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MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Review:

Every hosting service is created catering to the website’s needs. Be it shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server, you select the hosting as per the requirement of your website.

Heavy and eCommerce websites are not small websites. They grow with time and requires hosting that can handle heavy traffic. If they keep hosting such websites on less efficient hosting, it can affect the performance of their websites.

It is essential to choose a dynamic hosting service as your website starts growing more and more. The hosting should be able to manage the load thrown to it every day and still provide the best performance.

In that case, dedicated servers are heavy-duty servers. They can handle heavy traffic with ease. Your website will run with complete smoothness and will not face any complications or downtime issues.

Among thousands of hosting providers, we would suggest you try MilesWeb. They are a leading hosting company in India and have served 39032 + customers worldwide. You can purchase cheap dedicated server hosting from them and save on high investments.

A lot of companies offer dedicated hosting, but they are generally expensive. At MilesWeb, you can get it at an inexpensive rate with all the required resources and features.

MilesWeb also offers different web hosting services like – shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and white label reseller hosting

Why Milesweb Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated server is more advanced hosting. Here you get the complete physical server and authority to control it. Unlike VPS, your server is not a virtual server. Plus, there is complete isolation, not just virtual.

For instance, dedicated hosting is like a meal box. You don’t even share a bit of it with others. You enjoy all to yourself. Similarly, in dedicated hosting, every piece of resource like CPU, RAM, etc, are yours.

However, in VPS, you may divide the meal box among many, and each will get an equal individual part. The physical machine breaks down into many servers on a virtual level. As you enjoy the complete meal box at dedicated hosting, isn’t it worth every penny?

It will help you heighten your business. You will be able to attract heavier traffic and generate continuous sales. Plus, no chances of downtimes and bounce rates. The visitors will build trust in your brand and will frequently return to the business website.

For websites, uptime is an essential factor. Heavy websites cannot afford too many server downtime issues. They need to serve their customers at all hours, which is why dedicated hosting is crucial.

As I said, MilesWeb is an affordable web hosting company. They will help you increase your rankings and engagement on the internet. With their hosting plans, you will also enjoy the best features. They provide all resources mentioned in the package, so you don’t compromise on any.

The host has both options of managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. However, for managed services, you will have to contact the company’s sales team.

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Plans

MilesWeb has several packages under a dedicated hosting service. They range from Rs. 6,999/m to Rs. 46,999/m. You can get the required resources according to the plans available. In case you need a package that is not available, MilesWeb will create you a custom package.

Custom packages are useful when you want specific resources with special needs. They may have different prices depending upon your requirements but will serve the best.

With MilesWeb’s dedicated plans, you will enjoy numerous advantages. They provide top features and quality services and are consistent with what they offer. They frequently run offers as well, so you can benefit from that too.

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Further, they allow their users to resell resources and earn a bit from the same. You can fully control the server without sharing any space or resources with others.

Here are the features you will enjoy –

Guaranteed Performance

The performance and speed of your website will enhance. It will provide a smooth and hassle-free user experience. As there will be enhanced performance, there will also be increased traffic and sales. Good performing websites attract more customers.

High Security

As you won’t be sharing your server space and resources with others, the dedicated server will provide better security. There will be zero risks of attacks and fraudulent activities.

Complete Control

You will have the authority to look after your bare metal servers. You can customize, monitor and configure as per your wants. MilesWeb provides full SSH root access. So, you can even install heavy web applications on the dedicated server and run the site smoothly.

Host Multiple Websites

If you have many websites, you can host them all on your dedicated server. The moving of your sites from other hosting to dedicated hosting is also easy. Plus, you can resell your resources to others if needed.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb provides the highest network uptime of 99.99%. That will help your website stay up at all times and will not face server issues.


Dedicated hosting is good for flourishing business websites. After a while, there’s a need for better hosting that can enhance the website and its working.

With MilesWeb’s dedicated plans, you can enjoy multiple advantages. Plus, they are affordable so, you will save huge investments on other providers.

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