Brokerage Calculator: Top 5 Benefits & Reasons

Before jumping on the benefits of an online brokerage calculator let’s know about the same. A digitalised tool used by various investing platforms and by modern agents facilitating the commission calculation is known as Brokerage calculator. The advantages do not limit to the extent of brokerage commissions but also apply to calculation relation to other duties as stamps, fees and charges, security exchange rates, GST, etc.

Hence, importance of the brokerage calculator lies in calculating trade costs related to various security exchanges.

Details required for computing the trading cost

  1. Market price or buying price of the inventory.
  2. S.P. of the same.
  3. Stock exchange rates.
  4. Stamp duty and charges as per the stock size.

The Brokerage calculator makes the process of cost calculation simple and quick. The same is a effective tool when it comes to trading without delays. The convenience of calculating the cost beforehand makes it easy to decide about the purchase and sale of the securities.

Factors defining the assessment of brokerage cost

  • Purchase and sale price of the securities are always directly proportional to the broker’s commission.

The strength or power of transaction. It should be noted that the larger is the deal the more is the brokerage on the same. Whereas in some cases when the deal is too big then the broker provides some customised discounts and special offers.

  • Type of broker and the respective services provided:

The type of broker services like full-time or discount type ensure the brokerage cost calculation. The respective charges of brokerage and other such services always make the process expensive.

These specifications are to be entered while calculating brokerage using the online brokerage calculator. The benefits of the online tool define the main reasons to utilise the functionality of the same.

Simply applied formula for calculating brokerage fees= shares bought or sold multiplied by rate of unit stock times percentage of brokerage charged.

Benefits of using online calculator

  • The online tool can be used to make comparisons among various broker commissions charged by different types of brokers.
  • The results are instant as well as accurate.
  • All the trading costs can be accounted for.
  • The same is completely free and easy to use.
  • The utilisation of the same benefits the trading process accurately.
  • The cost analysing is significantly time saving.
  • The online calculating tool is user-friendly and no specialised training is required to operate the same.
  • The amalgamation of various types of calculators in one app makes calculations easy and accessible.

The points define the utility of the same in modern times. The calculator needs the inputs such as the respective stock evaluation, size of stock, the security, etc. as per 5paisa. The same is consumer centred and flexible.

Online 5paisa calculator for brokerage depends over automatic calculations once the requested fields are filled. The usage is simple without any hassle or botheration to the user. The principle applied can also be used to assess the costs manually. Efficient and feasible is the online mode of brokerage calculation. This even makes the bulk and lengthy calculations instant and quick.

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