP Implementation
Mobile Ads
SMS Marketing
Whatsapp Marketing

Module 13: Ecommerce (Building Online Shop)

Building an Online Shop using WordPress and WooCommerce
E-commerce Business Models
Finding Profitable Products
Find cheap products to be shipped directly from China
Shopping Ads
E-commerce SEO

Module 14: Online Reputation Management

What Is Online Reputation Management
Finding and Removing Negative Reviews Online
How To Get Positive Reviews Online
Top 5 Tools used by Online Reputation Agencies

Module 15: Online Money Making Methods

Affiliate Marketing
Google Adsense

Module 16: Freelancing Career

What Is Freelancing?
Guide to interacting with Clients
Setting Up Profiles On Freelancing Sites
Finding Projects From Feelancing websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Come You Are Offering This At Such A Low Price?

Kallada Academy is an education company based in Bangalore. We have recently received funding and at present, our priority is capturing Indian Market. This is the reason why we are able to provide this course at such a low price. If you still have doubts, please see our Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

How Long Is The Course? What Is The Teaching Process?

Masters In Digital Marketing is designed as a 3 Month course. Once you register, you will get an email with your login details. You can complete the course anytime in the next 1 Year.

Whats The Validity Of This Course?

This course is valid for 1 Year.

What If I am not satisfied with the course?

We offer a no questions asked, 15 days refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our course, drop us an email in the first 15 days and we will issue you a refund immediately.

Why Should I Trust You?

We completely understand your trust issues. We recommend you to go to Google and search for “Kallada Academy”. You will see over 2500+ reviews for Kallada Academy with an average rating of 4.7/5. Over 2500+ Reviews cannot be fake right?

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