7 Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles You Must Try

Applying mascara every morning or dealing with the hassle of false lashes is not really fun for everyone. Luckily, you can now say goodbye to those struggles and say hello to effortless beauty with eyelash extensions! 

Whether it’s a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to wake up feeling gorgeous. These tiny fibers can transform your look, adding length, volume, and a little bit (or a lot) of drama to your natural lashes. 

Popular Eyelash Extension Styles

The Ever-Rising Popularity of Eyelash Extensions

Since 2017, Google searches for eyelash extensions have been skyrocketing, prompting beauty-conscious people and brands to join the club. And it looks like this trend has no plans of stopping! 

Before lash extensions, people resort to all kinds of expensive means to look and feel beautiful—fillers, botox, you name it! It wasn’t long before the world discovered eyelash extensions can give the same look and feeling for less.

With this ever-rising popularity and celebrities stepping into red carpets with gorgeous new lash styles, choosing the perfect style for your eyes can be overwhelming. So to help you, we’ve narrowed these lash styles down to the seven most popular ones!

7 Must-Try Eyelash Extension Styles

Are you looking to upgrade your look with something completely new and bold? Before you reach for the business card of your local salon, it’s essential to understand all the different lash options available. 

Lash extensions have become the trendiest self-care ritual of beauty fanatics. It allows you to customize your lash look to whatever style you desire. Different types of lash styles are available–from basic and natural-looking strips that make your eyes appear bigger and brighter to advanced lash styles that use volume fans. 

Flutter your way out of any situation into stunning feathery perfection with these lash extension styles!

#1 Natural or Open Eye

If you want a volumized lash style that enhances your natural beauty rather than adds too much drama, try the Natural or Open Eye look. The style follows your natural eye shape, creating a stunning, enhanced look that complements your facial features. 

This lash style adds gorgeous volume to the entire eye area with shorter extensions in the corners and mixed lengths and curls throughout the eye. It’s an excellent choice if you are trying to achieve beautifully done makeup every day without reaching for the mascara.

#2 Dolly Eye

Do you have an elongated eye shape or perhaps far-set eyes? And do you want your eyes to appear rounder? If so, the Dolly Eye lash extension style is the one for you!

This lash style is perfectly designed to accentuate the middle part of your eyes, making far-set eyes appear closer together. This technique could be just right for you.

#3 Butterfly

Are you a cat eye look enthusiast without strong natural lashes to withstand the style? The Butterfly Style is the perfect alternative for you!

This lash style follows the natural eye shape and adds fullness along the middle-outer part. Starting at the arch of brows with the longest extensions, lash techs will strategically place smaller lengths towards the outer corner for a subtle yet glamorous definition—perfect for close-set eyes, round eyes, and almond or downward-shaped peepers alike. 

#4 Cat Eye

If you’re a beauty fanatic, you’ve probably heard of the iconic cat eye style, which has always been trendy. 

This style gives you a long, dramatic eyeliner look at the outer corner of your eyes, which elongates them in an eye-catching upward direction. It’s ideal to use extensions that are 1-2 sizes thinner and shorter than your natural lashes. If you don’t have strong enough lashes to withstand the weight of the extensions, you can always go for the Butterfly Style!

#5 Wispy

Are you a beauty enthusiast who wants to try something new and give yourself an instantly glamorous appearance? Perhaps something like Kim Kardashian’s signature look? The wispy lash style is ideal! 

This lash style starts with wide and short volume fans at your lash line—this will give you a base of fullness and perfect curls. Your lash tech will finish it with long, narrow lashes to complete the wispy effect throughout your eyes.

#6 The Wet Style

Want to try a new and refreshing lash style perfect for glamorous events? Unleash your bold side with a unique wet lash look! By applying several narrow fans instead of traditional wide-volume ones, you can have an illusion of freshly washed lashes. 

The secret to achieving this mesmerizing effect is blending short and long fans together, creating gaps in length across your eyes. But because these extensions rely on density and weight to look their best, you must have strong natural lashes to withstand the added weight.

#7 M/L Curl Eyeliner Style

Transform your eyes with a dramatic flair! Pull off an eye-catching, elongated shape to the outer corners of your eyes with a sharp, long wing and upturned eyeliner effect. 

Your lash stylist can create this stunning look by carefully blending basic curls and an outwardly facing M curl to create a seamless transition zone that gives you an impactful look.

The Importance of Consulting With Your Lash Tech

Lash extensions offer a variety of options to enhance your natural beauty, but there are only a few that will suit your features the best. Whether you’re going for a natural look or full-on drama, be sure to discuss your preferences with your lash artist first so they can give you the best options.

Consider asking your lash technician for their suggestions first or a chart of their various offers. This way, you’ll guarantee walking out of the lash salon with the perfect style that will unleash the glam in you! 

Unleash the Glam in You With the Perfect Eyelash Extension Style

These tiny fibers may not seem much, but they can totally leave you feeling confident, glamorous, and ready to take on the world! Upgrade your lash game because life’s too short for boring lashes! 

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