Probo App Review : Is Probo App Legal In India?

Who doesn’t want to make money from smartphone? I know I sure do. And it’s especially easy with app like Probo App. You just create an account and start earning. There are a lot of ways to earn money by using Probo App .

Probo App is a popular earning app which lets you earn though opinion trading. Many people in India use this app to make easy income. Probo app review helps you find out if probo app is legal in India or not? Let’s get into it further.

What is Probo App:

Probo is the most ideal way to earn money in cash on the web. On each right response, you will get Rs 10/ – for each exchange you make. You can without much of a stretch pull out this benefit through UPI.

Fundamentally, Probo is a brilliant method for imparting your insight. You can share your contemplations on Cricket, News, Cryptocurrency, and Bollywood.

Probo App gives you bring in cash by imparting your insights access “Yes/No” by exchanging them. Here, the exchanging isn’t connected with stocks yet your viewpoint that can definitely help you in bringing in cash. Utilize your senses to decide the potential results.
Share your “Yes or No” in light of the distributed inquiries in the accompanying classes – Cricket, IPL, News, Versatile gaming, Cryptos, Melodies, Govt. arrangements, and that’s just the beginning.

How To Download Probo App?

  • Open the website
  • Click on the Download App button.
  • Then a Pop up will show on the screen. Tap OK to complete the download process.
  • After that, you need to give permission by hitting the allow button.
  • You are all set to use the Probo application.
Probo App Download (APK)Probo App Download
Probo Referral Code | Invite Codeoz9e76
Invite | Referral BonusRs 200
Signup BonusRs 200

Why Should You Download Probo App?

Probo as of now has more than 42 lakhs+ individuals with Rs.55 Lakh procured each and every day. You can without much of a stretch pull out your benefit in a single tick as it were. The classifications and questions covered for cash making are very high and huge.

Probo has developed its underlying foundations in an exceptionally speedy time as they are special and stand-out.

How To Trade On Probo App?

  • To trade in Probo there are a few categories- Crypto, World News, Cricket, Finance, and Politics. 
  • Choose your category as you want.
  • And give your opinion on a given question in Yes or No format.
  • Then select your price and quantity and place your trade.
  • Once your answer is correct then you will get the price money.

Benefits Of Probo App Opinion Trading

  • Learn Basics of trading
  • Pay Attention to Probability
  • Improve your analytical and Knowledge skills
  • No need to create fantasy teams.
  • The quickest way to earn and join leagues.

Is Probo Legal In India?

Probo is a platform that allows you to trade in upcoming future events. You can share your opinion and Probo tells you how much your opinion is correct. And It is completely safe to download and play in India. So you can trade in without any issue.

Is It Safe To Invest In Probo?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to invest in Probo. All withdrawals and payments are integrated with secure and private networks. 

How To Earn Profits On Probo App?

If you want to earn a profit on Probo you need to play carefully. As you share your opinion in yes or no format remembers, that your opinion will match with a person who gives the opposite opinion on the same question. Once the result is declared winner will get their Investment + profit. 

Probo Referral/ Invite Code

To refer to Probo you need to sign up first because without making an account on Probo you can share your referral code. And you will get your referral bonus when your friend will complete their first trade on Probo. Here’s are a few steps you need to follow to refer to Probo-

  • Open the application and hit the ‘Hamburger Icon’ on the top left side.
  • Click on the ‘Refer and Earn’ Button.
  • Tap the Referral code and copy it.
  • Then share it with your friends and connections.

How To Withdraw In Probo App?

You can transfer your money through UPI to your bank account. Probo withdrawal has a limit of Rs 2000/- per day. You can instantly make payments and receive earnings instantly via your UPI ID. Your money is 100% safe and secure. All UPI platforms are accepted.

To withdraw the money, you need to do your KYC first. And if you are re-doing the KYC then Rs 10/- will be charged from your deposits so need to recharge first.  

  1. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button
  2. Enter the ‘Amount’ you have in winnings.
  3. Select Your ‘UPI’ after account verification.
  4. Click on ‘Withdraw’
  5. Get your money within a day.

Probo App Customer Support Number

Probo offer the best customer service. In case you have any question marks then you can ask the Probo team by visiting the official website and submitting a form there with a screenshot of your issue. You can also send mail to

Final Words:

I Hope you find this probo app review helpful. Here I have figured out all the necessary and required information. Still, if you have any issues then you can ask in the comment box below. Also, share this post with your connections because it is worth exploring. 

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