The Best Horoscope Consultancy In India

What do we look for in the best Astrologer? How do you call a consultancy the best horoscope consultancy in India? The answer is, based on EXPERIENCE!!

When we look for the best horoscope consultancy in India, we look for the experience of the Astrologer. The expertise in Astrology depends upon the number of years one devotes to it. Here, we introduce you to an Astrologer with 42+ years of experience, and we bet you can’t find any better option than this one.

Mr. Arun Bansal Ji, the celebrity astrologer serving in the field of Astrology for more than four decades, has excelled like a star. With millions of clients spread across the globe, he has been enumerated as the best Astrologer in the country by the masses. Bansal Ji has a team of expert astrologers, palmists, numerologists, Lal Kitab experts, crystal healers, and Vastu Shastra experts under the same roof, i.e., Future Point.

Why is Future Point the best horoscope consultancy in India?      

As mentioned earlier, many satisfied clients speak of the valuable services provided at the pioneer institute. The astrologers here are masters in their fields and hold years of experience and practical knowledge. The astrologers analyze the birth charts meticulously to provide you with the most relevant information about your life.

The natives can get information related to all aspects of life like education, health, marriage, children, business, career, finance, job, foreign settlement, travel, etc. The astrologers at Future Point provide Online Consultations anywhere in the world. Several people got solutions to their queries.

The astrologers provide life reports and yearly reports for future predictions. One may get a complete Horoscope Analysis about one’s profession and personal life. Their team of experts gives accurate future predictions mentioned in the time-line. If you wish to have predictions for 2023, you can avail of the service of yearly horoscope 2023. The horoscope will help you know the critical time- period in 2023. Knowing which month will prove beneficial and which can create problems in the coming year is easy. The month-wise predictions help to plan the year effectively to get maximum benefits.

Bansal Ji is the No. 1 astrologer and researcher in India. He helps you know about your strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the planets in the birth chart.

Your birth chart contains everything about your life.

When will you grow? When will be your golden period? When will you marry, etc? The planets in the birth chart explain even the smallest detail of our life. There are both good and bad planets in the birth chart. Keeping in mind the dasha, transit, and desh, kaal, paatra, the best astrologers predict accurate future events in an individual’s life. The coming bad time can be avoided by performing remedies in advance. Talk to Astrologer to understand the reasons behind miseries and challenges in life. Learn how to overcome them and follow the best path to make optimum gains through your available resources.

You can get astrology consultation from any corner of the world through online kundli analysis. The best astrologers are just a click away. You just have to book an appointment, and you are ready to solve all the mysteries of life.

Bad Dosha in Kundli

There are many doshas present in the birth chart, which primarily become the reason for failures and problems in life. Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu create troubles in life with their associations in the kundli. You might face a specific kind of problem throughout life. Other members in the family may undergo the same problems like the early death of members or birth of lunatic children etc.

The reason behind these mishaps lies deep-rooted in past lives. The Kaal sarp dosha and Pitra Dosha are such doshas, which are responsible for the misfortunes of the whole family. After meeting an astrologer, you become aware of any such curses of past lives and make efforts to overcome them.

Similarly, Mangal dosha may create troubles in married life. There may be delays or a lack of harmony in marital relations. In that case, timely actions can save the couple or the person from the negative effects of the dosha.


Astrology does wonder by making the person aware of his present circumstances. The person understands the reason behind present sufferings in life. The knowledge makes it easier for him to deal with them calmly. Astrology creates awareness, and as different from superstitions, it shows the right path in life. One should save himself from astrologers who promote dogmatism and superstitions in the name of astrology.

The best astrologers at Future Point help their clients to understand the root cause of their problems through the best consultancy in India. They provide the best solutions and suggest the best astrological remedies to overcome problems in life. Trust them for their finesse and expertise in the field. Future Point- the only name for the best consultancy in India!

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