Top 3 SMS Android apps of 2019

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The android operating system is one of the mandatory elements of today’s era, and smartphones are fully equipped with beneficial and functional features. Each and every day, the functionalizes of smartphone Is growing like a built train, and one of brilliant functionality is messages or SMS. Calls are too costly, and due to high costs; peoples prefer SMS instead of calls. To send a message, an SMS application already exists in a smartphone, but today in this article, I am going to review “Top 3 SMS Android apps of 2019”. The fantastic Android apps are fully loaded with features, and it will put new colors in your chatting experience. So, without waiting anymore, let’s explore all those applications, which are being used by millions of peoples from the rest of the world.

The official SMS app doesn’t permit Android Os users to send multiple messages in a single click. To overcome these problems, you have to pay close attention to Top 3 SMS Android apps, because these apps will enable you to send bulks SMS in one click. You will send handers or thousand of SMS in one click via the best SMS apps.

1: Turbo SMS Bomber:

Turbo Bomber is the best-known SMS bomber app, that will give you the power to send thousands of the message in one click. The app is entirely free from hidden charges and will provide you full access. If you are running campaigns, then you will run this elegant application for advertising purposes. Also, you can prank with your friend by sending lots of content in a single shot.

Specification of SMS Turbo Bomber:

  • It will give you the option to select the numbers of SMS
  • No registration is required, install the app APK file and enjoy
  • Opportunity to pick contact number or put a direct number
  • Select Exploit Turbo mode to send SMS 4x fast
  • It does not ask for any root permission
  • Compatible with all Android Os

2: SMS Bomber:

SMS Bomber is another extraordinary bombing application, which lets you send tons of messages directly to a receiver. Apps are used widely for entertainment purposes or annoyance. The features which insist you for utilization of app are described below. 

Features of SMS Bomber app: 

  • All you have to pay nothing to get access to the app
  • The app APK doesn’t include any advertisement ads
  • The app is 100% safe and doesn’t add any harmful element
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful permission
  • It has not any geographical restrictions
  • And much more

3: BOMBitUP:

BoMBitUp” the name explains it all. It can be used internationally and considered an international SMS Bomber application. It is a most funny app on the internet and possesses multiple features enlisted below.

BOMBitUP features:

  • SMS Blast
  • SMS Blast USA
  • Custom Blast
  • Email Blast
  • Call Blast
  • Easy to navigate
  • Bugs Free
  • And much more

Important note:

All the given apps possess different features and used by millions of peoples. But sending SMS to anyone without his/her interest is illicit. So, be careful and use the apps for only entrainment and prank purpose. Thanks

Final Conclusion:

After reviewing our article, no doubt, you have found some exciting apps that will give you new ideas to send SMS to anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, a surprise nears and dears by sending SMS unlimited. And don’t forget to give us credit by sharing on social media sites.

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