Your Ultimate Guide to Bus Charter Etiquette and Proper Travelling

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Guide to Bus Charter Etiquette and Proper Travelling

                  Your Ultimate Guide to Bus Charter Etiquette and Proper Travelling


Holidays and peak seasons are just around the corner and one of the best ways to celebrate is to go on a trip for a once-in-a-lifetime grand vacay. Who doesn’t love to travel and unlock new places? Travelling is always an opportunity to experience and enjoy the things that a place has to offer — not to mention the documentation of an OOTD shot or two and the beautiful sceneries that go with it. We all know that part of travelling to places are long rides. It’s either you take a minibus hire or go on a charter bus group tour. 


When it comes to long rides, especially with strangers on some form of public transportation, we often experience the same and very common scenarios that sometimes interrupt to our excitement (well, I hope not). I bet you’ve been to a situation where you sit next to someone who spreads their legs into your space or falls asleep to your shoulder, making you feel annoyed or a little awkward. Or maybe they play their music loud even if they’re wearing headphones or talk to the phone as if no one else is around but you almost overhear every single detail of their conversation. These people are the ones who usually make our travelling miserable by simply shrugging off the unspoken rules of public transport etiquette. 

As you travel this holiday, I’m sure you don’t want to be the same person to wreck anyone else’s mood, so make sure to follow the dos and don’ts of group travelling on public transportation. 


Always arrive on time. 

Travelling always makes us feel excited. So, with all the eagerness, you arrive at the bus ahead of time to grab a good seat and a few minutes more you’re impatiently waiting for the bus to leave and finally take you to your destination. But seems like the excitement is slowly fading after finding out that you have to wait for that person who’s late. Again, don’t be that person who’s making a five-hour trip like a ten-hour one. Always value the time of your co-passengers. If you know that the bus is about to leave early, make some effort to show up beforehand and avoid wasting other’s time.         

Respect your seatmates. 

Riding on a bus for long hours can be both fun and boring at the same time, which is why most passengers would think of better ways to keep themselves entertained while on the road. Whether it’s an mp3 playlist for an upbeat sound trip or a laptop to stream movies, always make sure that your choice of entertainment does not interrupt to your seatmate’s personal senses and space. Do not blast the volume when listening to some rebel music because your seatmate might want to take a nap and producing too much noise would hugely interfere with their sleep.   

Speak with your “inside voice”. 

Using your “inside voice” when trying to take a phone call during a charter bus travel is highly imperative. While it might be better to avoid phone conversations while inside a public vehicle, there are rare moments when you have to pick up. But, try to speak softly as much as possible because none of those passengers is interested to overhear your conversation, just as much as you don’t want to overhear theirs. The same thing that goes when you talk to a fellow passenger. You can raise your voice a little if they can’t hear you but not for the ears of the entire vehicle.   

Be considerate with your food and drinks. 

Bringing snacks on a trip is okay but make sure to be aware of the kind of food you’re eating. Are these snacks too loud to chew or do they have a strong smell that could sting the passengers around you? Always consider others because you wouldn’t want to experience the same annoying experience that you might give them. Plus, make sure to clean up all the leftovers from your tray table after you eat.  

Do not overstep your personal space. 

Each passenger is provided with their own limited space onboard so do not let your arms, legs, or belongings spread onto the seat next to you or into the aisle to avoid overstepping into other’s personal space or blocking the way.     

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