Easy Ways To Purify of Mind and Soul

Purification of thoughts

What is thought process?

A thought is a wave that is underneath the consciousness that arises every now and then, so any good or evil happening in the world is created by the thought that arises in the mind thoughts  shape your action. Actions shape your habits and the habits become your character.

Change your thought to change your world.

Mastery over the mind is the greatest happiness in the world ,”it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. the the victory is yours. it cannot be taken from you” said the enlightened one.“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

The purification of mind means abstaining from evil and to do what is skillful. Which will benefit you and all the sentinent beings that comes in contact with you. The performance of skillful act starts when you do the cleansing of your mind now and then.

Any good or bad that happens in this world is due to your mind. If you learn the art of  mastering the mind, nothing can trouble you….

There is no need to win a thousand battles, just make a victory over your mind and  you will win the whole world and will be called the  real warrior.

A strong mind is always free and liberated which only happens when  mind is pure and free from impurities. Your mind is good servant, but ones you loose your control over it than it can be a dangerous master..

Our minds are deep rooted in greed, hatred, lust, anger and delusion.. Known as the defilements  so called impurities the purification of this poison helps us to grow spritually and connect inwardly.

To purify yourself, you need to abstain from all the forms of  evil, and cultivate a purified mind. The enlightenment lies on the purity of mind. Purification is a path of unbonding ;releaseliberation and to untie the knots of sensual pleasure and attachments .It is a discipline aimed at inward cleansing that is purification of thoughts, which means  purification of defilements. Only way to purify your thoughts is to meditate for inner purity and spiritual freedom.

Defilements are caused due to ignorance, and that can be overcome by wisdom the knowledge and vision of things as they really are, which would happen with self understanding, by the identification of  the defilements that exists with human mind for many eons, we have acted upon the spur of greed, hatred and delusion. Self purification can not be done hastily for quick results, one needs to have patience and persistence. For  every defilement, there is an antidote, the method to emerge from that and vanquish it. Learn to apply and gradually wear  away the most stubborn inner stains and reach the end of suffering. The stainless liberation of mind through doing skillful acts such as generous ;loving kindness; compassion for all the sentinent beings and finally the needed wisdom to have a clear knowledge and vision of the things as  really they are in true nature without any judgements..and expectation..

Raaj Kumar
Raaj Kumar

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