WPinfy Review- Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service India

WPinfy Reviews 2020:

Are you looking for a hosting provider for your website? Stop looking for it because you are in the right place. We have brought a new product to the list of web hosting providers.

WPinfy overview:

Mr. Dilip Kumar Chellaboina is the co founder of Wpinfy. WPinfy is providing you Managed WordPress Hosting which helps you in running your business effectively and efficiently. It is providing you the best cloud technology for your website.

Why should one go for WPinfy?

WPinfy will help your business in saving time from other WordPress hosting because it is providing an amazing dashboard where you can work very easily. One must go for WPinfy because they have a rock solid security which will help you to protect your website from evil world. They have a great technology where the great number of visitors is not a big deal. WPinfy helps you in managing your website traffic very easily.

Features of WPinfy:

Ultimate Performance: They have a great focus on AWS infrastructure with WordPress hosting.

24/7 support: They have an 24/7 service support system where you will never get delayed replies just forget about the outdated support tickets.

Rock solid security: They have an amazing security system which will help you in protecting your websites from fraudulent practices and evil practices.

Scalable Technology: There is no problem whether your website has 50k or 50 million traffic. They will handle it very easily. You will not get any issue because of heavy traffic so you can trust on the scalable technology on which they are working.

Staging: When you need to try something different on your website you don’t need to try on your original website. You can create a staggering area and try on it and once you like it you can apply those changes to your original website with just one click.

Analytics: You can get insights of metrics such as visitors, errors, storage, bandwidth directly from centralized dashboard.

Some amazing things about WPinfy:

Global CDN:
CDN is also known as a content distribution network. It is a network of proxy servers and data centers. It helps in minimizing the delay in loading of your web page content.

Secure backups:
They are providing timely backups for your website data and content so that there are less chances of losing your data.

Free migration:
If you want to migrate your website From different hosting provider to WPinfy you can migrate it for free with just one click.

User management:
They are providing the user management dashboard where you can invite your team to access the dashboard.

Multiple PHP versions:
They have multiple PHP versions. You can choose the one which suits your site.

Free SSL certificate:
They are providing you a free SSL certificate for 1 year powered by Lets-encrypt.

Constant uptime monitoring:
This tool helps you to monitor your website to know its availability, whenever you’re website is down you will get a notification from Up time robot which is actually an up-time monitoring tool.

Image Optimization:
You are getting the image optimizer tool powered by Bunny optimizer. With help of this tool you can make your images optimized and indirectly this will improve your website loading speed.

Theme and plugin management:
Here you can manage your themes and plugins from the main dashboard provided by WPinfy.

Plans WPinfy is offering:

There are two options we can select plans on the monthly or yearly basis. On Yearly basis they are providing 2 months FREE services. So, personally I believe that one must go for the yearly plan. But it’s still your wish whether to go for the yearly plan or monthly plan.

1) Startup – $30 per month
In this plan you will get 1 WordPress install, your website is free to get 30k monthly visits, 10 GB SSD storage, 300 GB bandwidth and 100 GB premium CDN. In the yearly plan it will cost $300.

2) Startup plus – $50 per month
In this plan you will get 2 WordPress install, your website is free to get 50k monthly visits, 20 GB SSD storage, 500 GB bandwidth and 200 GB premium CDN. In the yearly plan it will cost $500.

3) Growth – $80 per month
In this plan you will get 3 WordPress install, your website is free to get 100k monthly visits, 30 GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth and 500 GB premium CDN. In the yearly plan it will cost $800.

4) Growth plus – $150 per month
In this plan you will get 5 WordPress install, your website is free to get 250k monthly visits, 60GB SSD storage, 2.5 TB bandwidth and 1TB premium CDN.
In the yearly plan it will cost $1500.

5) Enterprise – $250 per month
In this plan you will get 10 WordPress install, your website is free to get 500k monthly visits, 100 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth and 2 TB premium CDN. In the yearly plan it will cost $2500.

6) Enterprise plus – $400 per month
In this plan you will get 20 WordPress install, your website is free to get 1M monthly visits, 200 GB SSD storage, 10 TB bandwidth and 4 TB premium CDN. In the yearly plan it will cost $4000.

Let’s discuss a little bit about the road map:

Tasks with which have been completed: You can add on domain directly from the dashboard, you can add more than one user in the dashboard. They are not providing white label access for all of their LTD users. They have added a feature where you can stack your website and try the changes before implementing to
your original website. Still long to go. We have discussed about the task completed and now we will talk about task which are in progress and the task planned for the future.

Tasks which Are in Progress:
Accessing staging site data from dashboard. Once they add this feature you will be able to access staging site data from your dashboard. Task which are planned for future:

Two factor authentication, one click migration from any hosting. This is something great where you can migrate your site from one hosting to WPinfy very easily.

Some FAQ’ s about WPinfy:

What is their refund policy?

There is seven days refund policy. Once you are enrolled to anyone of the plan you can ask for refund within 7 days. Once your refund is approved it takes maximum 10 days to reflect the amount in your account.

Are they charging any hidden charges?

No, obviously not they don’t have any hidden charges you can trust on them.

Can we change plan or cancel account later?
Yes, l you can upgrade your plan with immediate action and you can also downgrade, cancel your account whenever you want.

Are my payment details secured with WPinfy?

Yes, They are using PayPal and Chargebee for payment processing gateway which provides maximum security.

Final Words About WPinfy:

At the end I would like to say that one should go for WPinfy if you want the best Managed WordPress hosting. After looking into the road-map, we can understand that they are providing much more services than any other hosting provider so we can rely on them and of course you can buy web hosting from them.

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