Moosend Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Moosend Review 2022

When it comes to an all-inclusive marketing platform, Moosend is the best for you. It is an e-mail marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes to manage email campaigns. With its built-in campaign editor feature, it lets you handle the mailing lists, designs, newsletters easily and effectively. Along with other top-notch features, Moosend has modern marketing automation to make it unique.

Email Marketing is easier now with Moosend

What else do you want when you can get rid of hectic marketing tasks with just one click? This superb marketing platform boosts your email marketing on behalf of you. So, you can focus more on core business aspects like developing customer relationships and reaching the business goals. Even if you want to build a perfect landing page for your business, it helps in that as well. Also, you can easily integrate Moosend with any kind of website, CRM, or e-commerce platform. You do not need to be an HTML expert for that.

Now, get to know more about this powerful marketing solution. This article contains a well-researched Moosend review that will guide the readers about Moosend and its whereabouts.

What is Moosend?


Moosend is a comprehensive marketing platform with email marketing solutions empowered by advanced automation features. It also has innovative landing page creation tools. It offers subscription plans with excellent features like drag and drop editor. The platform is designed to simplify all of your marketing chores with unique features. Be it a small start-up or a large business empire, Moosend helps to ease the marketing hassles for any kind of business.

Let’s delve more into Moosend Review 2021.

Pricing Synopsis

moosend pricing

When you know what the platform is all about, you must want to know about the pricing details. Here it goes with this Moosend review. The pricing starts from $8/month. With this price, you can get up to 1000 subscribers. The price range rises as per the number of subscribers. If you go by annual plans, the pricing will be $ 8/month for up to 1k subscribers.

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Key features:

·        Email Marketing with drag and drop email editor, data analytics, A/B Testing, and list segmentation

·        Marketing Automation to perform the marketing tasks well with features like email automation template, website, and user tracking, advanced reporting, etc.

·        Relevant and customized email for the subscribers


·        Attractive landing pages

Why Choose Moosend: Moosend review

Email marketing is essential nowadays to reach clients and grow your business more. For this a wide number of email marketing tools and platforms are available. Amidst all of them, Moosend is one of the best. Its unique features and useful services make it stand out from the crowd. Now, this moosend review is going to tell you why Moosend is a wise choice for marketing purposes.

·        Enhanced List Segmentation: With this unique feature, it sorts out the cart abandoners easily. Thus it lets you become the best sender by sifting your subscribers’ list.

·        Instant analytical data: You can get robust analytical data instantly and use them to develop effective strategies.

·        Easy List building with customized forms: Moosend allows you to design subscription forms as per your own requirements. These customized forms contribute much to build lists faster than ever.

·        Well-designed workflow template: You can find automation workflows ready for you. So you don’t need to get a headache about coding or other hassles. Simply use the readymade templates whenever necessary.

·        Easy Integration: You may want e-mail marketing integrated with other platforms but don’t find developers under your budget! Moosend is here to solve your issue.  You can easily integrate this marketing platform with any e-commerce app or other platforms. You need neither a developer nor extensive HTML knowledge.

The Pros of Moosend

·        It has advanced automation features, unlike other similar products.

·        You can find real-time analytics.

·        You can send Direct SMTP emails.

·        It lets you import subscribers from various ways including contacts, different CRMs, etc.

·        You will get excellent templates customized as per your needs.

·        It also helps you with a complete spam content detection test.

·        It sends frequent reminders for cart abandonment. It gently reminds the customers through emails, if they have left anything in the cart but didn’t go back to buy it.

·        It provides proper support and guidance with live customer support and useful video tutorials. You can get accurate answers to your queries through the rich knowledge base.

The Cons of Moosend

·        It is still not available as the mobile app.


·        You will not get native SMS messaging features with it. However, you can personalize the automation service to send SMS messages as well.

Who uses Moosend


The target market of Moosend is the business industry including businesses of all sizes. Some of its important clients are CareerBuilder, Dixons, Fox, ING, Ogilvy, National Bank of Greece, Electric Ireland, Pure Incubation, etc.

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Compare it with the Alternatives

Along with Moosend, there are other alternatives as well. In this Moosend Review, you can find a wide range of marketing platforms providing you the service of email marketing, etc. Let’s know how Moosend’s exceptional features surpass them all. This Moosend review includes the whereabouts of the marketing platform.

Moosend vs. Mailchimp

Both have dynamic content, landing pages, and website visitor tracker. But Mailchimp lacks the lead scoring feature which Moosend has. However, Moosend lacks Social marketing and search marketing options.

Moosend vs. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM lacks dynamic content like Moosend. Other features are nearly the same for the two marketing platforms.

Moosend vs. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Most of the features of these two marketing platforms are the same. However, considering the benefits of Moosend, in review forums, people give it more rating than HubSpot Marketing Hub.

Moosend vs. Keap

If Moosend gets 4.8 out of 5 ratings, it gets 4.1. The initial starting phase of it is quite confusing. That is why people prefer easy-to-use Moosend over Keap.

Moosend vs. Constant Contact


 The first factor that makes people choose Moosend over Constant Contact is the pricing. It charges $20/month while Moosend asks for $10/month. Most of the features are the same.

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Can I Send emails in bulk through Moosend?

Yes, you can definitely send it. It helps you to perform effective email marketing in every possible way.

How are Moosend’s Customer support and service?

Moosend has the best-quality customer support service. From live support service to video tutorials for guidance, you will get any kind of customer care service you need.

What is the pricing structure of Moosend?

Well, the pricing varies as per the number of subscribers and the plan structure whether it is annual or monthly. Check the moosend review to know about the pricing in detail.

Wrapping it up


So, here is the detailed Moosend review that covers all major aspects of the essential marketing solution including the pros, cons, work process, and so on. The review contains everything you need to know about Moosend. 

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