Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting : Key Differences

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Key Differences

There are several differences between WordPress and web hosting that can prove to be confusing for users new to this. Implementing web hosting is extremely important if you intend to have a successful online business. Choosing the web hosting that is perfectly compatible with your business is crucial in improving your website’s SEO, boosting your revenue and offering the right features to grow your business. However, what makes web hosting different from WordPress website hosting and which is more beneficial?

WordPress hosting and web hosting have distinct features that make them extremely different. Both have its own set of key elements including pros, packages, as well as providers. Let’s take a look at what sets web hosting apart from WordPress hosting.


What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a kind of hosting which holds all the data that makes the website and which is provided to the visitors when they access your website. It is the place that houses your website and is the bridge to the internet. It provides the platform for users and companies to post or alter the content of your website.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is the kind of hosting that is built particularly for the WordPress content management system. It has all of its features and various elements especially for hosting and supporting a WordPress website. With managed WordPress hosting, your hosting provider will take care of all the technical elements of your WordPress website.

What is important to consider in a web hosting service?

There are certain elements that you need to consider when you choose your web hosting service even if it is WordPress hosting. You should ensure you get this from any type that you choose. 

  1. Maximum uptime

It is crucial to not constantly be worried about downtime. It is the most relaxing thing for a business owner to have a hosting service that can guarantee maximum uptime. Your revenue is impacted when you have downtime. You should ensure that your hosting provider offers at least 99.95% uptime. You should not settle for any less.

  1. Scalability

Once your business starts expanding your website will grow alongside it. Selecting a hosting company that can expand to keep accommodating your needs, as well as offer more space is the perfect hosting service for you.

  1. Security

In case your website deals with a lot of sensitive user information including phone numbers, addresses, or credit cards, it is important to keep that data secure to the highest degree. You should choose a hosting service that has advanced security features like malware, firewall and spam protection.

  1. Receptive customer support

You should select a hosting service that has several hosting options like phone support, emails or live chat that helps you reach for help all day and night.

Which is the preferable option between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

You will have a better idea of both hosting choices. We have assembled a list of all the elements that can help you decide which web hosting option is better for you and which ones you should keep in mind.

  1. So you have a WordPress website?

WordPress hosting will be the best choice if your website is WordPress based. That is because WordPress hosting is designed specifically for WordPress websites. Your website will be extremely compatible with WordPress hosting if it is run, to begin with on a WordPress platform.

  1. Cost-effective

Users who have a small budget and not much spending money should select shared hosting. That’s because web hosting has many cost-effective plans which WordPress hosting might not be able to provide.

  1. Safety

Security is not a priority for shared hosting. For example, if any user that shares the server with you gets any kind of virus or malware on their website, there is a great possibility for it to travel to yours as well. On the other hand, WordPress hosting has a much tighter and higher level of security.

  1. Updates

Maintenance has always been a headache for all types of business owners. WordPress updates that are done automatically is a boon. WordPress hosting will provide automatic updates. So you do not have to constantly keep an eye on them or worry about updating them yourself.

  1. Web traffic

In case you are expecting several visitors every day, the resources you need are higher to handle it. So shared hosting won’t prove useful. They have small amounts of resources that cannot deal with huge amounts of traffic. In this case, WordPress hosting can prove to be much better.

  1. Technical expertise

Those who choose WordPress hosting do not have to deal with its management. There are experienced professionals who take care of it. Hence WordPress hosting can be the perfect option for those users that do not have much technical knowledge about how to run it.

  1. The kind of content you deal with

Content is an important element that sets WordPress hosting apart from web hosting. You should take into account the kind of content thatyou intend to publish. In case you want to upload pictures or videos that are huge, it is better to have access to a content delivery system or cache that can keep up your upload timings.

  1. Quick page loading

With WordPress hosting you might be assured quicker page loading times, but it is still much faster than normal web hosting services. The latter, on the other hand, provides you with better control of several elements of your website. This can prove to be a great advantage for users that have a greater amount of expertise and experience.


In case you have a WordPress website, WordPress hosting is the perfect choice for you more than any other web hosting service such as cPanel hosting. The majority of normal web hosting services do not offer support or features that can ensure website functioning at the highest level for WordPress websites. However, with other websites, you can choose dedicated hosting or VPS hosting in case your website needs are higher.

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