5 Features of Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc5 Review

The Panasonic Arc5 is the most awarded foil razor with a five-blade shaving framework along with the slightly angled blades. It is the next successor model of the Panasonic Arc4. There are other two big names in this high-end segment of the electric shaver which includes Philips and Braun. However, in this article, you will get an idea that why Panasonic Arc5 is the best choice and get an overview on this product. Consumer’s Verdict listed Panasonic Arc 5 as best electric shaver for men. Other reviewers such a PCMag, Tomshardware, Digital Trends etc also listed it among best electric shavers.

Product Variant

The Panasonic Arc5 was launched in 2005. Currently, Panasonic Arc5 is in its third generation and there are basically two variants- ES-LV9N and ES-LV6N. The basic variant of this product costs around $199.99, which is $30 more than the Arc4, which is available without a clean and charge station. You can get a cleaning station by purchasing the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S, at an expense of about $50 more.

Features of Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver

Let’s discuss a few amazing features and its build quality.

5 Blade Shaving

As a part of the Arc5 family, all products come with a stunning five-blade multi-flex shaving head. The shaving head consists of three foils,

1. Two finishing foils.

                2. Two Lift Tech or reverse tapered foils and

                3. One slit Blade

Motor with Shaving Sensor

Panasonic Arc5 comes with an incredible motor, which is capable to deliver 14,000 cycles per minute. Also, higher variants come with a Shaving Sensor, which allows the shaver to calculate the beard density and adjust the power.

Waterproof Design

All the variants are fully waterproof and can be used in both wet as well as dry condition.

Battery Life

The Panasonic Arc5 has a battery life of 45 minutes. Generally, it takes about one hour to get fully charged. But it is not a problem at all; you can shave while it’s charging.

Build Quality

Build quality of this product is simply amazing. It is a perfect device considering its build quality as well as performance.


All right, now let’s quickly dig into the main topic. How well does the Panasonic Arc5 shave? What about the performance? Well, in short, it’s amazing.

  • If you tend to prefer a close shave, then this device is perfect for you
  • You can use it in both wet as well as dry condition, as it is fully waterproof.
  • It is perfect to shave longer, flat-lying hair.
  • Inner blades are completely exposed and can be cleaned easily.
  • As this device is equipped with a highly powerful motor, shaving time is lesser than other products


There are a few cons, such as,

  • Pop up trimmer is small and it doesn’t come with automatic clean technology.
  • There is no glossy finish in the body; also the design is quite old.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then you should avoid this.

Final Verdict

Now the most obvious question, Should you buy this? My answer is definitely yes. This is the highest rated electric shaver and it is highly recommended.

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