How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website

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How to start affiliate marketing without website in simple steps!

Starting an affiliate marketing business will be the best choice if you are looking for making money online.

You probably heard about making money online with affiliate websites. Still, you couldn’t start yourself just because you think that creating an affiliate website takes money, and you don’t have money.

Well, not to worry about it anymore!

The tips in this article will help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing

Before diving into this guide on how to start affiliate marketing without website, you should know the benefits of affiliate marketing and why almost every blogger prefers affiliate earnings.

Most of the bloggers prefer affiliate marketing rather than AdSense earning. Do you know why? 

Let’s dive into it!

Let suppose you have 10k/month visitors on your site. According to advertisers’ PPC rate and ads impressions, you can earn probably $100 to $1k per month. 

Now, if you set up an affiliate campaign on your site, you can earn from $2k to $10k+

Sounds great, right!

You may think I am talking about the website though this guide is about how to start affiliate marketing without website.

Well, it is because to access the internet, you will need a website, either yours or others. 

This article is about other’s website where you will be doing affiliate marketing without paying a single penny.

The internet world is a place full of spamming content so that nowadays, people became banner blind; you can also say ads blind.

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing with your own affiliate website or without your own affiliate website, you should know well the reason behind your affiliate marketing.

I recommend you to choose purely affiliate marketing for your earnings rather than Adsense, but the choice is yours. 

Steps of starting an affiliate marketing business

There are lots of methods you can use for your affiliate marketing. You can use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or other social media sites. 

You can also set up your affiliate marketing campaign using mailing software.

But in this guide, I will take you to the step by step process of how to start affiliate marketing without website, only using a youtube channel.

1) Create a youtube channel

Without a youtube channel, you can’t do affiliate marketing on youtube. So, to create a youtube channel, all you need to go to the youtube platform and then sign in to your youtube account using google.

After sign in to the youtube account, click on the avatar appearing on the upper right side and then finally click on the “create a channel.”

Fill out all the required information and successfully create your own youtube channel.

2) Customize your channel:

Customizing a youtube channel is necessary for growing it fast.

You should write a well SEO optimized and high compelling description for your YouTube channel.

Add important links in your channel such as your social media profiles as well as your website link.

After setting up such things, you will need to verify the youtube account to change thumbnails on youtube and go live on your channel.

Make sure you have implemented the main keywords on your channel’s description so that your channel will be ranked to your targeted audience.

3) Promote your channel:

Now it’s time to promote your youtube channel. Every new channel has its main goal to gain the first 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to monetize the channel.

To promote your channel, go and join the different communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially on Reddit.

Reddit is the best place to gain subscribers and watch time very fast. This platform is basically for Americans, so you will need to be careful about spamming because they have zero tolerance for spamming.

4) Upload videos:

Upload your niche related videos on a regular basis so that automatically youtube will push your videos on the recommendation to the relevant audience. 

Only uploading niche related videos will not work until you don’t optimize your videos with proper search terms.

You can use Ahrefs or similar keyword research tools to find higher search volume keywords with less competitions.

Also, keep in mind the CPC rate of each keyword you are selecting during the keyword research. The higher CPC rate will cause higher earnings from your channel.

Say your targeted keywords within the first 10 seconds of your video. It will help to rank for the voice search, keywords search, and youtube recommendations.

Put the keywords in your video description as well as in your video title.

You can also add the targeted keywords in your video thumbnail so that a relevant audience will be attracted and will convert to your subscriber.

5) Join affiliate networks:

Once you build an audience and generate up to 1000+ views per day, the time will be beginning to optimize your content.

You can join the highest paying affiliate program in your niche and start promoting its products to your channel.

You can find a lot of different affiliate programs on the internet, but if you still can’t find it, you can join ClickBank, commission junction, Amazon associate, or ShareASale.

6) Plug affiliate products in your content:

Keeping affiliate products linked to your video description or saying it to buy using your affiliate link will not work. 

Trigger emotions and play with it!

You must have the skills to plug any product into your video content.

You can watch different YouTubers in your niche and try to copy their style of promotions.

You can also create your unique style and the way of making situations for recommending affiliate products.

Avoid telling your audience that XYZ sponsors you. Simply tell your audience that if they buy using your link, you will get a small commission at no cost to them.


If you are looking for how to start affiliate marketing without website, this article will help you start your affiliate business with a YouTube channel.

All you need to start this business is creating a youtube channel and then grow your channel.

After gaining 1000+ subscribers and generating some views, you can join the different affiliate programs and promote its affiliate products in your videos.

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