How to Wear a Silk Saree to Look Slim?

Saree is an Indian garment that is considered very stylish and elegant. It is usually made of silk and cotton and often has a lot of intricate embroidery work. Wearing a saree can make any woman look slim and beautiful. This article will give tips on wear a silk saree to look slim and stylish.

1. Wearing a Petticoat:

When this feeling of being bulky wearing a saree seemed to plague many women, fashion designers came up with some unique ideas. The basis of the silk saree is the petticoat. The overlying curtain automatically locks into the flare shape when the base garment fits well. This reduces bulk and creates a highly controlled ‘look.’ This is exactly what the fashion designer was aiming for when “look” became a key issue.

Petticoats come in three styles. Mermaid and fish cut petticoats are for fit people. An A-line petticoat can be a bit awkward with a thin silk saree that is bulky from the waist to below the ankles. For this purpose, the petticoat is designed in a mermaid or fish cut and wraps around the entire body.

A-line with a cancan or layered petticoat is a silk saree worn like a lehenga, especially flared at the bottom line. It’s the final aid to the groomed look of a rich Kanchipuram silk saree you need. Layers of rigid mesh, a tighter fit near the waist, a slightly looser and more flared layer, and an even looser layer.

2. Distinctive Pallu Drape:

It is possible to make or break your appearance with the way you wear palu Dresses. There’s no right or wrong way to let a pallu down, but it’s important to understand that some curtains can effectively bring you down. The ultapallu (reverse pallu) is a great way to stand out from the crowd with lightweight but rich Bhagalpuri cotton silk sarees, look slim with a saree drape and hide your not-so-flat stomach! It’s one of our foolproof tricks.

3. A perfect outerwear saree:

Wearing your saree to look slim and properly ruffled is the epitome of this with the right saree, you’ll look chic no matter how you wear it. Make sure the saree style cinches the waist and wraps the hips properly. You can also create a slim look with a variety of pleated saree styles. Make sure you use the pins correctly to hold everything in placewearing a bold and well-made saree will make you look taller than usual.

4. Pleat It Well:

Half the job of looking great in a saree pleases it. If you do it right, nothing can stop you. So, pleats are on our list to look slimmer in sarees. So every time you fold a smooth and even saree, the magic is half done!

5. Tie it below the navel:

Another secret to looking slim when wearing a saree is to tie it below your navel. This will help cover all the lines of your saree while extending the frame. But, contrary to this, tying a saree above your navel will only make you look more muscular.


A soft silk saree online can be a beautiful and elegant addition to any woman’s wardrobe, which can easily be bought at their own house online! If you want to look your best in a silk saree, you can do a few things to ensure you look slim and stylish. First, choose a saree that is the right colour for your skin tone. Second, drape the saree correctly so that it accentuates your best features. And finally, accessorize with care – less is often more when looking chic in a silk saree. Follow these tips, and you will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

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