Top 3 Skincare mistakes 90% people don’t know


Skincare seems to be a topic that everyone wants to talk about but few people actually know what they’re talking about. The reality is that there are a lot of bad skin care habits that most people are practicing every day. This blog explores some of the most common mistakes people make with their skin care without realizing it. If you are practicing any of these bad habits, stop now and read this blog post.


#3 Choosing DIY Skincare Hacks over products for your skin

You may think you’re being frugal by opting for DIY skincare hacks instead of products made for your skin type, but you’re missing the mark. Many people think that natural ingredients like honey, coconut oil, and lemon juice are better for the skin. In fact, these ingredients can do just as much damage as some of the most common skin care products! Formulas specifically made for your skin type contain ingredients like peptides, algae, and salicylic acid that work in harmony with your skin instead of harming it. Treat yourself well. You’ll thank yourself later!


Dealing with problematic skin can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. If you’re having trouble with your skin, be sure to consult a dermatologist to find a solution that works for you


#2 Not changing Pillow Cases & Towel


You might never have imagined that using a dirty pillowcase and towel can make your skin irritated. However, it’s true as they become an entry point for bacteria and germs to enter your body. Not washing pillowcases and towels daily is a common mistake that everyone makes. People do it because they find it a little boring to do so. But experts say that this mistake can become nasty too as it can leave dark circles under your eyes, pimples on your face, and breakouts on your back.




#1 Not doing disinfection phone’s screen and touching your face too much

The Skin Health Alliance warns that the downside to using mobile phones has been greatly underestimated. While skin cancer and sun damage are commonly discussed topics, touching your face excessively is not just about how it can mess up your complexion; it could potentially lead to more serious health conditions. Dermatologists and doctors across the world are now saying that too much exposure to a mobile phone near your face can cause breakouts, even if you’re using a case specifically designed for this purpose.


While it has been reported that the actual device may not be as big of a factor in whether or not a person develops acne, phone use is still known to play a role. Even users who do not use their phones constantly near their faces are still at risk of developing breakouts because oil and dead skin cells can build up on the phone if it’s stored improperly or even in pockets. This buildup can cause pore blockages where dirt and bacteria tend to get trapped, causing acne, blemishes, spots and other skin problems to develop. If you notice signs of breakouts starting to form once again on your face, try switching your phone off in public areas so you aren’t tempted to check your phone every two seconds as this can aggravate the issue further.




Consistency has the unimaginable power that will either make or break your life. We all have different skin types, and some of us have really sensitive skin that reacts to the wrong products. In order to achieve smooth, clear and glowing skin, we need to be very attentive to our skincare routine mistakes that we make without even realizing it.

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