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Prepostseo Review 2022:


SEO is a big field. There are a lot of different things that you have to do such as content optimization, website performance monitoring, website management, etc.

To take help in all these different tasks, SEO specialists use online tools.

For example, different tools are used for removing imperfections from written content before it is published.

Similarly, different tools are used for determining site ranking and domain authority scores.

With, you can use different types of SEO, website management, and content optimization tools all in one place.

Main Tools Offered by

Prepostseo has more than 95 different tools. Since there are so many, we can divide them into 4 main categories i.e., Writing and Education, Domain Tools, Website Management, and More Tools.

The last category mainly consists of calculators and converters. Since these tools are not directly related to SEO, we will not be discussing them below.

1.   Writing and Education

In this category, Prepostseo offers different tools such as grammar checker, spell checker, plagiarism checker, readability checker, etc. These tools can be used by bloggers and webmasters to polish and perfect their content before uploading it.

Among the various offered tools, these are some of the most popular and commonly used:

Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo’s plagiarism checker is one of the best available online. It works quickly, and accurately and gives multiple options for importing content.

It also gives detailed reports by highlighting the exactly duplicated sentences as well as their matched sources.

This plagiarism checker can be used for free. However, for users who want to increase the word limit and make their experience ad-free, there are various paid plans available.

Grammar Checker also has a grammar checker. Because it is available for free, Prepostseo’s grammar checker is an excellent tool.

It highlights the errors in the given text and gives correct suggestions to use in their place.

The grammar checker by Prepostseo also gives you the option to directly upload files from your local storage. You can also select a language other than English from the drop-down menu at the top right.

2.   Domain Tools

Other than the writing and content optimization tools, Prepostseo also has different ‘Domain tools’ that can be used to do things like create backlinks and check website performance metrics.

Here are some tools offered by Prepostseo in this category:

Domain Authority Checker

The domain authority checker by Prepostseo lets you add up to 10 different website URLs (500 for paid users) and check their DA score.

You will also be able to see other useful metrics and scores such as the spam score and page authority.

Link Extractor

The link extractor is another nifty tool provided by Prepostseo.

Link extractors in general are used to extract URLs from any given domain. The link extractor by Prepostseo does the same job, and it also gives the anchor, follow status, and type of each extracted link.

3.   Website Management Tools

Moving on, Prepostseo also has several website management tools that can be used by webmasters for monitoring their site’s status (by using tools like Server Status Checker and DNS Report) and for optimizing the user experience (by using tools such as Minify CSS and Minify JS).

Some tools offered in this category include:

Minify CSS

The Minify CSS tool can be used to remove unnecessary and redundant pieces of code from CSS files.

The reduced CSS file is quicker to load, which in turn means that your website will also load quicker for your visitors.

Minify HTML

Just as the Minify CSS tool works to remove unnecessary bits of code from CSS files, so too does the Minify HTML tool work to remove unnecessary lines of code from HTML files.

This is also a good way to make your website load quicker.

One thing that you may have noticed about the three categories mentioned above is that they can help you in your SEO efforts in one way or the other.

Pricing is free to start. However, there are various paid plans available that you can buy to increase usage limits on certain tools and to make your experience smooth and streamlined.

Here are the pricing details of the plans offered by

There are monthly and annual plans available. The yearly plans start at $50 whereas the monthly plans start at $10 for the ‘Basic’ bundle.

Pros and Cons of

Free to startLimitations on some tools for free users
Completely web-basedToo many ads on the free version
Features multiple SEO tools
Can be used by unregistered users
Comes with three different paid plans

Is Buying a Paid Plan on Worth it?

Yes, it is.

There are a lot of different tools available on the internet. Some of them are not very effective or accurate in doing their jobs.

Some of them, on the other hand, only have a few tools available for their users…which makes them not worth investing in.

The tools offered by are good. The content optimization tools such as the grammar checker and plagiarism checker work accurately.

Similarly, the website monitoring and analysis tools such as the DA checker and Alexa rank checker also give precise results.

By buying a paid plan on Prepostseo, you will be able to remove all the annoying ads and captcha verifications. You will also be able to increase the input capacity in tools such as the plagiarism checker and DA checker.

Conclusion is an all-in-one toolkit that comes with many different SEO tools that you can use to make your work easier.

It offers content optimization tools such as grammar, spelling, and readability checkers. It also offers tools like DA and PA checkers that you can use for monitoring your site’s progress in the SERPs.

Prepostseo is a great platform since it gives you various necessary tools all in one place, and saves you from the hassle of going from site to site to fulfill your SEO needs.

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