How to add Tokens in MetaMask wallet

MetaMask works with any ERC-20 standard token as a wallet and browser plugin. You’ve probably deposited ETH into your new account, explored the Metaverse, and started trading for other well-known ERC-20 tokens. As you progress down the rabbit hole, you may wish to add unique coins tied to specific projects to your wallet. In this article we will guide you on how to add Tokens in MetaMask wallet. Prior to adding any coin to your MetaMask wallet, kindly get your work done. Just speak with dependable tasks since anyone can create an ERC-20 coin.

You may have observed that the token list in MetaMask isn’t exhaustive (a total of 387,972 ERC-20 tokens and 10,603 ERC-721 tokens have been minted on Ethereum.) Don’t be concerned. Tokens that do not show in the specified search list can still be added. We will walk you through two straightforward strides on the best way to add Tokens in MetaMask wallet.

What is MetaMask?

The majority of bitcoin users simply have wallets that are linked to the exchanges where they trade. It mimics a standard email/password record, giving consumers the incorrect impression of how blockchain addresses work. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet that can be used through browser or mobile and gives you full control over your assets. It has considerable benefits and drawbacks, which we will explain further below.

In such times of crypto, MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you store, transfer, and trade ERC-20 tokens. The ability to communicate with smart contract-based platforms that are active on Ethereum or Layer2s on Ethereum separates MetaMask from other wallet programmes. For example, if you visit Alchemix and wish to stake your tokens for profit, or if you visit OpenSea to look at new NFTs, you must link your MetaMask wallet to execute the transactions. Of fact, many more wallets exist, but MetaMask is the most widely used since it is totally open-source.

Adding Tokens to MetaMask

By default, Ether (ETH) is added to your MetaMask. You will not have to go through this procedure to begin depositing and withdrawing ETH in such times of crypto. Other ERC20 tokens must be added to your MetaMask asset tab. ERC20 tokens are the Ethereum standard protocol for smart contracts. Many of these, such as Uniswap, VeChain, Chainlink, and others, may be familiar to you.

This post will teach you how to add Tokens in MetaMask wallet and how to add them to your Assets page so you can subsequently purchase them.

From EtherScan

On your account page, MetaMask displays your ERC20 standard tokens. I have.0125 ETH and 12 SAI in my account during this demonstration.

Here are the steps:

  • Launch the app’s browser.
  • Visit Etherscan.
  • Look for your personalised token.
  • Scroll down to get the token’s contract address.
  • Return to your wallet.
  • Choose “Add Token.”
  • MetaMask adjusts the “token symbol” and “precision tokens” automatically.
  • Viola! Your new token should display among your existing tokens in your wallet.

Using CoinGecko

CoinGecko is another option to add your Custom tokens in MetaMask. Go to your browser, search for your custom token, and then click on the Fox head logo to add it to your wallet.

Here are the steps:

  • Launch the app’s browser.
  • Search up CoinGecko.
  • Look for your personalised token.
  • Scroll down to get the token’s contract address.
  • Simply click the MetaMask fox logo.
  • Choose “Add Token.”
  • Your new token should display among your existing tokens in your wallet.

Advantages of MetaMask

  • It is a non-custodial wallet that is both free and open source. This indicates it has a significant development community that helps it grow is such times of crypto.
  • To allow users to back up their accounts, the wallet uses hierarchical deterministic settings.
  • It includes exchanges to make trading simple and straightforward.
  • The wallet has a straightforward and minimalistic user interface.
  • A significant user base includes over 1 million monthly active users.
  • The user interface is simple enough for beginners to grasp.
  • Ethereum Dapps now include a single sign-in option. There is no need to set different login credentials, like with Web2.
  • Hardware wallet integrations
  • Available as a browser extension and on mobile devices.
  • Quick and simple access to your Ethereum assets.

Some Tips

On MetaMask, you can create as many accounts as you like, but you can’t remove them. Consider naming your accounts to help you remember how to utilise them. Having many accounts is a wise habit. When Airdrops happen, they happen by account, not by identity. An airdrop occurs when a system distributes free tokens with financial worth. In such times of crypto when UniSwap did an airdrop, for example, some customers with many accounts won tokens worth thousands of dollars.

If you want to share it on Twitter for prospective Airdrops, create a new account. Giving your public address is the same as sharing your home address. It is acceptable to share it with friends, but publishing it on Twitter is not a good idea. To take advantage of great airdrop opportunities, create a new account.

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