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Retail business E-commerce Applications- Introduction

E commerce applications are the best thing to increase your business. It is very easy to use eCommerce applications and they are available in different platforms. You can choose a platform that suits your business requirements. Retail business Ecommerce applications helps to increase your business by giving you a valuable chance to sell items online. This way you can make sales with next to no hassle. 


E-commerce is the most well known approach to exchanging items and services. These days, an increasing number of people prefer to purchase distributions on the Internet and other assisted technologies. Online entertainment, advancements in e-commerce application development, and increasing demand for mobile shopping, and other computerized modalities are the key elements driving this e-commerce revolution.


There are many advantages of involving ecommerce applications for a retail business. You can increase your sales by utilizing these applications because they provide the best features that help you reach out to customers.

If you’re thinking about creating an online store then it is important to consider using an ecommerce application as it will help enhance your brand image and improve customer loyalty towards your business.


Another concept that comes to mind is a software program like Amazon, Groupon, eBay, etc. It tends to be a web application or an application for e-commerce (presently prevalently known as m-commerce application). Mobile e-commerce business applications are just an augmentation of web-based business. Mobile application ideas are the fundamental impetus behind any effective business application.


Some most common e-commerce business Applications.


Retail e-commerce business

Ecommerce has many applications in this area. E-retailing is basically a B2C, and in some cases, B2B sale of goods and services through online stores designed using virtual shopping carts and electronic catalogues. A subset of retail e-commerce is m-commerce or mobile commerce, in which a consumer purchases goods and services using their mobile device through a retailer’s mobile optimized site. These retailers use an e-payment method: they accept payment through credit or debit cards, online wallets, or internet banking without printing paper invoices or receipts.

Online Marketing

It refers to collecting data about consumer behaviour, preferences, needs, buying patterns, etc. It helps in marketing activities such as pricing, negotiating, enhancing product features, and building strong customer relationships as this data can be leveraged to provide a tailored and enhanced buying experience to the customers.


Supply chain operations also use e-commerce; Typically, some companies form a group and form an electronic exchange and facilitate the purchase and sale of goods, exchange of market information, back-office information such as inventory control, etc. It enables a smooth flow of raw materials and finished products between member companies and other businesses.

Online Booking

This is something that almost every one of us has done at some point in time – book hotels, vacations, airline tickets, travel insurance, etc. These bookings and reservations are made possible through the Internet Booking Engine or IBE. It is extensively used by aviation, tour operations, and the hotel industry.


Basic features offered by Retail Magic

Customized Home page: Customise the Home page of your app as per your

business requirements and need.

Multiple Logins: Register multiple IDs for counters in your outlets and control

any transactions among them. Manage work in a breeze.

Proximity Features: it is GEO Location-based framework.

Order Management: using this app your customer can place their order at any time

they want. it can be scheduled and delivered as per instructions. for all your

orders you can manage order delivery status.

MPOS & E-Billing: Mobile Point of Sale with E-Billing reduces the

manpower and saves a lot of paperwork.

Add Delivery Boy: you can share the details of delivery staff with your customer

and they can trace their order in real time.

Easy Search & Filter Options: it will save the time your customer and make it easy

to find the exact product they want.

Chat and Calling Feature: it saves time and effort and your customer can easily

reach you whenever they need your assistance.

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