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Want to Make Money From Your Blog ?

Today, In this blog I will guide you about one of the best earning platform for bloggers.  If you are a Blogger and want to make money apart from Google Adsense or any other ad network. Then you should Join Flyout to earn extra money from sponsored posts.

What is Flyout and How Does It Works- 

Flyout is an easy way to make money by placing sponsored content on your website and blogs. Flyout is a network of Advertisers and Publishers who trade sponsored posts .

Joining Flyout is very easy. You can join Flyout if you have at least 100 unique, top-notch articles, and you get at any rate 10k Visitors to your blog every month. Visit Flyout from the Given link  and  Sign up using Google, Facebook, or your Email ID.

Click Here To Join Flyout

After you join and confirm your email, you will get inside their Dashboard.

Getting started to getting paid with, in just 4 steps:

#1  List Your Blog

Listing your blog/website on Flyout takes only 30 seconds. Head over to Add Blog page and enter your blog:

Once you enter your blog URL, click on Check Eligibility button and you will be redirected to the following screen.

On this screen, you have to verify the ownership of your blog.

There are three ways to verify your ownership:

  1. Add meta tag in <head> tag of your blog’s homepage.
  2. Verify the ownership via verification file upload in root folder of your website (public_html)
  3. Verify the ownership via DNS record.

You can choose any one way to verify your blog ownership. Once you verify your blog ownership, you will be redirected to the next step.

Once you have verified ownership you will have to connect your Google Analytics.

? Set Price Per Post and Choose Category

On this step, you can set up the base category for your blog and set the price per post.

NoteYou will be able to change the price per post or category at any point of time if your blog gets approved on Flyout.

Once you fill up all details, you can click on Submit Website and you are all done. You will be redirected to Website listing page, where you can see properties listed under your account along with their approval status like shown below.

Flyout approval team will go through your blog details and you will hear back from us on approval status within 48 hours.

? Watch out for the sponsored post offers

Once your blog gets approved on our network, we will start showing your blog to the advertisers.

Whenever any advertiser is interested to publish the sponsored post on your blog, you will be able to see that under “New Offers” menu. Here is how it looks like:

You will also get notified by the email if in case there is any sponsored post offer for your blog.

The next step is publishing the article:

You can simply click on “View Article” link shown under preview column and you will be able to see the full article in your browser window. Here is an example:

Now, if you are fine with the content, you can post this article on your blog (like you do it usually) and update the link of live article by clicking on “Accept Offer” button.

It will look like this:

If you want to reject the offer, you can simply click on “Reject Offer” and write down the reason for rejection.

It will look like this:

NoteThere is a timer associated with every single sponsored post offer and if you fail to publish the article within given time, the offer gets cancelled automatically and you will not be able to get the same offer again in ANY case.

Not all types of blogs are allowed on Flyout, there are a number of restricted niches especially for deceptive blogs that spread false information and malware. Some of the restricted blog categories are listed below.

  • Adult and Erotica Blogs.
  • Automated News Blogs.
  • Gambling and Casino Blogs.
  • Android Package Kit (APK) Download Blogs.
  • Online Dating Blogs.
  • Celebrity Wiki Blogs.
  • Cannabis and Other Drug-Related Blogs.
  • Whatsapp Status Blogs.
  • Exam Result Blogs.
  • Guns and Ammunition Blogs.


Flyout is the best sponsored post network platform for only bloggers, I highly Recommend you To JOIN this platform to expand your earning. If you want to ask about it , You can write comment.

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