Paraphrasing Review: Pricing, Working and Results

Formulating a perfectly-researched article is a demanding activity and often utilizes certain paraphrasing tools. is a modern tool utilized to alter text and indicate repetitions and plagiarism of the context.  It uses artificial intelligence technology, commonly known as AI, to revise complex wording structures aiding in write-ups.

KEY FEATURES AND WORKING OF PARAPHRASINGTOOL.AI manages to modify text both, on a basic word level, as well as revise intricate ideas into one complex sentence. has multiple features that help the user in not just rephrasing and summarizing, but also checking overall content accuracy and getting suggestions for improvements.

Following are some of the prime features of the tool:

⦁    Generating summary of long text: Comes with an option of summarizing the data into bullet points or a paragraph form. This feature can be a key in resume write-ups as well as composing summaries to articles. 

⦁    Content generator: This option ranges word count between 100, 200, 500, and 1000 words. Although the tool provides suggestions for improvising the text based on added content for free up to 400 words; for 500 or above word count a premium needs to be purchased.

⦁    Paraphrase tool: This is a unique feature that comes with a text improver, near-human, and plagiarism remover. The fluency and accuracy level reduces from the prior most; being the highest in “text improver” and lowest precision in the plagiarism remover tab.

Below are the screenshots of the paraphrasing tab of the tool. As it can be seen in the images below, text modification varies in text improver, near-human, and plagiarism improver accordingly. 

In the text- improver, the revised text is kept similar to the actual context. Also, it has maximum readability while improvising the data by changing sentence structures. 

In near-human features, it can be noticed that overall text has been altered. One major drawback of this is that the overall voice has changed, leaving many sentences although huminised in voice, still are haphazard. 

Lastly, in the plagiarism remover section, further text is modified using synonyms and passive voices. 

AI technology is used to rephrase in order to remove plagiarism. This provides a wide range of possible revisions that can be done to the original article. 

⦁    Grammar checker: Like many other tools out there, pinpoints grammar errors. What’s unique in it is the readability score and ease level it provides at the end of each text.

The above image shows an example of grammar checking of an app landing page write-ups. At the bottom-left side of the image (indicated with an arrow), a description of the text readability is shown. Now, this can be fairly useful, especially in professional setups, where complex content needs to be delivered. It also helps the writer to enhance their readability to reach the target audience.

⦁    Plagiarism checker: Almost all AI tools in the market provide similar detection of piracy, the extent of search data covered, however, varies in each tool. The below image, for example, shows how one line of the text is copied from an online resume creator. If you click the plagiarized sentence, it declares the source of plagiarism.

⦁    Citation generator: This is a new part recently added to the tool and is only available in the beta version of the app. Through the citation generator, researchers and Ph.D. students will be helped to incorporate intricate details of references and citations within their scientific papers. 

In case the citation generator is facilitated by different reference types, like Harvard, Chicago, NLM, MLA, and APA; the citation accuracy of the document will increase. This in turn shall allow the author to justify their citations without errors. 

PRICING AND PACKAGES is a unique tool that offers one paid and free version. The premium package is currently reduced from $99/month to $59/month.

The startup monthly package provides a 10,000-word limit, which is enough to formulate a thesis paper.  Moreover, it allows you to check 5000 words of copied text as well as grammar errors.

There is no word limit to summarizing data, in both free and paid versions. This is a great deal as it can be efficiently used by student article writers for their projects and capstone studies.

One limitation of the unpaid version is that it is not accompanied by around-the-clock service. 

However, the free version can be used lifetime without any other limitations. is an easy to use tool that helps edit and revise your write-ups with one click and also backs-up several non-English languages.

FINAL VERDICT has collected the greatest features of all its competitors. With the citation generator also under launch, this tool will provide all the writer needs in one place at an affordable rate.

There are a few aspects that could be polished. One, unlike its competitor tools, does not have a free trial period for the paid version. It’s better for the users to get familiar with the full package before paying for it and regretting it later on. Also, customers are compelled to pay full price in case they are in constant need of such tools, such as the case with full-time writers. 

Moreover, if text alignments are improved while the user incorporates the data, this tool will shine out from its competitors in the market. 

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