What Is Affiliate Marketing – Easy Guide for Beginners 2020

What Is Affiliate Marketing – The Simple Guide for Beginners 2020

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where we market other people product and earn huge commission.  “its most common way to make money online and fantastic business model where you can earn a lot from your expectations”

Some Reason Why You Would Choose Affiliate Marketing:-

#1 There are over 3 billion internet users online.

#2 As the internet and technology is becoming more accessible more people prefer to shop online.

Let me share future scope and benefit of Affiliate Marketing

* Amazon has grown because of its Affiliate.

*16.6% annual growth is expected by 2021.

*80% of brand relay on Affiliate programs.

Now day’s Digital information products are selling like a crazy, because E-learning industry is growing faster.

Selling a digital information product is very easy, because lots of people are looking towards learning something online instead of physical interaction.

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Affiliate Marketing is about selling products online, it’s simple isn’t it , here you are not selling your own products , you are selling other people products

You get commissions on every single sale, commissions may vary from 10% -70% depending on type of product you are promoting.

Understand one thing Affiliate Marketing is billion dollars business.

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A.) Yes you can sell any products depends on company, the products like software’s, digital information products, clothing, shoes, you might have observed in Amazon, Flipkart

But as far, digital information products are selling like crazy, because e-learning industry is growing faster,

Selling a digital information product is very easy, because lots of people are looking towards learning something online instead of physical interaction. Here we are promoting Digital E learning products which is LeadsArk

Make Money with LeadsArk

LeadsArk is an online e-learning training program which teaches you how to generate high qualified organic leads through social media platform.  It does provide you an affiliate program where you can get 75% to 85% on each sale.

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Start a blog , write the content daily and do market research, I won’t say it won’t work, it takes a longer time to build a brand and selling your first product.

✅Social media platforms , yes you heard was correct , you know lot of people are now active in social media in terms of learning and interaction , this is best and proven way to do Affiliate Marketing and build a brand and business faster

Popular Platforms like , Facebook, Instagram……… So on

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Free traffic method (organic traffic).

✅Benefits of organic traffic

Organic traffic is the best way for the beginner to learn and implement things , because it’s free promotional method , you can understand the consumer psychology faster , build contacts , seeing the acceptance and rejections

You learn a lot about market and business, when you promote a product organically

Affiliate Master- 175 Best Affiliate Programs to Join- Earn Up To $7,000 Per Sale

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Our training and affiliate business is absolutely free.

Any Business will have some operational cost involved which you need to take care off. And if you are thinking that entire business will work free of cost, then I am sorry, there is no business in the world can work without any cost.

So hope you understand that any business will have some cost involved. To earn more money, you need to spend little.

Q.6 Is it MLM ??

This is not MLM business. In any MLM business.. if you do one sales ..The revenue is shared among 10 to 20 different people above you. Here you are getting 75% commission .It pure sales business where you sell the product and you keep the profit.. Absolutely yours.

Final Words:

Now , You understood very well that what is affiliate marketing and how to get start it.

Now begin your affiliate business journey and make money online with Leadsark. Stay tuned and stay connected with us, Thanks for reading this post. SHARING IS CARING . share it to others who needs this.

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