Non Attachment- How to Overcome Attachment?

        Non attachment  

Non attachment means not to allow external factors to control you. Anything that makes you stressed means that you are attached to it as a say goes root of all kinds of suffering is due to attachment. It is interesting to notice that when you are not attached you can enjoy a lot because your mind is calm and quiet mind is always aware of present moment and it is always happy. When you are attached your body; thoughts; sensation, perception and consciousness. Whenever anything pleasant and agreeable happens you want more and more you start to crave but when unpleasant and disagreeable things happen you are irritated and try to avoid so in a long run your mind loses its balance .When there is attachment you will not own things rather they own you.

At present your happiness totally depended on the money or material possession but this all are inconstant and leads to suffering. So the only way to be happy is walk in the world as if you own nothing in amidst of all abundance start releasing your mind from all kinds of thought that creates an illusion of I, My or Mine they lead to suffering

How to overcome attachment?

Be mindful aware of present moment take responsibility of your action be generous kind open to any kind of change be positive never depend on people or situation to make you happy or sad.

Develop good habits such as reading gardening painting involve yourself creatively wherever possible.

Keep your body fit do meditation be aware of your thoughts never allow negative thoughts or people to control you.

Advantages of non-attachment

You can enjoy freedom always happy mind is calm you are kind and helpful a quiet mind is very creative and always feels a bliss in present moment knows the impermanence nature always selfless and generous that works towards the well being of oneself and others throughout the life time…non attachment is purpose of life the ultimate freedom which leads to joy and peace…

Raaj Kumar
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