4 Best Second Hand Book Store & Market In India



There is something inherently bewitching about a pre-owned book. It’s almost as if the previous owner left a little piece of themselves in there. You can outline the person who read it before you by grabbing a second-hand book.

Few things in life can compare to the pleasure of being greeted by the smell of fresh pages every time you step into a bookstore.

The joy of the onslaught of colourful books stacked precariously one over the other is unparalleled.

For every book lover, a day spent in the lanes of second-hand book markets is a dream come true. Let us cater to you by curating a list of the second-hand top bookstores in India that are bound to leave you ecstatic.

#1 NaiSarak, Delhi

The capital city of India brings to you a slice straight out of heaven. Entering this market will leave you mesmerized by its British-carved broad roads and trains of two-storey buildings lining the streets. The lower storeys of each building house bookstores where you can find pretty much any book. Not only this, but you also get cute stationery items in these stores.

The next time you’re in Delhi, pay a visit to this humble market with inexpensive books to satiate the bookworm in you.

#2 College Street, Kolkata

In this culture-rich city, you will find the largest second-hand book market in the world. Courtesy of this title, College Street is regarded locally as ‘Boi Para’ which means ‘Colony of Books’. The street harbours a long stretch of bookstores that will cater to your every need.

Additionally, the prices are extremely cheap and you can even haggle it out with the shopkeeper. If you want an eclectic book market experience, definitely visit this area.

#3 Fort, Mumbai

The city of dreams certainly has something for all the book lovers out there. Fort is situated in the heart of Mumbai and extends from Victoria Terminus in the north to Kala Ghoda in the south.

You can find expensive pre-owned and old books at throwaway prices in a row of bookstores lining the area near Flora Fountain. They have a collection to die for and you can even get some expensive coffee table books here.

Do you need any more reason to visit this heavenly place?

#4 Avenue Road, Bangalore

One of the most bustling shopping areas in the city, Avenue Road has an assorted collection of new and pre-owned books. This area is situated in the heart of Bangalore, with its railways’ station and Majestic Bus Stand in the vicinity.

Apart from book trading, this market is also popular for other fancy goods like jewellery, clothes and pawn brokers.

You don’t want to miss a taste of this vibrant second-hand book market if you ever visit Bangalore.

We conclude our list of top book stores in India. There exist other online book stores in India where you can get your books delivered to your doorstep.

One thing is for sure, however many advances technology makes, the real joy still lies in holding a book and going through the motion of turning its pages as you go through different emotions. The feeling of being comforted by a hard copy can never be replaced while reading a book.

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