Law of Attraction – The power of Positive Energy

What Is The Law Of Attraction? And How To Use It Effectively

Let’s begin with the quote that forms the very essence of the Laws of attraction concept and also this article which is “like attracts like”. Laws of attraction has been one of the most talked about concepts for a long time now. It is a method which utilises the power of our mind to transform our desires into our reality, this sounds really simple but it took me a while to figure how it actually works. It’s quite like magic, requires a lot of focus, determination and practice. But before all that you need to clearly understand the concept. Hence elaborating a little further on the topic, every thought is made up of energy which has its own frequency. So when your thoughts radiate out, it attracts the energies and frequencies of like thoughts and even like people and draws those things into your life.

Moving on, let me tell you a little about vibes, it is the energy that that every individual emits based on their thoughts and emotions. This simply means that your thoughts are responsible for the kind of energy that you surround yourself with. The positive and negative vibes that I come across when I meet or interact with some people helps me gage them and then I behave accordingly with them. This really makes life a little more simpler for me. Everything in this universe is made up of energy. Hence it becomes very essential for us to understand energy and how generating positive energy plays a vital role in our life. There are some experts who claim that energy is neither positive nor negative, rather all energy is neutral and only has the ability to take on the form in which you give it. If we put enough efforts to focus on our energy and generate enough positive energy, we can most definitely change our circumstance.

I used to come across scenarios like this quite often, where on a day when I am feeling low everything around me seems to be going wrong, and I keep muttering to myself “why me”, sounds familiar isn’t it. And on a day that I am happy, things start working in my favour beautifully. Over time I started observing this and began to act on it. I started to focus on the good and utilised my time on finding a solution for every problem rather than focusing on the problem alone. Started thinking positively, considered every problem as an opportunity of self improvement, its like adding another feather to your hat.

It is believed that every thought created in our mind generates a certain kind of positive or negative energy which impacts our life a great deal may be more than we realize. According to the laws of attraction concept, every thought created in our mind forms our belief and this belief becomes our reality over time. This just reminded me of an instance when I really wanted to buy a gadget which I could not afford, I had this firm thought in my mind of buying it somehow, I started visualizing the joy that I would experience after I had bought it.  Then after a short while, I came across a huge discount on it, also got an unexpected bonus incentive that month, what more could I ask for, I just bought it. Generating positive energy and visualizing does not apply to only gadgets and other things, it applies to every desire that you have in your mind which you can make your reality. Universe is highly benevolent much more than you can imagine. The most important thing is to have faith, the universe will do the rest. Our  subconscious, attracts things that we really want in our life, we just need to have faith in ourselves and the universe. As Voltaire once said, “faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe”. Have faith in the wonders that the positive energy created by you can generate and you will experience how beautifully your desires are taking the form of reality one by one.

I would love to share some of the techniques to create positive energy in and around you. It’s important for you to understand while practising these techniques its most essential to have complete faith and things will definitely start working in your favour. Also, when things take time to change you need to continue with this process and not stop.


The key to practising mediation is to calm your mind first. As quoted by CS Lewis “You do not have a soul. You are a soul.  You have a body.” It is very important for us to establish a connection with that spirit which can be achieved through meditation. There are lot of meditation techniques and guided mediation videos that are available online, practice the one that suits you the best. Every individual is unique, some of the techniques may not work for you, hence try the trial and error method to choose the right technique for you. Initially you may feel like you are not getting it right, but do not give up keep trying you will definitely get the results.


Gratitude is the most essential part of the laws of attraction process. To practice laws of attraction methods your mind needs to resonate at higher levels of energy, as it is essential for you to be more receptive of what the universe has to offer. Gratitude is the critical factor which invokes the blessings of your creator by creating a pathway for you to witness all your desires turn into reality. Let me explain further, lets take a car for example, for a car to move ahead it needs fuel, gratitude is that fuel which provides energy for manifesting your desires through Laws of attraction methods. It is like the key you need to unlock your happiness. Whenever we help someone and that person expresses gratitude by saying thank you, don’t we feel appreciated, which motivates us to help further. That is how the Universe works, by practising gratitude affirmations you retain what you are already blessed with and also it helps you achieve the more of what you desire. It is highly recommended to practice these affirmations twice a day preferably in the early morning and before you go to sleep. Select a set of gratitude affirmations and practice it at least for 21 days continuously to get the results. As the famous saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, this requires a lot of self motivation, determination and discipline.


Practicing affirmations is the most significant method used to reprogram the subconscious mind. It helps us create the reality we want. Through these affirmations you will become more aware of your daily thoughts, feelings and understand how to avoid negativity. As an individual we all have a set of goals that we desire to accomplish. Design your affirmations based on these goals. Be clear and concise while you compose these affirmations which will enable you in successfully manifesting your goals. Through these affirmations we need to visualise what we want which will enable us to establish a connection with the universe through which we can attract what we desire in our life. Just like gratitude affirmations, it is important to practice this set of affirmations continuously at least for 21 days. These affirmations will make you feel empowered, focused and in control of your life.

Always remember energy is contagious, positive or negative. Once you start creating positive energy you will start radiating it all around you, not just that, you will become a magnet attracting more positive energy. So start practising these techniques and get ready to witness your very own miracle.

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