What is LeadsArk? How to Make Money with LeadsArk?

LeadsArk Review 2022 : Organic Lead Generation Training Course 

In this review post , we are going to discuss about LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Training, before you join this platform, You Must know all the details about it. 

Lets Begin,

Many people are searching in the world for the Lead generation . As we know that in marketing lead generation is very important for building connections. We can generate leads for the different purposes such as e-mail list, sales leads or list building.

The lead generation includes organic search results, paid search results, from old customers or from referrals. You can attract leads using different sources such as buy some advertisement campaign, referrals, telephone calls, events, etc.

Ayaz Mohommad is the founder or creator of LeadsArk. He launched his course on 10th May, 2020. Niche of his brand his training courses.

Now, let’s understand about

What LeadsArk is?

LeadsArk can be a great thing for your business. It is an amazing course in which you can learn each and everything in detail about how to generate or attract leads. This course claims that you can get 20-25 leads each day for your business. In this way you can understand how much useful and helpful it is. You can use all the mentioned techniques for all niche or any product in the industry including high price products to low price products.

Products –

There are three products , you can choose one of them to learn from leadsark.

  1. Leadsark Lite 
  2. LeadsArk Standard 
  3. LeadsArk Pro


LeadsArk Lite- Product Details


leadsark lite

In this course , you will learn :

  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Branding 
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Content Marketing + Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Training ( Recording of Previous Weekly Training Sessions + Weekly Live Training.


LeadsArk Standard – Product Details

LeadsArk Standard

In this course , you will learn:

  • Everything in LeadsArk Lite
  • Advanced Organic Lead Generation Strategy
  • Advanced Group Promotion Strategy
  • Product Review Strategy
  • Lead Magnet Offer Strategy +  8 Bonus Courses ( Worth 1192 USD )
  • Weekly Live Training  

LeadsArk Pro Product Details: You Will Get 6 Courses 

LeadsArk pro

#1 Affiliate Marketing Training By Ayaz Mohammad 

  • Affiliate Marketing & Concept and Strategy
  • Niches and Product Selections
  • How to work like a pro
  • Different Affiliate Platform Like- ClickBank, JVzoo, and more.
  • Finding Killer Products Beyond these affiliate platforms.
  • Marketing & Promotions of Affiliate Offers.
  • Advanced Strategy of Lead Generation.

#2 LeadsArk Pro : Sales Training By By Ayaz Mohammad 

  • Learn Advanced Sales Strategy
  • How to pitch Your Affiliate offers.
  • Objections Handling
  • Sales Closing
  • Sales Scripts.

#3 CPA Affiliate Marketing Training By Shabir Ahmed Khan

  • Basic Concept of CPA Marketing
  • How to Get CPA Offer From IMC Platform
  • How to Find Ad Copies
  • Relevant Keywords Research
  • How to Create Bing Ads
  • How to Optimize Bing Ads
  • DFY Landing Page / Sales Funnel Modules
  • How to Get Bing Ads Coupons For Initial Compaiging 

#4 Instagram Marketing by Aman Rajput

  • Introduction of Instagram Marketing
  • 3 Most Important things in Instagram 
  • Business Accounts and Highlights
  • Personal Branding with Feed
  • Instagram Stories Guides
  • Instagram Hash Tags and Captions
  • How to Grow with Reels
  • Hacks to jump start from the scratch in Instagram.

#5 LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy By Shivam Gupta

  • Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • Advanced of Leadsark and Why LeadsArk?
  • Why People Fails in Affiliate Marketing 
  • How to present LeadsArk to the Prospects?
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Instagram Hacks to attract Quality Leads
  • Content Creation


#6 Personal Branding Training By Diya Asrani

Diya Asrani

  • How to build personal brand Presence 
  • How to get the Niches Clarity
  • How to Create Brand Story
  • How to Position you brand
  • How to Create Brand Kit
  • Content Creation For Personal Branding
  • How to Maintain Content Hygiene
  • Basic of Copyrighting.


Key Features of LeadsArk-

 Learn From Leadsark Training –

  1. Best strategies to generate 20-25 leads for your daily business.

  2. Social Media strategies to attract the highly qualified leads.

  3. How to Optimizing your social media handles to increase your reach and generate leads.

  4. How to Publish content which will give you the appropriate result you want.

  5. How to Converting your Facebook profile into leads generation equipment which will bring you high qualified leads on daily basis.

  6. How To generate leads using Instagram.

  7. How To generate high engaging leads using LinkedIn.

  8. How to Find the right and appropriate target audience.

  9. How to Find fake leads who don’t buy.

For whom this course is?

This course is for the one who is struggling to get online sales. The one who spends lot of money on paid ads but still unable to generate sufficient leads or they are not even able to convince people to buy their products or someone who is not able to convert prospects into profitable customers.

What you will exactly get here?

You will learn about what is niche, how to select the niche and why selecting niche is important.

E-mail Marketing Techniques-

How can you build e-mail list? How can you use this e-mail list in generating leads?

Prospecting Social Media-

Here you will know process of leveraging social media to identify, engage with the prospects who can help you in generating leads.

Attraction Marketing-

In this you will know about how to attract people, how to build a personal brand in order to generate higher leads, how to find your target audience, how to optimize your social media profile in order to generate leads.

Getting Traffic-

Here you will learn about how to get traffic through organic search by using relevant keywords, hashtags etc.

Finding Keyword Tool-

Here you will get insight of using keyword tool to find out the profitable search term which can help you in generating leads.

Social Media Strategies

Here you will get social media strategies for attracting highly qualified leads, optimizing your social media handles to increase your reach.

Content Marketing-

Creating and publishing content which will give you appropriate results, tips for designing content to get huge engagement.

Finding similar interest audience– 

how to find similar interest audience who are interested in the similar products like you. Which kind of images inspire people to stay connected with you.

LeadsArk Introduced Effective 4 Steps Sales System-

You just need to follow the following four steps thoroughly and you are ready to get hundreds of sales every month and earn thousands and lakhs of money.

Step1: Learn

Join LeadsArk training and learn all the things from basics to intermediary level.

Step2: Apply

Start marketing and start applying all the things which you have learnt in the LeadsArk course.

Step3: Leads

After applying all the strategies, you will start getting leads on the daily basis. Keep the things implementing and get highly qualified leads.

Step4: Sales

After getting leads start selling your products and enjoy hundreds- Thousands Sale every month.

Why You Should Join LeadsArk:

Here are 4 reasons to join :

Personal branding: 

It helps you to create your own brand and helps you in establishing it in higher position.

Higher sales conversion ratio: 

As this lecture provides you the effective ways to generate leads organically which are highly convertible more than that of leads generated through paid and traditional ways.

Zero marketing cost:

They have created step by step process which will help you to create highly qualified leads without spending on paid advertisements.

Customers for life:

LeadsArk helps you to generate long term relation and helps you to generate long term leads with their long-term strategies.


With this course you are getting FREE 8 Bonus courses:

Social media content creation (Video Worth $199 )

You will learn about social media content creation, How to create social media content, What tools you should use for designing social media content.

You Tube channel SEO ( Video $199 ):

 You will learn about optimizing your YouTube channel, How to perform SEO tactics and many more.

E-mail marketing automation (Video $199 )

Here you will get insights of basics of e-mail marketing and e-mail marketing automation.

Internet Marketing for beginners (E-Books $199 )

You will get e-book bundle containing all the basics and techniques of internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing success (E-Book $99 )

Here you will get insight of how to start affiliate marketing and how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Facebook Group domination ( E-Book $99  ) 

You will get E-book containing methods of building a Facebook group which will help you in maximizing your income and brand exposure.

You Tube quick start (E-book $99 )

 You will get an e-book in which you can learn about setting up a channel and get ongoing success.

FB Messenger chat-bot marketing (E-book $99 )

 You will learn some powerful ways to use automated marketing to boost sales and expand your business.

Products Price:

Leadsark lite


  • Learn Organic Lead Generation
  • Free Bonus
  • Earning Opportunity
  • Weekly Live Training
  • 24/7 support

Join Now

Leadsark Standard


  • Advance Learning Modules
  • Free Bonus
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Earning Opportunity
  • 24/7 support

Join Now

LeadsArk Pro


  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Free Bonuses
  • Earning Opportunity
  • Weekly Live Training
  • 24/7 support

Join Now

Leadsark: Is it Legit or Scam ?

Yes ! Leadsark is an  ISO certified product here we are sharing legal document of Leadsark, you can see the below:


Times Exellence 2021 Award:

award leadsark

How to Make Money Online By Leadsark ?

Commission You Can Earn By Promoting LeadsArk

LeadsArk is not just about learning… It’s also about building a solid and long lasting online business opportunity.

You will get upto 70% – 75 % Direct Sales Commissions on Each Sale.


How Do I Join LeadsArk ?

Follow these steps to join leadsark training and affiliate program:

#1 Click on this Special Link  

#2 After clicked this link you will go direct Joining Page of Leadsark.

leadsark joining

#3 Next, Select a product you want to join leadsark training, Fill the Sponsor ID (2986 ) , Your Name, Mobile Number, and email Id.

leadsark join kaise kre

#4 after fill the basic details, click on Payment Check Box and Click on Submit Button.

#5 Next, you will have to pay of the leadsark training one time fees,  After Successfully the payment , you can get instantly access of the course for life time and affiliate program also for FREE.

Why I Recommended LeadsArk?

Hey ! My Friends, I am Raaj Kumar Owner of this blog , I also joined LeadsArk Training Program in month of August 2020.  I learned a lot of new skills in this course, and now i am earning pasive income also from leadsark affiliate program . So I would like to Recommend LeadsArk  to all of my readers and learners who are really wants to learn and earn from home. This is really amazing platform for everyone who are really interested to make money and want to make money by affiliate marketing business. I started my affiliate marketing journey with Leadsark, Now its your time to start. 

Leadsark Joining Process Video in Hindi – Watch Now


Click Here to Join Leadsark

Some FAQ’s about LeadsArk:

Q1. For whom is this course-

This course is highly recommended for affiliate marketers, internet marketers, social media marketers etc.

Q2. How it is different from other courses?

They focus on generating leads on daily basis using social media platforms and they basically focus on organic process.

Q.3  Can I get refund money after purchase leadsark ?

YES ! you can ask for the refund only within 24 Hours of the purchase.


Think over it. If you can generate leads on daily basis after getting this course then why not grab this opportunity. Hurry up, go and get this course at cheapest price.

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