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Hello friends, Today I will discuss in this article about  ‘How to start a Blog’. This is a very common question and you get my post related to it. But this post is something different from that as it will focus on starting to ending of a professional blog.

Benefits of blogging is to make money and share your knowledge & skills worldwide.

Now, blog  making is very trending topic, and this article clear the question that – how to start a blog.

After reading this post you are able to create your blog with well efficient and effective ways.

Well, blogging in today’s world has become a good opportunity to earn money.Today  a large number of people indulge in making blogs. Also blogs have become a good source of knowledge too.

A few years ago, people did blogging because of passion, but today the scenario has changed and people do it for making money. The definition of a blog has changed over years in this way.

There are several reasons, why people do blogging, some are – maybe they have free time or may be done as a full time job or may be doing it for the passion.

 Now, we start our topic –

You have to follow several steps to start a blog and run it properly –

1.) To create a Niche :

This is the first step in blogging. You have to think of a category for which you would like to create content. My personal experience says that you should go with your passion and skills because this will provide you a boost to write, as starting a blog is the toughest thing in this field. Most people get frustrated in the beginning or even 1-2 years  after start as there is very less probability that your blog will start making money in the starting period. So for that you have to create a blog based on your interest.

You can also add your Instagram and YouTube link of your niche to your blog also. This will help you to satisfy the audience.

You can also attach amazon and other online selling brands links on your blog so that your recommended products will be available to customers with ease.

Remember, monetization and that will be done through understanding the audience pain ( I mean the difficulties faced by the people related to your topic). You can also provide an E-mail through which your audience can personally seek your assistance.

2.) Describe your blog goals in a simple way :

 You have to describe your  blog  goals (In what way this will help the audience) because without profit, no audience will come, as everyone is seeking some useful  outcome of his/ her time.

3.) Pick up your Domain Name  :

You have to buy your blog’s domain name from a domain registrar company. It should cost you roughly $10/year. If you get started with Bluehost web hosting, you get a free domain name for the first year.

To get started with for just $3.95/month (and get 63% off your hosting plan), use my link below:

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This will help audience to find your blog with ease. Remember, that  it should be easy to pronounce and spell and make it unique and short, use keywords in the domain name.

4.) Choose the Web Hosting Plan and Register Yourself.

Then you have to choose a web hosting plan and take it by the provider. It will cost you some money. It will provide you storage of your data, will provide you end to end security, will provide  domain name and bandwidth for your blog.

Follow this step-by-step guide to register your own domain name along with your web hosting plan:


Click on the “Get Started” CTA button on the homepage.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost


On the next page, you will see four shared hosting plans.

These plans include Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

While all these shared hosting plans are perfect for a new blog, I would personally recommend going for the Basic Plan.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost hosting plans

For a step up, the Choice Plus Plan offers the Domain Privacy, which will help you protect your information and guard all your confidential details, including full name, email address, residential address, and phone number.


So, you have already selected your name (as specified in the second step).

Now, after you choose your hosting plan, you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to enter your custom name.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost Domain Name

If you’ve already selected your name, then you can add the information here. And if you need a new one, you get your domain name for free for the first year.

If you need more time to come up with a website name, you can always sign-up and choose your domain later.

How to Start a Blog - Domain Name

Next, you’re prompted to create your account, which is the final step of the process.


Here are the “Account Information” details you need to enter to create your account.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost Account information

Make sure to enter the correct details, including your first and last name, business name if applicable, country, address, etc.

Upon scrolling down, you’ll see the “Package Information” section.

It includes selecting how long do you want to opt for the plan and how much advance you are willing to pay.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost package information

It allows you to pay 12, 24, 36, or 60 months upfront and gives you better pricing for longer terms. If you are sure that you will be running your blog for a long time, then I’d say go with the “Prime 36 Month Price” to get the lowest possible monthly price. 

You can also get a low upfront payment by paying annually instead of monthly.

In the screenshot above, there’s another section called “Package Extras.”

You can uncheck Codeguard Basic and SiteLock Security. These are unnecessary and can be replicated with other free WordPress plugins.

Finally, pick your payment option. You can choose to make the payment via credit card or PayPal.

How to Start a Blog - Bluehost payment information

That’s all it takes to sign up!

Ready to launch your blog? Get started for just $3.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) with my link below:

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5.) Install WordPress :

Then you have to install a blogging platform (like WordPress). It is necessary to publish a blog.

6.) Set up your wordpress theme :

Then you have to set up a theme for your WordPress platform. These include files, templates, style sheets etc.

You can add a logo or business name to your theme and can also choose colors for the theme and can attach menus (which can add importance to your blog) to the platform.

7.) Install WordPress Plugins :

 These are some tools which integrate with your site and provide better functionality. These can add additional features to your site. These include – NOPTIN [Email Marketing], page speed booster, elementor etc.

8.) Setting up SEO and permalinks :

The Permalinks are the  hyperlinks which appear after domain extension. Make sure your every post and page should have the URL as, this will take the audience to the specific site. For blog posts, this permanent URL is the only thing that needs to remain unchanged. You can change a page or post’s title, meta description, content, and headings, but the URL needs to stay the same.

This is because if you get inbound links to this URL, changing it would result in a 404 error and losing that link value.

Finally, make sure to save the settings before exiting the page.

9.) Writing the content :

This is the main thing which will get audience attention. The content should not contain unnecessary information and  should contain all necessary information, charts etc. The language used depends upon the audience for which you are targeting for. 

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10.) Building long term content strategy :

For this you should remember that all information should not  be provided at once, but you should explain every aspect in detail and address the problems one by one. This will help you to build a long term strategy.

 11.) Perform Guest post outreach and links :

You should contact other bloggers too to enhance your ranking and should create links to the website holders and other social platform users so that they can provide your website link  in their blog also. This is a kind of link building.

12.) Start a Blog :

It  Develops yourself personally, Improve your writing skills, Build new  network in your field, enhance your knowledge also and it will  make a lot of money to you.

Final Words-

As you can see, learning how to start a blog is pretty easy, but you need to consider your options carefully.

Turning your blog into a profitable money making business requires a smarter approach, SEO mastery, consistency, and hard work.


I have covered pretty much everything you need to know to start your blog. I will continue to update this post over time with the latest blogging techniques.

Now, it’s your turn. Why not start a blog today?

Start a blog now with Bluehost and get 63% off your hosting plan ($3.95/month).

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