Save Your Smile: 5 Habits to Avoid MajorDental Procedures

Your natural teeth are precious – both for chewing and an attractive appearance. Once teeth are
badly damaged or lost, solutions like dentures or oral surgery St George Utah become
necessary. But practicing good daily dental care can prevent the need for major restorative
treatments. Develop these 5 healthy habits to keep your smile intact for life.

  1. Brush for 2 Minutes Morning and Night
    Regular brushing is crucial for removing the sticky film of bacteria called plaque that constantly forms on teeth. When left alone, plaque produces acids that erode tooth enamel leading to cavities and decay. Just going through the motions isn’t enough – you need to brush thoroughly. Aim to brush for a full 2 minutes each time to cover all tooth surfaces. Use a timer or play a song to track time. Concentrate on angles hard to reach – behind back teeth and along the gumline. Use gentle circular motions. An electric toothbrush may help if your arm tires. Brush twice per day at minimum.
  2. Floss All Your Teeth Every Day
    Toothbrush bristles can’t remove plaque between teeth where cavities often start. That’s why
    flossing is essential too. Gently rub floss along the sides of each tooth, under the gumline, to
    dislodge trapped food particles. Don’t just snap it through.
    Make daily flossing part of your routine, especially before bed when plaque has accumulated all
    day. Use floss picks if you struggle with traditional floss – the key is cleaning between all teeth
    once per day. Floss reaches where brushing can’t.
  3. Limit Frequent Snacking
    Constant snacking means acid is attacking your teeth all day long. Each time you eat, bacteria
    produce acids but it takes time for saliva to neutralize them and repair early damage. Frequent
    snacking doesn’t allow enough recovery time in between acid attacks.
    Try to limit snack times to no more than every few hours. Drink water to curb hunger between
    meals. If you do snack, choose healthier options like fruit, vegetables, nuts or cheese. Avoid
    sugary or acidic foods. Rinse with water after eating to wash sugars away.
  4. Drink Plenty of Water
    Speaking of water, staying hydrated is key for preventing dental disasters. Water is the best
    beverage for oral health. It stimulates healthy saliva flow to naturally wash away food debris and
    neutralize acids. Plus, it delivers minerals like calcium and fluoride to strengthen and
    remineralize enamel.
    Aim for several glasses of water per day instead of acidic drinks like soda or coffee that erode
    enamel. Add lemon or mint for flavor. Staying hydrated brings the benefits of ample saliva to
    prevent decay and gum disease. A dry mouth paves the way for major dental issues.
  5. Regular Dental Visits
    Even the most diligent home care can’t prevent every dental problem. That’s why regular
    professional cleanings and checkups are key. The dentist can detect issues early and address
    them before major treatment is required.
    Cleanings remove harmful built-up tartar you can’t reach with brushing and flossing. Exams find
    small problems when they are easiest to treat – like cavities eligible for fillings rather than
    needing root canals down the road. Don’t skip your dental visits. Prevention is worth the time.
    Following these daily habits preserves your natural teeth for a lifetime. A healthy smile starts
    with diligent brushing, flossing, hydration, and dental visits. Protect your teeth now to avoid
    painful, expensive major procedures later in life – and keep your wonderful smile!
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