Professional Cyber Security Solution in India

Professional Cyber Security Solution in India 

As we all know, Technology is moving at full speed on the road of development. In order to enhance the customer experience and company benefits, there are a number of new techniques introduced in the market. The Internet is playing a vital role in development nowadays however, it is also increasing the cyber threats. For which we need Professional cyber security solution in India. For now, one question comes into our minds. What is Cyber Crime?

 Cybercrime is a wrongdoing that includes a PC and an organization. The PC might have been utilized in the commission of a wrongdoing, or it could be the objective. Cybercrime might hurt somebody’s security and monetary wellbeing. 

In order to prevent cybercrimes, there are a number of cyber laws and cyber securities as well. Now here comes another question: What is Cyber security?

Cyber security alludes to an organization’s assurance against unapproved or criminal utilization of electronic information, and network protection administrations are the overall cycles set up to accomplish this security and safeguard against normal digital dangers. 

There are a number of Professional Cyber security solution in India as well at this time. All the cyber security solutions work for the security from the cybercrimes in order to keep your data secure and safe. 

Some of the Professional Cyber Security solution in India are:

  • WeSecure App
  • Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd
  • K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd
  • Wi-Jungle
  • Quick Heal Technologies Ltd

Settled in Texas, USA, and seaward focuses in India, WeSecureApp is the new age online protection organization in India. Invigorated by an enthusiasm to offer very good quality arrangements quickly and effectively, WeSecureApp plans to settle basic difficulties in the organization, application, and cloud security space. They have an energetic gathering of affirmed experts that offer superb counseling, testing, and reviewing administrations in various areas and industry portions. Their AI-fueled stage helps them to settle essential trouble spots in the weaknesses of the executives area and furthermore helps them to oversee security commitment. WeSecureApp has been safeguarding in excess of 150 associations worldwide consistently with a scope of protective and hostile security contributions.

Settled in Jaipur Rajasthan, Hicube infosec is one of India’s driving network safety organizations in India that have skill in cybercrime consultancy, entrance testing, weakness appraisal, and online malware checking. They plan to have firm worldwide impressions in network protection and cybercrime examination. Hicube infosec offers modified and concentrated items and administrations to their clients. Hicube additionally offers confirmed preparing programs in Information security.

J Kesavardhan had established K7 in 1991. This association has customers in excess of 100 nations. They offer every client a steady and reliable safeguard against any sort of web danger. They have around 25 million customers from one side of the planet to the other. Their client base wraps an enormous scope of private ventures and government associations from medical care to back and training. They have items like K7 Enterprise Security and K7 Total Security which are utilized by the two associations and home clients.

Established in 2014, Wi-Jungle was the principal private association to be sent off as a Free Wi-Fi specialist co-op working from Jaipur. This association currently offers NGFW (NextGen Network Security Firewall)/UTM (Unified Threat Management), Hotspot Gateway, and so on to various associations from one side of the planet to the other. Wi-Jungle has its presence in retail, cordiality, training, medical services, and some more. Wi-Jungle offers a machine that fills the need of both an area of interest passage as well as a NGFW/UTM. This makes it stand apart from its other rivals.

Settled in Pune, Quick Heal Technologies was established in 1995. This association has contributed around over twenty years of Research and Development in PC and organization security arrangements. Speedy Heal’s customer base incorporates home clients, little workplaces, and furthermore corporate businesses. Their worldwide items are confirmed by AV-Test, ICSA Labs, and numerous standard organizations. Speedy Heal has in excess of 1300 workers and their activities cover more than 80 nations all over the planet.

Apart from all these Cyber Security Solutions, There is one more Professional Syber security solution in India named as DriveIT Technologies. They are providing security to your data as well as training you regarding the same so that you would not get any kind of cyber threat or harm. Apart from Cyber security Solutions, DriveIT Technologies provide other services as well such as 

  • Cyber SOS
  • Training as a service
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Nirapad-securing Startups

Cyber threat Intelligence is one of the hot features discussed all around the cyber world. This is an area of network protection that spotlights on the assortment and investigation of data about current and potential goes after that compromise the security of an association or its resources. The advantage of danger knowledge is that it’s a proactive safety effort, forestalling information breaks and saving you the monetary expenses of tidying up after an episode. Its motivation is to give organizations an inside and out comprehension of the dangers that represent the most serious gamble to their foundation and let them know how they might safeguard their business. All data ought to be significant and offer help to the association. 

So it is pretty clear that you are getting Professional Cyber Security solutions in India with DriveIT Technologies. If you want to know more, visit Driveittech.

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