Review:- Is it Worthy Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2021:

Excited to know why we are here today? Yes please wait I am revealing it now. As you know that we are the one who brings the latest information of various hosting platforms. So we are here with the new hosting platform, yes, you heard right today we are here to introduce you with the new platform that is Which building your site with the fastest wordpress platform becomes easy. The most important thing is service and support and with this you are getting the 24/7 support of their experts who are having more than 17 years of experience.

Let me introduce with its unique features which will make you feel surprised:

1) Speed:
Yes, this platform is well known for its speed. Here, they optimize your content to make your content read your visitor at a higher speed.

2) Enterprise CDN:
The rocket provides a cloud-flare enterprise configuration with every account. Earth caves your website away from malwares and kids it well organised and optimised. It provides you a never-ending SSL certificate.

3) Eliminate costly plugins:
This platform has a built-in feature that reduces the need for paid plugins provided by WordPress.

4) Cloudflare Enterprise:
This feature is a free feature instantly provided for every account. It provides the security, performance and Optimization to your wordpress site.
• Image and file optimisation
• CDN network
• Always on security
• DDOS protection
• 100% uptime

Web application firewall:
It is the platform which protects your wordpress from the Malware and Virus Attacks, and for this there is no special configuration needed.

Speed Optimizations:
The cloud enterprise helps in optimising speed by compressing files and resizing the images to boost performance of your site.


You can launch, manage and boost their wordpress with the Optimised single user interface.

Platform: provides an easy-to-use control panel which can be easily streamed and accessed so that your wordpress website can run with ease.

Rocket Hosting Pricing & Plans plans provides 2 billing plans that is annually and monthly:

Now let’s discuss the plans so that you can choose your plan wisely according to your

1. Starter: $ 30 per month
1 WordPress install
25000 visits
10 GB storage
Free SSL, CDN and WAF

2. Pro: $60 per month
3 WordPress Installs
100000 visits
20 GB Storage
Free SSL, CDN and WAF

3. Business: $100 per month
10 WordPress installs
2500000 visits
40 GB storage
Free SSL, CDN and WAF

4. Agency: $200 per month
25 WordPress installs
500000 visits
50 GB storage
Free SSL, CDN and WAF

Why should you think about a solution?

Short we should after rocket because they provide you with unique and great varieties of themes hosting plans and plugins.

What benefits are you getting as an agency partner?

Free hosting
Free migration
User end training
WordPress install
Account manager

Rocket speed algorithm that provides the great combination to improve WordPress

WordPress bundle:

Here, you create your own space by using various amazing themes and plugins by 1 click installing.

Resell or refer:

You can refer for resale and earn a lot of money by connecting to the team.

Managed WordPress:

You can easily get customised settings on the WordPress, Automatic updates of their website and managed HTTPS.

Uptime is very important for any website. It helps you in considering how much time your website is active.

White label reselling:

Here, you will be getting great invoice features. Create your own payment gateway, customised invoices pricing and margins and also get free SSL and custom domain.

Do they have any affiliate program where you can refer and earn?
Yes, refer wordpress users and earn $ 150 per person. It is free to join. They are providing a 60 days cookie lifetime. You can get special custom coupons for referring. There is no minimum balance required.

How does affiliate program work?

1. Create your account by signing up for free.
2. Refer customers by using affiliate link banners and coupon codes.
3. The person you referred buys by clicking on your affiliate link you will earn a valid Commission. Review By Expert review by expert

rocket,net testimonial

Some FAQ about

Q.1 What payment methods can be used while making a purchase for a hosting?

Ans: One can use Stripe and Paypal wallet but card payments are also accepted here.

Q.2 What is WordPress rocket hosting?
Ans: it is the package friendly WordPress where you can rely on them for your website speed and it’s security.

Q.3 Is there any support team available

Ans: Yes, they are having a 24 /7 support system where you will get solutions for each and every issue facing on your website.

Q.4 How can one measure their website speed?
Ans: One can measure their website speed by checking loading time of the website. This feature involves checking the uptime of your website also.

Q.5 Is WP Rocket compatible with all the browsers?
Ans: Yes, one can use WP Rocket on all the available browsers.

Q.6 Does WP Rocket offer any trial?
Ans. Yes, it gives you a 14 days trial period in which you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. One can check i

After looking into all the benefits you are getting into one you should go for An unique and unresistable solution for each and everything related to website hosting. Move your step ahead and get the hosting now. Buy it, take the advantage and give advantage by
sharing it to others.

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