Top 5 Full-Time Jobs for High School Graduates

Are you looking for a job right after clearing high-school?

Whether you’re looking for a job to save money for college or just to earn some extra cash, there are a lot of options available out there. Many high-school graduates start working in part-time jobs or full-time jobs due to various reasons right after passing high-school, and these jobs can help a lot in their future, by generating savings for future, opening them up to new experiences, giving them a glimpse at their future work life, and opening future options as well. First, look at the few talking points given below, to make up your mind.

What should I consider?

You would first need to look at your skills and interests. You have a variety of options available to you, but you’d need to understand what you can be good at, and where does your interest take you? Once you’ve had a look at the options, compare the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision. And consider all the highest paying jobs.

Questions for self

If you haven’t made up your mind regarding what career to look into, think about how each job on this list aligns with your skills and interests. Some questions to ask you could be:

  • Do you want to work with people?
  • Do you like working in the field?
  • Do you want flexible hours?
  • Do you like working in office settings?
  • Can you do travel intensive work?
  • Do you want to work outdoors?
  • Can you relocate?

In this post, we will have a look at the best available options available, and discuss them for your understanding.

So here are the top options for full-time jobs for high school graduates

Retail Associate

Retail associates work at local businesses and help customers with purchases, transactions, and issues. You could work at a retail store in various kinds of industries, such as clothing, accessories, decor, home goods, etc., making it a great choice for high-school students. Special benefits include career growth, ability to socialize with people, learning experiences, and more. Average salaries for this role may range from $13 to $15. You can see retail associates making sales with POS machines, or standing at cash counters to bill products, help customers with items, among other related tasks.


A cashier, in some ways, is also a kind of a retail employee, with a dedicated task. This one is another great full-time job option, and cashiers work the cash registers to handle customer transactions and manage money. Now different operations might have a lot of differences. For example, if you work at a brand such as Wal-Mart or Target, you may have super busy shifts, but it will be more relaxed in comparison at a small neighbourhood business, such as a Laundromat. Apart from this, you could be a cashier or checkout clerk at fast food restaurants, gas stations, or pharmacies among others.

Fast Food Employee

This is another one of the most popular jobs for high school graduates. Whether it’s McDonald’s, KFC, or Taco Bell, or any of the other brands, fast food restaurants are always hiring students. This job is highly popular because of the good amount of basic pay, and the chance people get to have a brand name on their resume. These jobs also teach people a lot, such as coordination and time management in a fast working environment, how to best help your team, and other such important aspects.

Fast food workers have a variety of duties, from taking orders to preparing food to cleaning. They work in a fast-paced environment, talking to multiple people while effectively multitasking, making it a great experience to include on the resume for future.

Yard Worker

Jobs like yard work and lawn maintenance are some other great options that don’t require a high school graduate. Yard workers do a lot of manual labour, and the job requires physical stamina more than other things. Work changes across seasons, ensuring there’ll always be something for you to work on. You may be mowing the lawn in the spring, or sprucing up gardens in summer, and need to shovel snow in the winter. The work needs good physical labour, and is great for those who want to stay in shape.


Barista jobs are also very popular jobs for high school graduates. This one isn’t as labor-intensive as many other fast foods jobs, but requires multi-tasking, and working in a quick-paced environment. Baristas take orders for drinks, sides and desserts, prepare drinks like coffee and tea, and clean the place as required. Baristas also get tipped, and get a chance to interact with all kinds of people. This job can also open your options into a career in the food and beverage world, where you could become a shift supervisor or a manager in future.

Flight attendant

Yes, believe it or not, but flight attendant jobs are one of the most exciting opportunities available to high school graduates. Now to start with, you do not need advanced education for this role. The prerequisites include good command over spoken English, great communications skills, and a professional personality. Flight attendants work in the air, managing customer services and safety requirements in flights. Their tasks include guiding and helping passengers, giving safety demonstrations, serving passengers food and drinks.

This role is full of new experiences, but attendants are trained first, regarding air safety and related topics.

Call Center Representative

Call center reps are involved with support and customer service requirements for businesses. They answer questions, help people, and track sales leads for businesses via phone calls, messages, or e-mails. What is required is an interest in technology, researching, and willingness to answer questions for people.

The average salary for this role ranges from $15 to $17 per hour, and this can help you grow your career in the corporate world. If you may not be into field, travel, or outdoor work, this job is always in an office setting, hence, may prove to be the best option for you.

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