Get Blazing Fast Website Speed with Linux Dedicated Server

Get Blazing Fast Website Speed with Linux Dedicated Server

Linux Dedicated Server

Whether you plan for a small site hosting or a large one, speed is one of the most crucial factors that play a significant role. In recent times, almost 90% of users prefer to go online for work, whether it is about ordering food, purchasing any grocery item, or shopping. However, a single second delay can cost you losing hundreds of valuable customers or a significant business loss. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your site 20X faster. For that, you should choose a reliable web hosting solution like a Dedicated Server. If you want more security and a user friendly platform, then Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is the best solution.

Dedicated Server is one of the powerful types of web hosting that allow users to buy entire server space on rent for site hosting. On this hosting, you can host resource intensive and heavy loaded websites such as E-commerce sites, gaming sites, online shopping, HRMS portals, and so on. When you choose to host your site on a Linux operating system, it is known as Linux Dedicated Server. Linux is the most budget-friendly OS as it doesn’t require a license to run on your system.

Further, if you want to know how this hosting can boost and improve your website speed, you should go through this guide. Let’s get started!

How Does a Linux Dedicated Server Increase Site speed?

Linux Dedicated Server provides you a plethora of dedicated resources, including Random Access Memory, Huge Storage, unlimited Bandwidth, and much more. Further, you’ll be given a user-friendly environment to run your website. So, no other user can interrupt your site, hence resulting in fast speed and optimal performance. Apart from that, Linux Dedicated Server gives you the below mentioned important reasons that automatically boost your site speed:

-Dedicated resources that solely belongs to a single site

-You get an Independent Hosting platform

-You’ll be given High Availability of resources

-You get complete root level control

-Ability to handle the high traffic on your site

Since you know how a Dedicated Server can improve your website speed, do you know why this speed is essential? Not yet! Then hop to the next section and understand the reasons.

Why is Fast Speed so important?



A business’s growth or failure depends heavily on its speed. The ideal site load time is generally considered to be 3 seconds. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you will lose hundreds of sales in a single second delay. Due to the fact that users dislike waiting, they switch to your competitors’ websites. However, speed matters a lot when it comes to online business. Further, some reasons are listed that let you know the benefits of fast speed.

– Fast Speed engages the potential customers on your site.

– Speed gives an end user experience to customers

– Speed maintain the conversion with visitors

– Fast Speed result in an immediate impact on the website visitors

– Speed Increase the Google Ranking of your site

– It must be the reason for the customer conversion rate

Now you know that the best Linux Dedicated Server Hosting India plans will give you blazing fast speeds for your website. So, it’s time to know a little more about what ideal features you can employ with this hosting service. Check out this in the next section.

What does an ideal Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Package Contain?

There are a lot of services, benefits, and features a Linux Dedicated Server India Hosting comprises, including root access, server management, hardware choices, highest uptime, unlimited bandwidth, easy upgrades, scalability, reliable infrastructure, and much more. Along with these features, you will get an additional one that is mentioned below:

– Unique IP address

Unique IP address ensures more stability and high reliability. However, a linux dedicated server ensures the unique IP address on which you can host your site. So, none of your lousy neighbor’s actions affect your website.

– Dedicated customer support

Most web hosts ensure to give you round the clock customer support but are not kept with their promises. However, With Wise Solutions Dedicated Server, you will get assured 24*7 customer and technical support. So, you can reach their customer executive whenever you require support or help.

– Advanced security

No doubt, every business data needs to be kept secure from unauthorized access and attacks. For greater security measures, linux dedicated server hosting is the best that provides you heightened security measures. So, you can easily keep all your data secure with dedicated hosting.

– Root level control

If you want to ensure more security, you can install the security software with the Linux Dedicated Server. This is because it gives you complete root level control over your server. So, you can make configurations and modifications as per your website requirements.

– Advanced Security Features

Security is why most business persons, users, individuals, and companies opt for the Linux Dedicated Server. It provides you with a high level of data security, including DDoS protection, AES, TLS, SSL, and inbuilt security software.

– Easy Customization

What else is better than getting the flexibility to customize your services and resources as per your website needs. Nothing! However, you can easily customize your resources and configuration requirements quickly and effectively with the Dedicated Server.

At this point, you might don’t have any questions in your mind about your decision. It may be clear why you should choose the Linux Dedicated Server for improving your site speed. So, if you are not currently using Dedicated Hosting, then wake up before you miss the opportunity.

Upgrade Your existing plan with Wise Solution’s Linux Dedicated Server Plan

linux server india

If you run your site on other web hosting and never undergo any difficulties and problems, it’s good. But if you want a reliable Website hosting India platform with unlimited benefits to maximize your business growth and revenue, then without a second thought, just upgrade your existing plan with the Wise Solutions Linux Dedicated Server Plans. You will get everything you require within a package. The package is customizable. So, you can customize them easily. You can check the wise solutions and make a move to choose the one among them.


You have now gone through this post, you find out that a Linux Dedicated Server renders an uncountable number of services, features, and benefits to improve functionality. This improved functionality increases the speed of your website. So, your site can engage more users on your site, and there will be more chances that these visitors turned into paying customers. However, it must be concluded that you can maximize your business revenue at a rapid pace with the fast speed.

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