Machine to mark with CO2 lasers – CO2 laser engraver

Heat Sign gives incredible CO2 laser engraving machines and makes use of the state-of-the-art laser generation to make certain which you get the high-quality results. We’re nicely skilled in laser engraving, so we assist you to decide what you may want on your product. The CO2-laser marking gadget additionally called the CO2-laser engraver is used primarily for natural substances which includes timber engraving, paper reducing, acrylic bodies, and leather-based marking. However, the gadget also can engrave on non-steel inorganic substances, which includes polymers, glass, leather-based, paper, acrylic, and plastics.

Advantages of CO2 Laser Engravers:

Using RF steel tubes, the CO2-laser supply can bear extra than 20,000 hours of provider life.

The long lasting and sturdy cupboard layout can adapt to harsh commercial environments.

We can tweak designs to satisfy a customer’s unique Laserbeschriftungssystem needs.

We can deliver smoke purifiers to remedy the trouble of big quantities of smoke and dust.

The software program withinside the laser structures is the high-quality withinside the marketplace and gives the greatest results.

The rate for our CO2 laser marker is even extra less expensive than other, low-appearing Chinese machines.

Heat Sign Galvo CO2-Laser Marking machines

We have five one-of-a-kind fashions of this famous gadget:

HS-CL20: all additives are sourced from incredible Chinese brands. The air cooling machine gets rid of the want for maintenance. Due to its compact layout, the tool could be very clean to use. It is likewise very cost-effective.

HS-CL30: this version makes use of unique imported USA Coherent laser sources. Thus, they may be distinctly long lasting and stable. With a three-D galvanometer, the gadget provides big-place dynamic CO2 laser markings.

HS-9060 is a conventional CO2 laser engraving gadget, appropriate for sluggish engraving and reducing big place non-steel parts.

HS-CLY30 is the automated layout on your manufacturing line marking.

The laser fume extractor HS-C100 is specifically designed to capture and filter the harmful fumes generated during the gadget’s marking process.

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